Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
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Festivals in India are a reason to get together and come out with a need to socialize. Sometimes festivals are observed to revere great heroes and leaders and spiritual heads who have made us what we are. The Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is one such festival that is observed to revere the Sikh Guru of the same name. This day is the birthday of the tenth and the last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. There  [...]

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Top 10 mysterious spots on the planet

Posted on October 11, 2010 | Travel Destinations8 Comments

Traveling to the different places on the planet is the habit of countless people. But, when mystery, legend, or some auspicious significance is associated with such a destination, then the trip to such a spot becomes very exciting and surprising. If you are finding for any of these features, try and look for archaeological sites where the ruins of ancient cities or settlements carry the unbelievable stories. Incomplete excavations, unknown stories, hidden significance, and strange facts all together can make your journey quite interesting and probing. So, if you are this kind of traveler, here are the top 10 mysterious spots on the planet for you.

Cerne Abbas Giant

Made on the green hill of Dorset in UK, this is the drawing of a bare man who is shown along with a club. It is strange to see this figure that is made by cutting the grass to give the shape of a human. Many locals are of the opinion that this is a replica of a Celtic fertility god, while some claim that it is the figure of the Greco-Roman icon named Hercules who also looked somewhat the same.

Cerne Abbas Giant

The Great Sphinx

Do you have any doubt about this? This one has to be in this list. Located in the Giza necropolis in Cairo, this is a giant statue with the head of a human and body of a lion. And yes, its wings are similar to that of the eagle. Nobody still knows its importance or its purpose. But some historians claim that it is the figurine of the king Kharfu, the pyramid of whose stands behind this Sphinx. But, the mystery still remains unsolved as several have agreed that this was made prior to the birth of the king.

Great Sphinx


This is one more mysterious landmark in the English countryside. Among all the monuments, this is the topic of hot debate for the historians as well as the scientists. Looking as a myriad of giant rock slabs standing randomly and piled, the site is believed to hold religious, spiritual, and astronomical importance. Many believe it to be a graveyard too. Until what is known now, the experts just don’t stop praising the intelligence of the people of those days.



Many travelers visit the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, but very few are aware of this odd site situated just close to this most visited archaeological site. Herein, there is an unusual pile of three stone walls positioned in a zigzag way. The mystery lies in the construction of these walls as to how the Incas joined the walls so well that not a piece of paper can be inserted in between.


The Nazca Lines

This is also in Peru. Nestled in the Nazca desert, these lines depict a series of pictographs and designs on the ground. You will come across a range of simple patterns to the pictures of animals and plants. One thing is sure that these are drawn by the Nazca Indians, but what is not sure is that its purpose is not known. A majority of the people believe that these drawings reflect the old religious beliefs or the offerings.

The Nazca Lines

Goseck Circle

This is the most mysterious site in Germany, which is made out of gravel and wooden palisades. It is surrounded by an array of spherical ditches that results in a raised pile of dirt in the center. Due to the presence of three gates, several experts are of the opinion that these are related to the sunrise direction at the time of the winter solstice. But, a few believe this site to be the venue of ritual sacrifices. This has been supported by the relics of bones and skeletons.

Goseck Circle

The Yonaguni Monument

Nestled off the Japan’s Ryuku Islands, this is a bewildering rock formation underwater. It is just incredible to see such formation that consists of giant platforms, stone pillars, and steps. Check out for a triangular creation known as ‘the turtle’ as well as a carving of a human face. It is yet not known that such geometrically precise carvings are natural or man made.

The Yonaguni Monument

The Cahokia Mounds

Seen in Illinois, this is the site that holds the remnants of an Indian settlement. It is actually a series of burial grounds. Boasting some 80 mounds that have supported the existence of plazas and several wooden posts commemorating the solstices and equinoxes, the sight is just probing. The mystery lies in the question as to which present Indian sect is related to these inhabitants.

The Cahokia Mounds


This is a mysterious site holding the curatives caves of Bernadette. Seen in France, this site has a legend associated with it according to which a 14-year-old Bernadette in the 19th century seemed to have communicated with Mother Mary. Since then, the pilgrims take refuge here in the naturally appeared spring.


Easter Island

Also called Rapa Nui, this is the world’s remotest island in the Pacific Ocean and is a riddle that is yet to be fully solved. This puzzle becomes visible the moment you see the island from the ship. The huge statues, the Moai statues, stand so proudly here as if the island is theirs. It is yet to be discovered about the flourished culture and bizarre Birdman sect. Further, what is the purpose of these statues, why they face a single direction, and how Polynesians came here are still some more mysterious questions.

Easter Island

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  • Yjee says:

    Ryuku islands in Japan have an exceptional diving site..The Yonaguni can be called an underwater city with fabulous and mind-blowing formations. The diving site is great with beautiful live corals. And also I’d like to add that the Yonaguni monument is completely MAN-MADE.

  • Illeana Ryle says:

    Easter islands had long been on my bucket list after I read Kon Tiki.I stayed here for the sole reason that I wanted to take some photographs of the Moais and other sites. During the five days I stayed on Rapa Nui(another name for Easter islands), I succeeded in capturing some really nice images..The sunrises and sunsets with spectacular rainbows and excellent weather provided excellent photographic opportunities.
    I also saw an amazing dance shoe Kari-Kari. I’ve seen folklore dances before but never have I seen something so passionate and intense before.It was a real adventure and I could just marvel at the aloofness and beauty of the scenery!

  • Jason Mcguire says:

    Nice post! Nice selection of the top ten mysterious spots on planet. Thanks! :-)

  • Lana Brown says:

    I’m a Catholic and I always wanted to visit Lourdes with my parents.The Lourdes is a beautiful site indeed.The sanctuary is amazing and the grotto really moving. Despite the fact that thousand tourists visit this place every year, this place has maintained a rustic feel around itself. The river Gave with its rushing waters provide scenic beauty. The climate is wonderful.A cool and crisp breeze blows even in summer. I’m really glad I went here with my parents. It was well worth the trip.

  • Yafeth Rebello says:

    My wife and I planned a visit to Lourdes. When we arrived here, there was terrible rain, hailstorm and snow. But by evening all was fine. We saw the candles flickering in the grotto as our first sight. It was really beautiful beyond description. No wind blew and there was just cold frosty air and the sound of the river flowing nearby. The nearby villages are European type, lovely hills, narrow pathways.
    I’m really happy that I was able to go here.

  • Olive Fernandes says:

    Thanks for the post! I’ve been to Lourdes in France and it is the best place to be. Almost close to heaven!

  • Sebastian Baxter says:

    Cahokia mounds are just amazing! I took my 7 year old grandson. It is something you’ll get to know only after you’ve seen it..I learned that the remains were from a highly complex civilization of people. I’ll certainly be planning more trips around this site. Thanks for the post :-)

  • Jelly Anderson says:

    The Cahokia mounds are a fascinating site. They give deep insight into the culture of Native America. I was surprised at why the culture had moved on.A must -visit. Indeeda mysterious and captivating your soul place! Thanks :-)

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