Amazing Sights at Angkor In Cambodia
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Angkor is a UNESCO protected city and the largest archaeological sites in South East Asia stretching in an area of 400 km. It is a destination which has the remains of the Khmer regime and the parks, temples and hydraulic structures mesmerize you with its sheer grandeur and splendour. Every year millions tourist cross flock to this amazing fairy tale land and enter Angkor Wat, the largest religious  [...]

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Top Ten: Places for Cultural and Historical significance

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People who love History and glorious olden times, this is for you. And people who think they will this one- don’t dare to miss this, as these ton ten places are in with surprising package of mind blowing destinations which is all though different from romantic beaches and adventure ski resorts. Traveling to these off beat places of discovering those lands that are reverence of great civilizations, great statesman, rebellious revolutions, legendary battles and some great happenings that have shaped the world today as we are living in it will be exciting as you shall be discovering things about life, living, arts, history, traditions, customs, culture and above all humanity.


Russia famous for James Bond movie is much beyond that, an enigma with kind of history and turmoil’s this country has seen. From being s super power, with cold war and Warsaw pact inflicting in its history and gradual breaking up of this country, Russia always comes from long way. Russia is enigmatic charm to foreigners, from being monarch to communist and then to being socialist today, Russia has been playing a role of supporting actor in world history. But at the home turf, its natural resources and human resource is vast, one day Russia will rise to top of international circle again.

Moscow and St Petersburg cities are the testimonial of the Russia’s revolutions, St Petersburg, then Leningrad and then again ST Petersburg. Still there are glimpse of past that are to be seen, which tuned the tide of History today.

Places to see: Legendary Battle ground- that’s what is called taste of adventure and excitement, seeing the ground where the Germans clashed with never to die spirits of Russians during the World War two, see those grounds where men lost their lives that became tuning point of war in western front. Battle of Stalingrad and don’t miss out exploring the place where the ‘Bloody Sunday’ took place: St Petersburg where the Tsar’s soldiers did the flip and changed the Russia.

Battle of Stalingrad


Remember in your History book there must be a quote of Louis XIV where he said to his peasants that if they don’t have bread, why not eat cake. And that brought French Revolution. But in between who can forget that “Reign of terror” ruthless killings of people of monarch-kings, prince, queens which brought in fury of other monarchs European monarchies. Paris is ‘city of love’ yet it bears those scars of hatred ness, streets are still strained and who can forget their great invention of “Guillotine”.

And this is the land of Leadership of Napoleon, land of brilliant thinker that has changed the world’s attitude towards what a country, its government and its citizens should be from the great views of Jean Jacques Rousseau. Enlightenment and Renaissance had quick hold of ground here.

Places to see: France gets listed in all the lists for tourism, exploring the country in this respect will make you revere this country more. Go to Palais de Versailles to explore opulence of French Aristocracy and see the place where the decisive treaty of Versailles happened which as we all know sowed the seed for World War Two.

Palais de Versailles


China is known for its mythology, for Tibet and its upheavals and for Chinese calendar. China is land to explore to see the dragon king, to see the Terracotta army sculptures and nobody should miss out the most important and that is The Great Wall of China. China though remained closed economy for longer time, but now its open to all. China is all together a different world, a point to be noted is so many of the countries today have china town. China offers travelers a different experience.

Places to see: Hong Kong, Tibet, Shanghai, Macau, The Great Wall of China.

Great Wall of China

Salamanca’s monumentPortugal and Spain:

Well these two countries need a special mention and applause. Reason being from here originated all the voyagers and explorers who found the distance lands, regions which produced spices, fabrics and much more which led to the race of colonization and imperialism and to wars.

Places to see: Spain Salamanca’s massive monuments/Portugal: Sintra’s Historical castles

North America and Latin America:

This combination of places itself is such that there can be another top ten list on them only.

North America is great for American culture and history. United States of America’s birth itself has marked an important page on history, thirteen colonies becoming fifty states of US. But amazing thing is its utopian growth and creation of wealth.

Places to see: Oklahoma, Yukon, Quebec, Nevada Alaska.

Latin America is pride place with rich culture. Three leading civilizations which settled was Mayas, Aztecs and Incas which has impacted the art and culture and influencing the lifestyle. Latin America is testament of blends of cultures along with Spanish culture.

Places to See: Cuzco Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu peru


This place has taken human kind to life beyond death with its Tombs, and their mythologies and with books of death and book of Pharaoh. Seen movie ‘The Mummy’ which stared Brandon Fraser, for real experience go to Egypt for the ultimate tour and voyage through the river Nile. Egyptian Explore the tombs of famous leaders of ancient times from pharaoh Ramses and female pharaoh Hatesheput. Worship their Sun god Ra, see the engineering marvel of Great Pyramids and Egyptian art which reflects the grandeur.

Place to see: Cairo, Great Pyramids, Sphinx of Giza, Temple of Hatesheput

sphinx of giza


Ancient Persia, like the story place of ‘Alladin’ when Cyrus the Great had defeat Medes and that led foundation of Acheamenid Empire. Persian Empire was from Greece to India, crossing Caspian Sea, Red Sea and Arabian Sea. Cyrus devoted Zoroastrian. And then came Arabs that took over Persians converting them into Islam and then influencing the art and culture.

Places to See: Ruins of Persepolis

Ruins of Persepolis


India explore it for seeing the civilization of Indus civilization and today it’s the melting pot of so many cultures, traditions and customs. So many languages and their dialects, a country that gave the world number “0”. Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi who led India to glorious freedom with principles like non violence, Taj Mahal epitome of love and one of the seven wonder of world.

Places to visit: Taj Mahal, Kashmir, Leh Ladakh

Taj Mahal


This place doesn’t need any introduction, all any explanations for visiting it. With its Greek empire, civilization, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, amazing philosophers Aristotle and Plato and remember Alexander the Great which conquered most of the world, and took Greeks towards unprecedented heights.

Place to See: Athens and their temples dedicated to their gods and goddesses like Temple of Arthemis

Temple of Arthemis


Roman Empire and city Rome takes the high position in this list for being the number one in places to visit for Roman Colosseumhistorical and cultural significance. Roman Empire began with Romulus and Remus, but climaxed with killing of Julius Caesar. See the remnants of Roman Empire, and also learn about Renaissance, about the middles ages and why dark ages were so dark. See the arena where five thousand animals were killed just for fun.

Place to see: Rome which has remains of Roman Colosseum etc, explore the ancient Rome.

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