Tips to Visit and Get around Venice

Visiting Venice for your honeymoon is surely a great idea.The city has various great places where you can create romantic moments with your beloved one. But surely thereare many things you need to do and know before you hit the flight and stepped into Venice.

At first you must know that most streets in Venice are only few feet away above the sea water level which means flood can be the main threat. This way you must consider visiting Venice at the right time. It’s certainly suggested to go to Venice at summer instead of at rainy season where there are large possibilities to experience flood in Venice.

Geographically Venice is quite small with small streets and many canals so you must understand that you would have to walk a lot in Venice since no vehicles allowed in many streets in Venice. However you don’t have to worry since the pedestrians in Venice are at good condition and it’s also safe to walk around Venice. Besides, walking around Venice certainly provides you the real vacation experience where you can really enjoy the city very closely so you can see the boutiques, souvenir shops and many other merchandizes along your journey. You don’t need to worry to get lost somewhere since there are signs on the walls or in almost every turns so you’ll easily find your way back to your hotel.

You can also go to St. Mark’s Square or the Piazza San Marco which is a famous touristic spot in Venice. At summer season you can enjoy sitting and dining on the plaza where you can enjoy tasty meals and wine while being entertained by classical music from local musicians. You can also take look around Venice on water bus which is called Vaporetto that takes you along the canals. This vehicle is generated by the ACTV or the Azienda del Consorzio Transporti Veneziano. This water bus takes you from Venice to Mestre but there are also some other different routes so you’re advised to check the routes and schedule before you start to jump on this motor bus.

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