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When the Indian god Rama was born, there was a miracle that took place in this world and the miracle saw him winning over the demon king of Lanka Ravan and creating the mythological epic Ramayana. Till today India celebrates the birth of their lord with lot of pomp and glory. Ram navami as it is called is the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama. Born with royal parents like King Dasaratha and Queen  [...]

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Top 10 Romantic Travel Destinations In The World

Posted on February 8, 2010 | Top 107 Comments

Had a Break-up? Time to Celebrate

There are numerous romantic places around the world for couples to spend the awaiting Valentine’s Day. However, it gets quite difficult for singles to hang out and hook up with someone as most of the sexy lasses are engaged, especially for this day. My suggestion is don’t fret at all because here is the list of top ten romantic travel destinations around the world tailor-made for bachelors.

The happiest person, according to me, is Hugh Hefner and the best place to hang out on Valentine’s Day is the Play Boy Mansion. Okay, I admit it’s not a feasible option for most of us. That’s why this place is ranked 10th by me. If you can, however, try and manage to get in, it would be your best Valentine’s Day ever. I am sure you wouldn’t miss your ex a bit. In fact, the sexy lasses here would not let your ex enter your dreams for the next 50 days.

It’s not true that a suitable destination for couples isn’t a good option for singles. One such place is Acapulco in Mexico. Ideally, people prefer to visit this pleasurable vicinity with their loved ones. If you have recently managed to hook up with any hot teenager, this is, believe me, the best romantic travel destination. But if you are still single, who cares? Just grab a flight to Mexico and get along with the locals here. The tepid weather and gracious people are simple great. And if the climate permits being overfriendly, you will definitely manage to find a native female. My ranking – 9th.

Acapulco Mexico
Akin to you, there are many sexy singles around the globe that are still seeking and craving for an understandable partner. Many such seekers, or rather your right targets, can be found wandering lonely on the islands of Hawaii. This place is also a hub for people seeking seclusion, tranquility, or anything that’s away from home, office, and work. However, finding, flirting around and hanging out with girls isn’t in everyone’s list of talent. Such visitors wouldn’t come back grumbling or complaining. The hospitable people, gorgeous beaches and unmatched panoramas will restructure their priorities, and they will crave to revisit this place just to find similar tranquility, instead of girls. Fact: they wouldn’t get one even if they wished to. Due to the beautiful people and mind-blowing vistas, Hawaii ranks 8th.

Islands of Hawaii
Enough of tranquility and panoramas and blah, blah, blah. Indulge in some real sin and derive pleasure at Bahamas. This isn’t a land for losers still thinking and grudging about their ex’s decision to dump you. If you are steeping in Bahamas thinking that a week amid panoramas will make your forget your ex, please find some other destination. No, I ain’t saying that this place wouldn’t help you to get over her. It will, but not by looking at panoramas here. A week at Breezes Bahamas in Nassau will offer an opportunity to hook up with sexy lass, indulge in immoral activities, and break up before you want to. The sad part is, you will have to get over two ex’s now.

breezes bahamas
Bahamas is a mix of people from Syria, China, and Greece along with a slight Seminoles and British influence. No, I am not describing about the history or population here. It’s just that you get beauties from many nations. Hence, it’s ranked 7th.

The Dominican Republic is essentially a place to visit after dumping your girl. If not dumping, make sure you don’t bring her along because the parties and pubs here simply for single men. If you haven’t heard much about the place and its local celebrations, you will be surprised to know that Americans would agree to swim to this vicinity, if any transport isn’t available, to attend the Merengue Festival in October. If slow swimmers miss this sexy festival in the first week of October, they will ensure they wont miss the tantalizing Cultural Festival third week every June. Dominican Republic  – rank 6.

Venturing single to places where rich, popular, and trendy people are regular, like James Bond does in most of his movies, is quite fun. There is definitely something about visiting stylish nightclubs, grandiose casinos, and classy restaurants without your girl. One such place is Las Vegas, which is quite a fun place for guys. But I am talking about Monte Carlo. If you are a bachelor with much to squander, you can experience the fantasy of picking up older female, savoring top-notch liquor, smoking quality cigars, and indulge in gambling with the richest. This place, Monte Carlo at number 5, is certainly a preferred spot for singles.

I definitely suggest people to visit places for various reasons. You can visit any 1 or more place among the list mentioned above. However, there are few places that have to be visited by every man at least once in a lifetime. The islands of French Polynesia are simply gorgeous and breathtaking. Spend a week here in Tahiti, Bora Bora; return home and resume your regular activities; and one common symptom would be the untamed urge to revisit the island instantaneously. Most of the people experience. Ranking – 4th.

Bora Bora
Ranking Cuba as number 3 destination in the list of top ten vacation spots for singles is an extremely debatable dilemma. For many, Cuba is a number one spot. Perfectly positioned besides North America, this country presents a very pleasing non-American tropical ambiance. No, nothing’s wrong with the American ambiance. However, no other place in an around America will offer such favorable variation in atmosphere for people seeking change, as Cuba. The blend of transcendent rum, sexy females, sumptuous cigars, and gorgeous beaches shouldn’t be missed by any mischievous bachelor.

Few years ago I visited Pattaya and Bangkok with my girl, and I cannot deny that it was a beautiful stay. Obviously, any place with a sexy female is fun. But, this isn’t the case now. You cannot visit sinful places, especially the king of sins – Bangkok, with you girl, wife, sister, or any other girl you know. It’s quite commonsensical that you can’t indulge in any immoral fun with your wife standing besides you. So, I would urge you to chain your partner home before booking tickets for Pattaya. Rejoice and cheer with pleasure if you are a single. The massage parlors, inns, bars, and women are open everyday, 24×7, exquisitely for tourists. And guess what, your fantasy is cheap here. Hence, my favorite vicinity is at number 2.

Hedonism IINone other destination can suit first place better than Hedonism, Jamaica. A visit to Jamaica will quench all your thirsts that you have been longing for since many months. This is a perfect spot for singles, just breakup-ers, husbands, or even old men. Hedonism II offers everything that definitely won’t make your mother proud. From liquor to drugs to sexy girls, you have the right to buy whatever you can. Obviously, it isn’t permitted by the government.

So, if your girl has dumped you, don’t sit back and expect some magical, hot female to come over and help you get over her. Get going boys, it’s time for some real fun. Celebrate the single status.

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