Going to Nou Camp as a part of your visit in Barcelona
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Watching Barcelona at the Nou Camp is an experience a football fan will treasure forever, but it’s also a trip that anyone can enjoy. The Nou Camp is pure sporting theatre in its highest sense being a ground that echoes of former glories and binding generations of Catalans to one another. The Nou Camp’s history is as political as it is sporting so tickets represent a real insight into Catalan social  [...]

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Top 10 unconventional edifices

Posted on October 12, 2010 | Top 1010 Comments

On our visit to different places on Earth, we always like to hunt for something unusual or new, which we have never seen before. One such point of interest is the buildings of museums, offices, and houses. In the world of ordinary edifices, the presence of strange, but spectacular buildings have always grabbed away the interest and admiration of the visitors. Well, the real credit goes to those architects who have designed their individuality in form of these unusual buildings. They surely brighten up the mediocre world of commerce. So, here is the list of top 10 unconventional edifices that range from beautiful artworks to total wild mesh.

The Dancing House – Prague

Designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic, this is the modern treasure in that city of Czech Republic that is known for its historic edifices and churches. Holding the Nationale-Nederlanden insurance firm, this rocking edifice was erected between 1992 and 1996 after getting the permission from the President, Vaclav Havel. On its roof, a French restaurant adorns the space from where one can have the superb views over the city. This edifice is also named as the Drunk House and Fred and Ginger.

The Dancing House

The Basket Building – Newark

Any doubt regarding this one to be in the list? Well, this masterpiece looking like a copy of a hand-made basket is the headquarters of the Longaberger Company who itself manufacture baskets. Wow! What a way to advertise the product! Dave Longaberger, the founder, had the desire to erect all the official edifices in the shape of a basket. Besides this 7-storey giant basket, Mr. Dave had also built the Apple Basket in Frazeysburg and the Big Easter Basket in Lorain.

The Basket Building

The Crooked House – Sopot

This architectural gem in Poland was built on the basis of the houses shown in the fairytale demonstrations and as per the designs of Antoni Gaudi, the great Spanish architect. It is not the residence of somebody, but it is the abode of shops, cafes, and bars. While the interior is quite usual, the exterior emits the main draw of crookedness with the roof coated with bluish green shingles giving it the look of dragon scales.

The Crooked house

The Robot Building – Bangkok

Designed by the architect named Sumet Jumsai, this robot is the home of the headquarters of United Overseas Bank. This robotic design soars proudly in the Sathorn district that is a commercial area. Completed in 1986 that was the time of craze for the contemporary design, the building exhibits a look of the friendly robot. It shows up the architect’s aim to design an edifice that reflected the true image of the contemporary computerized banking.

The Robot building

Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao

I cannot even imagine this in my dreams! Stretching by the side of the Nervion River, this is the incredible edifice of elongated layers and curves. The latter typically show off Gehry design, which aim at trapping the light. Opened in 1997 to public, the museum displays the national as well as the international artists. It goes without saying that its unusual design has always pulled countless number of tourists in the town. It seems that Mr. Gehry aimed at making this edifice in a shape of a ship in order to commemorate this Spanish port. Overall, the edifice is built from glass and limestone. Wondering from where the look of fish scales came? Well, they are due to the titanium panels.

Guggenheim Museum

Dali Theatre and Museum – Figueras

This is one more stunning Spanish art museum that exhibits the largest display of the artwork of Salvador Dali. The town was his birthplace where the artist wished to remake the ancient theatre by making the use of the remnants of the Spanish Civil War bombs. Opened in 1974, this bizarre looking museum was extended in the decades of 1980s. Check out for the big eggs on the roof, which are the typical Dali design. It is no surprise that Mr. Dali’s crypt today can be visited here in the basement.

Dali Theatre and Museum

Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

With this one here, it would not be a mistake to conclude that Spain is the country of oddities and spectacles. This region of Spain is famous for the works of Mr. Antoni Gaudi, the well-liked architect of the nation. This hero never wanted straight lines in his works and so it is obvious that his works would be out of the world constructions. The Sagrada Familia Church was his most beloved structure that is yet to be completed (1852-1926). It will open in 2010 for sure. Dedicated to the saints, the church is the symbol of Christianity and its towers look as if they are inspired from a fairy tale. Other works of Mr. Gaudi in Barcelona are Casa Mila and Park Guell.

Sagrada familia

Turning the Place Over – Liverpool

Located in a deserted edifice, this is an art induction that is one of the top attractions since the city’s term as the European City of Culture. Making all the passers-by to stop, this edifice is the creation of the sculptor Mr. Richard Wilson. Surprisingly, an oval shaped wall’s zone was stabbed to make it spin on a pivot for disclosing the inner part of the edifice.

