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The Foochow Festival at China In the Southern province of Fukien and Kwangtung, China, and if you are an avid kite flyer, there is an amazing kite flying competition held every year and a must visit destination for kite enthusiasts. At the Foochow Kite Festival, the kites displayed are immense mean machines with greatest ingenuity of design and heavens are flooded with thousands of colourful kites  [...]

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Top 10 Beaches with Black Sand

Posted on October 8, 2010 | Top 108 Comments

Whenever you plan for a holiday trip, you are more bound to select those places that are cool and breezy, boosting but relaxing, and stunning but refreshing. Now looking at these adjectives and verbs, I can recall one such attraction that is none other than a beach. Most of us do like to spend a considerable amount of time at the beaches no matter where we go. So, what would be your perfect beach? Well, ideally it would be a destination of cool breeze, warm waters, endless blue sky, shimmering sands, and minimal rocks. Now, change this scene a bit by replacing shimmering sands with the black sands. Do not believe this? In reality, these beaches are into existence on our planet and that too in the famous tourist destinations. So, next time when you plan to visit any of them, drag yourself to a black sand beach.

Punaluu Beach – Hawaii

Located on the Big Island, this is the best black sand beach on the Earth. Anybody can be convinced as to why the sand is black here. The black sand here was made by the lava of volcanoes while being poured into the ocean followed by cooling. Although the formed black sand is wonderful, you just cannot take away the sand as it is illegal to do so. If you are planning to enter into the water, then beware as the ocean is rocky. You will also be able to spot the green seal and Hawksbill turtles.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Kaimu Beach – Hawaii

Although this beach is a bit risky, it is certainly one more great Hawaiian beach boasting black sand. It is a must visit spot even though swimming is not allowed due to strong currents. But, fun is still possible by just standing in the water for some time. People say that in the decade of 90s, the beach was actually a site of 20’ lava. However, inhabitants near the beach started to plant new trees and flowers so that the beach’s life is not lost. So, you can see palms, ferns, and other plants popping from the lava cracks.

Kaimu Black Sand Beach

Kehena Beach, Hawaii

Although this is a unique black sand beach, it is not the place for family, especially for the kids and teens. Why? Well, this is a nude beach even though it is considered illegal on this volcanic archipelago. So, a majority of the tourists just like to sit on the black sand and just chill in the breezy atmosphere. At this beach, you are never left alone, as you can spot dolphins and can even swim with then in case the currents are okay. This is the reason as to why it is called the Dolphin.Kehena beach

Pololu Valley Beach – Hawaii

Nestled at the tip of Highway 270, this one is among the smallest beaches here. The Pololu Valley beach offers a superb vista of the shoreline as well as the Kohala Mountains. To reach the beach, you are required to hike from about 400-foot vantage point, which straight away means 20 minutes of hiking. Enjoying the scenery and hiking are the only attractions here, as swimming and snorkeling are not recommended due to extremely strong currents and high surf conditions.

Pololu Valley beach

Oneuli Beach – Maui

This is one beach where you would never see big crowds, but the beach is a must see place. The territory is ideal and the water is so great that you can think of camping here. However, if you want to enjoy just for a few hours, then your cool options are hiking, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and boating. Hiking is admirable on the Lower Trail. As the sand becomes too hot under the sun, do come here with your shoes.

Oneuli Beach

Honokalani Black Sand Beach – Maui

Situated in the Wainapanapa State Park, the beach offers a unique combination of natural elements – small and smooth lava pebbles, lava cliffs surrounding the beach, sea caves, seaside lava tubes, and a sea arch. If you wish, then from here, you can amble on the King’s Highway that is a route by the side of the shore to reach Hana. If you like the beach, you can also try out snorkeling and diving here.

Honokalani beach

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach – Maui

The specialty of this beach is that it was made by the waves colliding for decades against the volcanic rock. For the tourists, the attractions are a few most wonderful sites that are unmatchable. Explore and get inside the sea caves and stone bridges made naturally and you can spot the ancient King’s Highway that once used to surround the island. Come here only during the summers, as the surf in winters is very high making the beach unsuitable for surfing, kayaking, swimming, and diving. It is only when the waves are calm that you can think of these water sports.

Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach – Alaska

Nestled at a distance of 60 miles from Anchorage, this is the beach where you will come across waterfalls, tidewater glaciers, and lush hills. The main feature of this area is the wildlife that cannot be seen at a zoo. Just peep into its icy waters and you will see the reflection of 10,000-foot peaks. Isn’t this really exciting for any traveler? Okay, besides the vistas, you can expect some more fun via kayaking. Generally, warmer clothes are preferred at this beach.

Alaska beach

Vik Beach – Iceland

This is in a small hamlet in the south zone of the nation. Many of us are of the opinion that Iceland is not among the most beautiful places on the planet for beaches. However, this opinion will be changed soon by the fact that this beach was in the nomination list as among the most beautiful beaches in 1991. In fact, the village is also named Vik, which is wettest hamlet of the country. Therefore, ensure that you do not go to the beach on a rainy day. If you can’t recline and soak, at least marvel to explore. What say?

Vik beach

Lost Coast – California

Extending 80 miles long, this coast is among the lightest traveled shores. Most of the tourists hike along the coast to greet the peaks that are soaring more than 2000 feet of which the highest is known as the King’s Peak at over 4,000 feet. On the way, there lies a beach called the Black Sand Beach where you can swim, but many folks don’t. Although not many people come here except those who are hiking and stop to capture the vistas in the cameras, the beach on the Lost coast surely offers one of the extreme dramatic scenes amidst the peaks, sand, and water.

Lost Coast black sand beach

If you see, most of the beaches are in Hawaii. Why? It is all because of the volcanoes!

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  • Illeana Ryle says:

    Our trip to Alaska was the best! We were visiting the city of Sitka during the day and our outing on the sea to the black sand beach and I am even today after 5 years reminded of the most amazing experience of my life. I saw seaweeds of unbelievable length and size. The island had an asleep volcano,I picked up a lot of pumice from there! When we were heading back to our ship, we saw bald eagles soaring high and a few of them in their nests.We were lucky to see many whales too. This is an amazing place with warm and kind people. We hope someday we’ll again be here to explore more about this area, and learn about Alaska in detail.
    Thanks for the post! :-)

  • Bob Garvey says:

    Clint Eastwood’s “Flags of our Fathers” movie was shot on Vik island’s beach in Iceland!

  • Candice Baxter says:

    The MyrdalsJokull glacier near the Vik island’s beach is a sight to behold! When you walk close to this glacier you’ll realize that how unimportant we men are when compared to this natural beauty..The more we bear in mind that we don’t really matter, the more easier we’ll live life and let go of things..
    As I stood next to it and looked below, I acknowledged how gigantic this single sheet of ice is..It’s been slowly pushing its way downhill and there was nothing to hold its flow..It looks like there’s nothing except a solitary and the unending sheet of ice.
    The dripping sound of water and the uneven pieces of falling ice remind you that while it is a huge glacier, it is vulnerable to the atrocious human behavior of damaging the ecosystem..
    I was touched completely by this incident on Vik’s beach.

  • Gail Baxter says:

    NICE post! Thanks for the list of the BEST beaches with black sand and their clear description..Keep posting more such stuff!

  • Sandra Fuller says:

    I had been to Lost Coast..It’s a lovely beach..I loved the weather..A beach not only permits complete total physical and mental inertia, but enforces it, thus eliminating problems of guilt..It is the only place in the world which is so overly active, which offers sanity and peace of mind and complete relaxation of the senses..

    Thanks for the AWESOME post with some really good stuff on the beaches with black sand.. :-)

  • Jacky says:

    An ENGROSSING compilation of all the black sand beaches over the world. Thanks! GREAT STUFF! Keep posting! :-)

  • Wilma Smith says:

    My trip to Maui was fun-filled. On our way to Hana we took a stop at Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach and it was indeed my favorite memory here in Maui. It was the most different than everything else on the island..The black sand was amazing and so was the clear beautiful turquoise water. If we had stayed here longer I wouldn’t have missed the rest of Hana. If you want to experience the real Maui this is the place. The lush green scenery against the backdrop of the ocean is the best! Black sand comes from lava, the sand grains are larger than normal and can be difficult to walk on, so you should not walk barefoot here!
    The Black sand beach is really amazing at Maui! A must visit if you are here! :-)

  • Lisa Abzug says:

    The rock formations at Maui’s black beach are really amazing! You should walk back the trail to see the two caves. The trail is short and the caves are easily accessible. If you are heading to Hana make sure you stop here at Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach!
    Thanks for the post :-)

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