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Top 10 most unfit fast foods

Posted on October 19, 2010 | Top 105 Comments

No matter where we go on vacation, we all like to have fast food as it is very tasty and offers a variety of great combinations. This is true irrespective of the fact that we all know – fast food is not good for health. All thanks goes to the craze that makes us blind about the real effects of such food on our health. Okay, still if we eat fast food in moderation, it will not kill us. So, avoid all kinds of additional grease, cheese, toppings, and dressings. However, there are certain fast foods that are very harmful even if you happen eat them occasionally. So, beware of these top 10 most Quiznos Large Tuna Meltunfit fast foods.

Quiznos Large Tuna Melt

This is the most killing sandwich that conversely looks very naïve. Why? This is because it is the source of an amazing 93 grams of fat, 1760 calories, and 2120 milligrams of sodium. And yes, this is the measurement without including its optional dressing. If you add that, it gives you an additional 40 grams of fat and 370 calories. Make a total and you will realize that the total dose is more than the daily suggested calories.

Nathan’s Fish and ChipsNathan’s Fish and Chips

This is one of the most famous fast foods that we like to have. But, do you know how many calories it holds? Well, if you come to know this, you might not like to eat it anymore. And even if you eat someday, that day you would then not eat anything. Why? Would you like increase your weight more after consuming 1537 calories? No, right? This is the calorie count of this popular food that is the typical meal of many people across the world. Just because it is tasty, you can’t keep having it at the cost of your health.

Carl’s Double Six Dollar BurgerCarl’s Double Six Dollar Burger

This one more cheese, bacon, and beef atrocity is regarded as the most unfit food in the United States of America. As these ingredients make a tempting appeal every time we see them, they are just not healthy. When blended to make this burger, all of them together offer 1520 calories. Further, a high sodium amount of 2760 mg is held by it. Did you know that as per the, a healthy adult should not have more than 2300 mg sodium a day? This burger is similar to the Hardee’s burger with the only difference of the additional onion rings. But, that does not give any health value.

Ruby Tuesday’s Boston BurgerRuby Tuesday’s Boston Burger

Now for this fast food, we would always appreciate that it taste well even though it does not contain those nasty ingredients – the bacon, cheese, and additional beef. But, sadly, it is capable of giving you the energy of 1466 calories, the number above the recommended calorie intake. This can be because of the blur cheese topping. Even barbeque sauce and onion rings are there in it, but that do not have that much power to shoot up the burger to these many calories.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries’ Large French FriesFive Guys Burgers and Fries’ Large French Fries

French fries? Who does not like them? But, the generous oil, potato heap, salt, and batter all are sinful here in the sense that they make up for the 1464 calories making these French Fries the unhealthiest food. And believe me, no French fries are healthy enough to eat; but this one is the most harmful one because of the highest calories as compared to the other brands.

Domino’s Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese Breadbowl PastaDomino’s Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese Breadbowl Pasta

Rather than pasta, it looks more like a pizza. So, with this bizarre name, it is expected that it must be tasting much better. But, as each cloud has a dark side and silver lining; this one is too no exception to it. With just 4 calories than the above French fries, this one is on the sixth position in our list of top 10 most unfit fast foods. Obviously, this is not real pasta as a big amount of melted cheese adorns the loaf of bread.

Hardee’s Monster ThickburgerHardee’s Monster Thickburger

With one more burger brand in this list, it is advisable to know the calorie details of the burger that you would like to eat if you are a calorie conscious person. Just by looking at it, you will be convinced as to why this one is in this list and also why it is named ‘Monster’. With 1420 calories, it is no less than a nightmare to put this one in the merciful stomach although the tongue by like it. With 2 1/3 pound beef pies, three slices of cheese, four bacon strips, and a few mayo dollops; this one is sure to give you a heart attack.

Dairy Queen’s Six Piece Chicken Strip Basket
Dairy Queen’s Six Piece Chicken Strip Basket

This is the food with 1410 calories. Although chicken is not that bad for health, this one is because it is fried in batter and is served with fries. Six pieces of chicken are much beyond what is needed for good health. And that to it, adding fries, toast slices, and sauce is just like spoiling one’s own health with own hands.

Caramel Cheese Quake Blizzard at Dairy Queen
Caramel Cheese Quake Blizzard at Dairy Queen

This is the unscrupulous fast food that injects in your body 1290 calories and 39 grams of fats. Fats itself give 500 calories if you eat this even once. What else do you need to justify that this deserves to be on position two in this list?

Qdoba Mexican Grill’s Beef Taco SaladQdoba Mexican Grill’s Beef Taco Salad

How can a salad be horrible for health? Well, this one is an exception with 1280 calories making it one of the worst fast food salads. With ingredients such as beef pile, giant taco shell, and shredded cheese, it just can’t be made healthy by adding some lettuce. Further, does it even look like a real salad?

Even you might be aware of some more unhealthy fast foods. Kindly do not hesitate in sharing with us while leaving your comments below on the top 10 most unfit fast foods.

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  • Yjee says:

    Haha! Those are fast foods which will wreak havoc on your body system!
    Having one piece of fast food can build up calories for an entire day. And regularly consuming fast food can cause psychological and physical damage more than we know. However, to most of us, fast food tastes great, comes cheap, and really makes you full. Figuring out the right options for fast food can be confusing. Instead of a double burger, go for a single veggie burger, have a salad and drink water not soda!

  • Garrison Hubbard says:

    Fast foods like Tacos and Nachos with so much cheese can also contribute to those extra calories..Instead have rice, salsa, beans, grilled sandwich with lots of vegetable filling! Tortilla chips, sour cream and too much cheese can make even a healthy meal not so healthy after all!

  • Lynne Sachs says:

    Adding extra gravies and sauces, deep-frying chicken is hardly a healthy option when considering moderate calorie value fast food..Go for a healthier veggie and bean buritto, black beans..

  • Kristy says:

    Yup, at a Sub shop take whole-grained bread, dressing should be low-fat, mustard sauce instead of Mayo sauce, filling the six-inch sub bread with ample veggies..

  • Drew Wilson says:

    Italian fast food pizzas are too great calorie contributers! However, they are the easiest to make healthy! By opting for a thinner crust, with less cheese and more vegetables, calorific value of pizzas decreases. Garlic bread is high in calorie content too..Instead opt for plain rolls or breadsticks. Instead of pasta with a butter based sauce, have pasta with tomato sauce and veggies.And avoid fried dishes, instead opt for grilled dishes.

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