Turning the Place Over

The Mushroom Tree House – Cincinnati

This one more out of the world construction seems as if a house from the children’s picture book was turned into a reality using a magic wand. I am stating because it really appears that as if this was never made by human and seems like it has emerged from the ground. Thanks to the late Terry Brown, a former Professor of Architecture and Interior Design, who gave this effect. Located in the Hyde Park, this project was also aided by the professor’s students.

The Mushroom Tree House

Ripley’s Believe It OR Not – Branson

The museum of Missouri is among the chain museums, which holds a great collection of the strange artifacts possessed by the Ripley. This edifice was made to mark the shocking earthquake that was more than 8.0 on the Richter Scale affecting New Madrid in 1812. look for those typical earthquakes cracks across, which speaks that it survived in the earthquake. In Orlando, the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum appears as if it is dipping in the ground.

Ripley’s believe it or not

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  • Suzzie Baxter says:

    We had preplanned our visit to Orlando and ofcourse Ripley’s Believe it Or not was there on the list..The Ripley’s organization has always being reporting odd feats and things, and this is one of them..The museum is sort of tilted to a side.The tour is a self-guided stroll through the corridors..Each section has slightly different themes which are all optical illusions basically.There is also a small room with Egyptian momentos which have papyrus bearing drawings on them..What I can tell you about the building, yes it was unusual and interesting. My 8-year old son was looking forward to the trip! My son was really glad that we came here..We went to other places too like Disney, Seaworld, Universal in the vicinity.

  • Paula Anderson says:

    If you ever go to Barcelona Sagrada Familia is a must see here! Envisioned by Gaudi, this church resembles a dream.The hugeness of the exterior will just blow your mind.The museum on the ground floor is worth seeing.You should take some time out.You won’t be disappointed.

  • Pete Beccera says:

    I heard about the Sagrada Familia church in my Spanish history classes, and I thought why not take out a morning and visit this place, since I was at Barcelona and a lot of hype was surrounding this church anyways. When I reached the place, I was pleasantly shocked and surprised..I walked to the end of the spire and saw amazing views of the city and the under construction part too.The architecture was just awesome..Just the wait in the queue was a bit irksome, but that too turned out to be a good experience as I ended up people watching. I’m glad and feel lucky to have seen this piece of Spanish architecture.

  • Danny Kohler says:

    The chapel of Sagrada Familia is a gem on the Mediterranean sea. Barcelona has many interesting places to see like the Sagrada Familia,Spanish village, Olympic needle.I visited Sagrada Familia on a sunny afternoon before the sunset, and was pleasantly taken aback by the shadows cast on the ceiling by the windows which had a lovely and elegant flower-shape :-)
    Barcelona is a lovely place rich in Spanish architectural work!

  • Olin Smedes says:

    I could keep looking at La Sagrada my whole life and do nothing else for everyday I would find something new about it! It is awe-inspiring and amazing in every sense of the term..The sanctity and peace that one observes in this place is exactly what Gaudi hoped people would feel when they came here.Indeed an unusual building in the world, which can elevate the spirits of a person! :-)

  • Oscar D'Silva says:

    If you like Dali’s art, it is must for you to visit Dali Theatre and Museum in Barcelona! There’s a lot to see in the museum, especially the women’s faces carved out of furniture! From my entire holiday at Barcelona, this was my favorite place.Also I got a train to this place which was almost free.There were so many sculptures, paintings, and installations and fabulous sketches! Even my 10 year old twin sons really enjoyed this place a lot! So much awesome work created by a man in a single lifetime is just astounding! A must visit to this place which is one of the most unusual buildings in the world, if you are within 100 miles of Figueres!

  • Linda Fernandes says:

    The Dali Theatre-Museum will draw your wits with its slightly amusing exterior, the outside walls look like they have been covered with turds! And extremely queer interiors too! If you have children who are young, they would like being moved around quickly past some of the more stuff, but they laugh at some quirky stuff like poo! This place is unforgettable, and Dali’s genius has been fully displayed!

  • Andre Mcguire says:

    From the artistic perspective, the Dali theater-Museum is one of a kind destination! It is easily accessible from Barcelona..A must visit is to the ‘Treasure Annex’ where you’ll see quirky jewelery collection, such as an actual ‘beating heart brooch’..It was an awesome break from the usual European art museums.. This one has a sense of humor too! :-)

  • Olive Fonseca says:

    Have you ever got bored walking through a museum and got bored at the same old statues, columns from one room to the next? If you like Dali or even if you don’t like him, the Dali theater-Museum, will wiggle your senses, make you laugh out loud, and leave you amazed and amused at the same time! Dali is my favorite creative artist of all times, and visiting this place alone was good enough for visiting Barcelona!

  • Kristy says:

    Thanks for the quirky pictures! Really amusing and amazing both! :-)

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