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Angkor is a UNESCO protected city and the largest archaeological sites in South East Asia stretching in an area of 400 km. It is a destination which has the remains of the Khmer regime and the parks, temples and hydraulic structures mesmerize you with its sheer grandeur and splendour. Every year millions tourist cross flock to this amazing fairy tale land and enter Angkor Wat, the largest religious  [...]

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Top 10 most unsafe roads on the planet

Posted on October 15, 2010 | Top 108 Comments

A majority of people like to accomplish something adventurous while they are on their holidays. Some will go for scuba diving, a few will love skiing, while many will opt for hiking. While all these seem to be physically challenging, there is something that is mentally challenging. I am talking about a drive on one of the most dangerous roads of the planet. Yes, there are such roads on which a drive needs some amount dexterity and concentration along with the physical role of a driver. While it’s quite thrilling to do so, it is at the same time risky and so I mentioned about the need of mental preparation too.

It is not very uncommon to face unsafe road conditions, which can be due to many reasons – poor weather, narrow routes, and drunk drivers. But, the top 10 most unsafe roads on the planet listed in this article often easily invite these reasons for an unexpected accident. Although they look usual, they have high death rates.

Old Yungas Road – Bolivia

Also known as the Death Road, this 40-mile Bolivian route with countless turns is just not for the faint hearts. Running between the Coroico town and the La Paz city, the road’s most risky factors are landslides, collapsing steep cliffs, narrow route meandering on the hillside, and fog. The locals term a trip on this road as a suicide mission. But fortunately, it has been now restored well for guaranteeing maximum protection. Do not be scared if you come across the crosses and memorials as they mark the accident sites. For the bravest and craziest, bike tours are held on this road. I wonder who must have given this idea!

Old Yungas Road

Patiopoulo–Perdikaki Road – Greece

This is the mountainous route in the Agrafa region that joins Patiopoulo with Perdikaki. This is one of the frightening roads that demands steady attentiveness from the drivers and seaters for their own safety. While potholes and greasy gravel apply a break to control of a driver, heavy traffic and livestock are easy distractions to lead to more hazards. Further, there are several narrow and sheer sections where you just cannot lose your concentration.

Perdikaki Road

Halsema Highway – Philippines

This highway connects Baguio to Bontoc and extends to Tabuk and Tuguegarao via the Central Cordillera Valley on the island of Luzon. Meandering with many twists on the lush hillside, the route offers stunning scenery, but with many risks such as common landslides, rock falls, unpaved zones, steep drop-offs. One of these falls if occurs, it is just enough to invite death. Further, fog, lack of guardrails, and less considerate bus drivers that often drive on this highway just add to the chances of increasing a deadly accident. But, for security reasons, work is in progress for inducing improvements.

Halsema Highway

Sichuan-Tibet Highway – China

This is a high-altitude route of 1,500 miles, which links Lhasa in the west to Chengdu in the east. While you drive on this one, you are rewarded with beautiful scenery, historical sights, huge mountain peaks, cultural sights, and popular rivers. Look for the highest point called the Que’er Mountain pass that soars more than 20,000 feet. But, as it is said that no gain without pain, so is the same with the road. It is prone to many risks – extreme weather, falling rocks, landslides, altitude sickness, and avalanches. But, still you can try out your sheer madness here.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Skippers Road – New Zealand

This is a breathtaking road passing through the canyon of the same name. You actually drive wherein above are the high peaks and down is the Shotover River. Located close to the Queenstown, this treacherous route is meandering and narrows for about 16.5 miles. Now, it is 22 years old, but nothing has changed the original look. Even today, some areas of the road are too thin for the vehicles facing each other to pass, guardrails are not enough, and drop-offs are sheer to contribute to a deadly error. This is the best blend of beauty and risk. Drive here only if you are a delighted seeker or else just rely on the tour guides.

Skippers Road

San Isidro de General – Costa Rica

Connecting San Isidro de General and Cartago, this Pan-American Highway at the height of 13,000 feet is just dangerous. This is evident from the fact there exists the highest summit called Mountain of Death. It is so called because many people passing it could not survive. Why? Extreme cold, steep curves, too much fog, potholes, altitude sickness, and ruthless truck drivers are the main causes of death. You do not want to pass through this route? Okay, there is an alternative of the new route between Quepos and Dominical.

