White Chicago in Snow on New Year’s Day

This New Year is different because we have this time all family gathered around to spent time enjoying snow at Chicago which cannot be enjoyed in Australia. S we decided to go downtown along with the icy roads and end up in the Millennium Park called Cloud Gate. Usually we go to this park only on warmer weather and we can only find snow on the top of the tree. Now is different, we have a white Chicago in snow on New Years day.

The park offers so much fun even though it is snowy. I hang around at the Millennium Park and always love to see people take pictures here and there. The snow was pretty consistently coming down and starts to cover the ice skating rink. However this will not keep the skaters go away from this area. Surprisingly, in the middle of freezing temperature, many enthusiastic shoppers can be seen very busy with the bags and snacks and drink at hands.

Being in the middle of cold temperature, you will feel hungry easily. Our best place to end this starving is by bringing all family with the Uno Pizzeria. We want to visit the original restaurant where the pizza was first invented. So we were there with the delicious Pizza Numero Uno with pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, tomato sauce, peppers, Romano cheese and mozzarella. This is really a perfect snack in the middle of cold temperature.

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