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Come Away to Copenhagen

Posted on August 24, 2010 | Travel Destinations8 Comments

What truly defines the Copenhagen experience is the instant sight of bright happy homes on the banks of a canal with boats by the side. The cobbled streets of this Danish capital is most definitely a captivating place which leaves me in rapt awe of the grandeur with a pleasant twist in the art and architecture, flourishing richness and an escalating enigma in its true blue style.

Trees decorated, a perfect festive family break where the exuberance of a holiday mixes with the uber excitement of Christmas festivities, I am turned into a happy child who can’t stop but being in sheer awe of a city that comes alive with all the merry and jovial vibe in the air, Copenhagen is definitely one of the coolest, very varied and all the more stirring experience. This Danish capital is bubbling with joy, architectural splendors and a quaint feel that can only be true to this place.

Copenhagen tourism

From once a time of their low profile trends, which implied eating out only on certain occasion and the night life only swelled over the weekends, today, Copenhageners are becoming more hedonistic with the mushrooming of eateries, cafes and restaurants. What comes true to the place is living cozily. The Danish way of living is soaked in absolute comfort and coziness.

Copenhagen Restaurants

Flashing a great style of art in the form of newly emerged forms of architecture and a well-appreciated and celebrated culinary scene foraying Copenhagen to greater successes, there’s a lot to revel in, while over to the place.

The canals flowing by the side of peculiar fairy-tale homes in vibrant colors, and the many water body of lakes and sea bring back fairly the picture of the old heritage of Baltic sea port.

This biggest Scandinavian city is still representative of a naïve and outlandish small town which in its timeless beauty from rest of the Scandinavian territories. The winding streets and effervescent structures is what give the place a peculiar feel.

Unarguably the most green place in the whole of Europe, breathing the old country air is still uninterrupted by growing pollution levels as the place maintains strict laws to curb any violations on the environmental front of this very enchanting and appealing place. Boasting a multitude of green spaces, just exploring the place on foot becomes exciting as though living a whole new culture. The many eateries running along the pavements serve as great snack breakers and a sneak into the local crowds where they throng.

A trip to Copenhagen is not complete without Visiting the Tivoli Gardens

Think of Copenhagen, Think of Tivoli. The two cannot be separated from each other. Known for a long long time as one of the greatest amusement parks, no kid or even adults can go away without a smiling face and a happy heart. Kids live up what their parents have as little ones in their times. While Tivoli is etched on the mind of the  grown ups as a place of their childhood, and revel in nostalgia; their young ones make memories that will be cherished later when they are in their parents’ shoes. This makes Tivoli Gardens one of the most enjoyable family vacation spots, as there’s something for each one. The gardens are done up as if entering into a land of tales and myths. Tivoli is abuzz with youngsters, families, business folks and also old couples soaking the pleasures of this beautiful and elegant garden.

Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens

A ride in the deamon rollercoaster definitely is adrenal thumping or cruising away in the little boats is like taking a break away from the confines of the clock to truly experience a time of life. A perfect place for the young ones who seek full-charge excitement and exuberance, there are amazing rides as against the tranquil green spaces for a more regal experience. There are fireworks that decorate the skies in the night, with the ice-cream vendor in the summers as against the perfect green grass strolling about.

Deamon Rollercoaster

Not just that, Tivoli transforms itself during festive occasions like Christmas and Halloween for once-in-a-lifetime experience. The pumpkin ghosts to Santa Claus, it is difficult to not let Tivoli do its magic on you which will be cherished for rest of the life.

Experience Copenhagen the true-blue style in these Bars

At times traveling does not mean going abuzz with maddening activities and going abuzz. At a place like Copenhagen, the best way is to live their style by immersing in extreme comfort and coziness and letting off go the daily ramblings. They are friendly people and seek pleasure in the company of associates. When over there, the term hygee is most likely to drench you under its spell which connotes a feeling of camaraderie.

So, soak away in this hygee when at Copenhagen. These are some of the places which you may like. I did, I guess you would too!