San Isidro de General

Fairy Meadows Road – Pakistan

Running at the bottom of Nanga Parbat that is of 26,660 foot, this route is a scenic one for all those who are looking for great photographs and challenging climbs to enjoy the huge mountain and scenery. However, as usual, getting through this road is just not a child’s play. Offering an unstable trip, a part of it is to be carried out on a 6-mile drive for an hour on an uneven road cut from the infertile hills. All the madness of the road is experienced from the Raikot Bridge to the Tato hamlet – steep, unpaved, narrow, and no guardrails for saving your vehicle from falling in the gorge. And yes, the last section is journeyed only on foot or by bicycle.

fairy meadows road

Nairobi–Eldoret Highway – Kenya

This road joining Nairobi, Nakuru, and Eldoret seems very decent without any construction or natural flaws. So, why this is here? There is a reason behind this and it is shamefully we humans that have made this road qualified as dangerous. People die here due to negligent drivers, unsafe passing, speeding, and drunk driving. Because of these reasons, the death toll reaches 300 annually.

Nairobi Eldoret Highway

Grand Trunk Road – India

This is the 16th century road that stretches over 1,500 miles connecting two countries at its two ends – Pakistan in the west and Bangladesh in the east. It goes without saying that this road is among the primarily crowded roads in India because it acts as a major trade route and also as a suitable way for attacking the armies. So, what makes this road risky? Well, it is traffic congestion not due to only humans and vehicles, but also due to animals. So, can you keep patience to pass through these creatures that impede your speedy way?

Grand Trunk Road

The A682 Road

Located in England, this route stretches between the Long Preston and M65 junction 13. Considered as the most treacherous road of the country, the A682 route has witnessed 22 lethal accidents in past three years. So, it has been derived that 1 death per 20 miles happens annually here.

The A682 Road

Are you aware of some more such roads on our planet? Kindly share them with us.

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  • Helen Camus says:

    There are a very few roads on Earth which have to bear the brunt of historic connection as old as 1600′s that too connecting countries like India and Pakistan..I’ve been to India and found out that Bodh Gaya, Taj Mahal and Golden Temple and many known and unknown marvels of the ancient time lie on the Grand Trunk Road.Even Rudyard Kipling’s major novel, ‘Kim’ was set on this road, in which he described it as ‘a river of life such as exists nowhere else in the world’. Despite the current political relationship of India and Pakistan, I found crossing the border easy..In India the Golden Quadrilateral project is hugely on the Grand Trunk Road.

  • Langie Giuliani says:

    An interesting and informative post! Thanks :-)

  • Orson Monroe says:

    The A682 in England is indeed difficult and risky for driving, of all the places and roads I’ve driven on..But it is a nice road for Sunday morning cyclists!

  • Snopp Jordon says:

    Of all the roads I’ve traveled, I find the Stelvio Pass Road Trollstigen in Italy fascinating and dangerous too.It has got 48 continuous hairpins, one of the finest hairpins in Alps. While driving on it doesn’t seem risky,it is certainly unusual and looks difficult. The most difficult part of the climb is from the Prato side. It is located in the Alps in Italy near the city of Bormia.You must certainly check this one out!

  • Danny Kohler says:

    I found the climb on the steep mountain in Norway through Trollstigen road in Rauma the most tricky..This road is highly steep with an inclination of nine percent, now the road has considerably been widened and is a popular tourist attraction as the amazing waterfalls of Stigfossen fall down the mountain side.

  • Albert Wilde says:

    When we were traveling in Greece we encountered this not-so-wide, very busy dirt road Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road! It hardly gave any grip to the vehicles that plied on it and it had so many potholes, on top of it, the road was really steep and had no guardrails. For giving grip to vehicles, there are pebbles and gravel on the road.It becomes especially dangerous during night, when you can’t find the edge of the road!

  • Talbot Pound says:

    In Alaska on the James Dalton Highway, rocks of ice will literally fly towards your car aiming at your windshield and headlights.If your car is rented in Alaska, they aren’t permitting you to drive on this road.The gravel is slippery and trucks running on this road will kick up thick clouded dust, translating to zero visibility.Except for sturdy 4-wheelers, no one should consider driving here!

  • Lewis Meltzer says:

    Landslides and rock avalanches are the most fatal on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway..This road crosses 14 high mountains and crosses many dangerous sections and forests..The views are fantastic but the road is really very dangerous!

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