Vaticans Museums, Rome

Situated in Rome, Vaticans Museums are one of the remarkable museums where visitors can explore the exceptional, noteworthy sculptures and the great paintings made during the renaissance period. This large museum is the center of attraction and is visited by millions of visitors every year. Whether you want to see Caravaggio’s Entombment or great paintings like St. Jerome in the wilderness made by Leonardo da Vinci, you can capture this entire classic works in your camera at Vaticans Museum. The fascination and desire to see the classic sculptures and paintings captivates several visitors to visit this place repeatedly and study the rare, finished and unfinished artworks made by prominent personalities like Raphael, Nicolas Poussin, Titian, Fra Angelico and Giotto.

These museums were founded by Pope Julius II in 16th century and have been continuing to amuse, inform and educate the visitors about the priceless, creative artworks made by notable painters and sculptors. If you are moving towards Vaticans Museums, you can see the Sistine Chapel and Stanze della Segnatura which are made by Raphael, the renowned Italian painter and architect during the renaissance period. The Pinacoteca Vaticana art gallery at Vaticans Museums contains the rare collections like Entombment, Madonna of Foligno, Transfiguration, Marsuppini Coronation and St. Jerome in the wilderness. If you love the art works of Giotto, Perugino and Caravaggio, then Pinacoteca Vaticana is your gateway to explore these works. The Museo Pio-Clementino at Vaticans Museums contains 54 galleries where you can see ancient busts and renowned statutes like Sleeping Ariadne, bust of Menander and Barberini Candelabra. Let’s take a glance at the some of the prominent galleries at Vaticans Museums.

The Raphael rooms at Vaticans Museums contains several works done by Raphael comprising the classic ‘The Transfiguration. Especially for art lovers, Vaticans Museums are no less than a paradise. This place is not only a classic monument, but also inspires painters, sculptors to make some creative works similar to Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Caravaggio.

If you want to see the priceless artworks of renaissance period, then Vaticans Museums are the gateway to explore these artworks.

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