Adventures at Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran is a Hill Station located near Mumbai, Karjat.   It is located 800 meters above sea level in the Jambol Forest of Maharashtra.  It was found by Hugh Poynts Malet in May 1850.  It spreads over an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadri Mountains.  It is one of the best places to spend a two-day holiday if you are in Mumbai or in the vicinity of Mumbai or its suburbs.  To reach Matheran,  [...]

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Top Ten on India Travel

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Why do we always have an obsession with targets? Why are we so end point driven. Why is it that when we study we need to write an examination?  All these are parameters of our own achievements, capabilities and capacity in life. Whenever we do something in life, we always think of the end point. We always think of what we would get in return. We always have this interest to know what we would get when we achieve a particular thing. This is human nature, this is human tendency.

The same logic applies to travel too. When we reach a place, we would like to know what exactly we would get there. The same thing applies for a place that we are visiting. A prudent tourist would always read about the place he is visiting. So first of all it is best to know what is the best to do at a place if we know the top important things to do while on a tour there.

Anything that we do, even cooking and the recipe involved requires a lot of knowhow of the work. So it is only planning and organization that gives us better benefits. So to know the top 10 things while on a travel is a way of ensuring that we get the best out of the time spent there. Similarly to understand the top 10 ten things while on a travel to India we should know how to pinpoint and understand the top ten things to do in India.

So, to focus on these top 10 things let us understand India the country as a whole. What is it that we look out for when on a tour? Listing it out, they could be pleasure, fun, travel experience and shopping and lastly knowledge.

Pleasure Trips

Let us take it point wise. Pleasure – In India, we can find pleasure at various tourist locales offering amusement and resort stay. This is possible in metropolises like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata all of which have facilities for amusement by way of water sports parks, resorts with combined facilities and weekend packages in big hotels. So this is a point of reckoning and we could check out the pleasure activities in these spots.

Travel Experience

Travel experience – What does one look for in travel experience? Excitement, adventure, and activity. This is found in the various wildlife parks and sanctuaries in the country. India does not have a dearth of any such place. From north to south, India is filled with wildlife zones and sanctuaries. So put that in your list of top 10 to do in India. A visit to a wildlife sanctuary is a must.

Sacred towns

India is a land of heritage and temples. From times immemorial there have been historians and travelers who have put India on the map of sacred worship. From the north to the south beginning from Vaishno Devi to Kanyakumari, India has temples with ancient form of construction and architecture. Pick any famous temples from the list and keep it in your top 10 places to visit while in India.

Historical Monuments

If a land like India is to be visited, then the tourist should understand that he is visiting the land of the most ancient form of civilization – The Indus Valley Civilization. So obviously there would be history connected to the past dating back to centuries. So the monuments here are obviously going to be really relics of the grand past. A visit to one of these is a must in the list of places. So a visit to a historical monument is the next in the top 10 places to visit while in India.


India is a land of culture and tradition. India thrives in tradition and beautiful works of art. Thus this is a land where you will get the choicest of textiles and the best of handicrafts. A person coming here would be thrilled to see the Kancheepuram silk of the South and the Paithani of the West, the Kantha embroidery of the east and the mirror work of the north. Notwithstanding the innumerable forms of handicrafts that dot the entire country from terracotta stuff, to clay from silver and metal ware to wood. Thus putting the items to be shopped and the areas to be covered would be the next on the travel list. It is a good idea to put this as a top 10 to do while in India.


Home is where the hearth is. A good stomach is a good mind. Thus it is a worthwhile thing to taste the delicious cuisines of the country from the dum aloo in Kashmir to the dhokla in Gujarat to the idlis of the south and the puran polis of the west. The taste buds wouldn’t stop flowing with juices once we reach the land of cuisine – India. So the top 10 would include you to make a list of the cuisine that you want to taste, be it spicy or sweet, sour or tangy. Rossogolla, or peda, petha or fafda – the list is endless.


Did you ever know that the number of festivals celebrated in India surpasses the rest of the world in terms of number, color and vibrancy. Thus if you are visiting India make it a point to put it in your 10 top things to do in India cart. With the Holi in the north and the Durga Puja in the east, Navratri in the west and Pongal in the south, these are just starters for an appetizing meal of festivals in India. Decide which is the one you would want to enjoy the most and plan your trip accordingly.

Exquisite creative designs

If it is a developing country , it is bound to have some construction expertise. And India is not left behind in the quest to becoming a modern developed country of tomorrow. Today India boasts of having some of the most creatively designed architectural feats. Take the Bandra Worli Sea Link in Mumbai or the Underground Metro in Delhi and Kolkata, take the Science City in Kolkata and the lovely water park in South India, the design and the construction elegance is reflected everywhere. Put this in your list of top 10 to do while in India.

Historical Monuments

Yes this has to be on the list considering the fact that India is a land with wealth and treasure and invasions uncountable. Thus a visit to the monuments where the walls are living proof to tell the story of the past surely makes the visit worthwhile. Who would not want to go back with tales of how graceful the Taj Mahal looks or how elegant the Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari is. Who wouldn’t want to visit the land of Swami Vivekananda and the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre. All these add up to the top 10 travel cart in India.

Water Bodies

India the subcontinent is surrounded by water on three sides and land on the fourth. So it is not abnormal to find dams, and waterfalls, all over the country. It is the job of the interested traveler to find out the best water bodies in India and how to visit these places. Certainly the sound of rushing water and the importance of seeing them makes this the next in the top 10 to do list in India.
Thus the top 10 on India Travel covers almost all the facets of a country with a rich historical past and a successful present.
Make a Top Ten go for it, enjoy it and love it.

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