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Why is winter so pristine and so calm? Why is the winter season so welcome after the blazing hot sun of summer? Why is winter the best friend for Mother Nature? Well whatever the reason be, each season has its own beauty and its own way of expressing its features. Winter is the season when there is cold, lot of snow and of course there are those festivals which you can celebrate. So now that it is  [...]

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Top 10 Roller Coasters in America

Posted on February 11, 2010 | Top 107 Comments

Few structures can take you to a height higher than Statue of Liberty, drop you down faster than in sky diving, and endow you with an unforgettable memory. There are few roller coasters in the USA that perfectly embraces this definition.

Although there are numerous roller coasters in America, let’s have a look at the 10 scariest and best ones.

Steel Roller Coasters
  • Kingda Ka in Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
    The tallest point of this roller coaster is 456 feet (tallest in USA) and the speed of plunge is 128 miles per hour (fastest in USA). You will probably reach the end point in a blink of an eye. Okay, may be not. It takes 50.6 seconds to be precise. However, the level of anxiety, fear, and enthrallment that’s generated in these 50 seconds will make your heart thump for another 50 days. Okay, it’s an exaggeration again, but how else can I define this structure. It’s the best ride you will ever have in your lifetime.

Kingda Ka in Six Flags Great Adventure

  • Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar Point, Ohio
    A bit shorter than Kingda Ka is the Top Thrill Dragster with an altitude of 420 feet. It reaches the speed of 120 miles per hour within 4 seconds; however, within 17 seconds you will be sitting dumbstruck at the end point. Rightly named, this roller coaster endows you with an experience with thrill that reaches the top-most level.

Top Thrill Dragster in Cedar Point

  • Millennium Force in Cedar Point, Ohio
    One of the best roller coasters of USA with a blend of fastest, longest, and tallest, Millennium Force is another attraction in Cedar Point. However, this attraction immediately transforms into repelling machine after to spend few seconds in it. It is around 310 feet high with a 300-feet plunge and cover the distance of 6595 feet at the speed of average 93 miles per hour. This roller coaster was introduced in 2000, hence named millennium, and was also awarded as the “Best Steel Coaster in the World”. However, with development in technology and ease of construction, other coasters snatched the first position from Millennium Force. But it still is a heart-shrilling machine.

Millennium Force in Cedar Point

  • Goliath in Six Flags Magic Mountain
    This amazing structure is a mixture of a roller coater and a twister. And hence, it becomes one of the most entertaining rides in USA. The tallest point of this ride is 235 feet and it carries you at the speed of 85 miles per hour. The remarkable roller coaster momentarily held the world record for top speed and tallest drop, when it was launched in 2000. Later, Millennium Force took over. Although it isn’t the tallest now, the sights around are quite imposing. Among all the rides, this orange track is clearly visible from any point when in Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Goliath

  • Superman: The Escape in Six Flags Magic Mountain
    A sturdy neighbor of Goliath in Six Flags Magic Mountain is Superman: The Escape. Although this enormous structure doesn’t hold many records, it is still a superhero in the roller coaster world with a plunge of 328 feet at the pace of about 100 miles per hour. This ride has a fifteen-passenger vehicle that carries you straight at the height of 41 story building and drops you at a storming speed. The structure’s height is about 415 feet. It took more than 20 million dollars to erect this entertaining structure.

Escape in Six Flags Magic Mountain

Wooden Roller Coasters
  • Son of Beasts in Kings Island, Ohio
    This beast has an altitude of 218 feet and a plunge of 214 feet. With a speed of 78.4 miles per hour, this roller coaster is still the fastest and tallest in wooden category. The amazing experience of The Beast roller coaster is more of fun than fear. It seems that the son of beast has arrived to seek beast’s family vengeance. However, his enemy is each one of us, who agrees to take a ride of this structure. Beware.

Son of Beasts in Kings Island

  • El Toro in Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
    This structure is an answer to those who argue that Six Flags Great Adventure is dominated by steel roller coaster rides. It is one of the tallest, fastest, and longest wooden roller coasters in the USA with an elevation of 181 feet and a plunge of 176 at 70 miles per hour. In Spanish, El Toro means “The Bull”. And the entwining route will definitely remind you about a bull, untamed.

El Toro in Six Flags Great Adventure

  • The Voyage in Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Indiana
    One of the longest wooden roller coasters of the world is The Voyage in Holiday World and Splashin Safari because the distance is over 6442 feet. Though there are many drops and many rises, the tallest point is at 173 feet and the tallest plunge is 154 feet. The average speed of the passenger coach is 67.4 miles per hour. It has three 90 degree banked turns and finishes the trip in 24.2 seconds. Due to its magnificent architecture, mind-blowing panoramas, and remarkable excitement, The Voyage won the Golden Ticket Award as Best Wooden Roller Coaster in 2007.

Voyage in Holiday World and Splashin Safari

  • Mean Streak in Cedar Point, Ohio
    One of the meanest wooden roller coaster in USA is Mean Streak in Cedar Point. It takes you to the height of 155 feet and splashes down 161 feet at the pace of 65 miles per hour. It is a structure with around 1.7 million board feet of yellow pines from southern region. This giant edifice is like a wooden cobweb, where riding is fun. Its remarkable height and speed also creates a sense of insecurity.

Mean Streak in Cedar Point

  • The Boss in Six Flags St. Louis, Missouri
    With a long stretch of 5051 feet, altitude of 150 feet, and a speed of 66.3 miles per hour, The Boss has managed to rank itself in the list of top ten roller coasters in America.

Boss in Six Flags St. Louis

So, is it appropriate to name USA as the ‘land of roller coasters’? No, America has many other things to boast about, which better then these crazy arrangements.

This list can definitely be read by weak-hearts. However, trying any of the above rides can be fatal.

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