Go to Fischer:
Unwinding at Fischer makes for a perfect Copenhagen experience. The ambience of the bar is simple with some poker machines, tables made of oak wood and some regular guys who mark the guest list of the bar for quite some time now. The bar of Fischer is famous for its sumptuous Italian cuisine which serves delicacies like agilo e olio accompanied by linguini. The dish is nothing but pasta in olive old, garlic and chillo. The bar is owned by David Fischer, which goes to show how does the place derive its name. The culinary twist is brought courtesy his experience at the Michelin in the La Pergola situated in Rome.

Dyrehaven call you:
This is another great bar which is also a leading café. It’s peculiar retro pulse is hard to miss and that is what makes Dyrehaven all so special. Once been a bar of the masses, today, it is much flocked by the bohemian crowds. The cheap booze and amazing food is a perfect haven for the easy goers who unwind in a laid back feel.


The National Museum:
No, this museum is not going to be a boring walk along the aisles, but it’s ambience of a typical old town charm in this exhibit area is what strikes a chord with the visitor. Showcasing the much artistic accouterment from the period of the Renaissance era, it is a matter of much opportunity to take a trip to the National Museum of Denmark. Peek the very finely done up rooms and hope that you were as little to make way into them.

National Museum of Denmark

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  • Clement Anderson says:

    Copenhagen..The bets way to explore this place as I found out from the local was a simple bike…

    The public transport is really clean and efficient! The countryside and little fishing villages!

    There is also a pizza joint at every corner and if you love fish the Herring variety is especially great!

    I’ve stayed for about 4 months and found that the Danish are very liberal and modern people…

    They drink beer to get drunk and not just sit and drink…

    There is a beautiful Opera house..And as the Danes are really liberated you can even wear jeans to the Opera!

  • Daniel Stack says:

    For a capital city, Copenhagen is quite laid back..

    The people are friendly and easy-going…and very fluent at English…For a city holiday, it is really very relaxing!

    There is hardly any litter around, very little traffic as mostly bikes are used for commuting!

    My family and me also visited the zoos which has huge enclosures for African Savannah animals, Indian elephants and apes..

    Drinks are pricey but eateries are similar to many other cities of the world..

    There was nothing I disliked about Copenhagen, so I’m definitely coming back to explore more of Denmark…And as they all say, It was really LOVELY!

  • Jaisel Louis says:

    Oh thanks for the great post! Keep posting more! :-)

  • Brian Tsongas says:

    Copenhagen’s ‘through the Old Canals’ is the best tourist attraction here..The boats will take you through all the parts of the Old city and pass through very popular sight s and seeings…

    Nyhavn harbour is the best place to start your cruise..

    Especially the water bus..!! These ‘Hop on hop-off’ tours between the coasts of water separating the two islands of Sealand and Amager is a great option while visiting Holmen or other places…!

  • Daffne D'Silva says:

    Thanks for the info: I’ ll be going in December and will take the Canal tour..Hope you enjoyed Copenhagen!

  • Daffne D'Silva says:

    I knew very little about Danish history before I visited this place..I have a very different image of Vikings now..You can get all over the place and really its very safe…Riding the free bikes, (as people don’t drive there usually instead they use bikes to move from one place to another) was a good change from walking around the entire place..

    The bike lanes are raised above the street level like a side walk and the actual side walk is raised even higher, so there is little chance of a careless driver just drifting in the bikers’ lane!

    There’s a lot of barbeque architecture around which will surprise yuo as I usually though Denmark has a cutting edge technology in terms of architecture…!!

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  • Ezra Jennings says:

    Copenhagen to me is the Most exciting city I’ve ever been to!

    Tivoli which lies in the heart of the city is full of restaurants, and rides and the best hot dogs stalls I’ve ever been to in the World!

    To spend a weekend in Copenhagen is awesome but save up lots as it could be a bit heavy on your pocket!

  • Gilbert Zucker says:

    Oh thank you so much for the informative post on Copenhagen..!

    Denmark is full of friendly and helpful people with a very amiable atmosphere all around!

    One of the best places to go to for a weekend vacation with enough money to spare in you pocket!

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