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  Vrindavan is a fascinating travel destination, 50 kilometers from the historic Taj Mahal, and a city revered by millions for being the place where Lord Krishna spent his early childhood and romanced his beloved Radha. Vrindavan is a city of chaos, as tourists from all over the world come here to explore and rejoice in the land of love and romance and the best way to explore this city is on  [...]

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The Wonders of the Goth Black Forest

Posted on August 25, 2010 | Travel Destinations8 Comments

Black Forest may infuse either mouth-smacking piece of heavenly delight or even spine-chilling images of a thick, dark, secluded place. Think of dark and Goth stories, and what place other than Germany can live up to it? However, Black Forest to the true-blue globe trotter, make that with a streak for wanderlust in the lap of Mother Nature, sure to know what they have in store in the Black Forests.

A beautiful spread of emerald over the German territories possibly attributes the beautiful forests a Goth-style name, true to the architectural trends of Germany, but don’t let the perception hold you back from experiencing this paradise of a place abundant with verdant beauty and spectacular natural bounty.

Black Forest Germany

Straddling along the Swiss and French borders accompanied by the pristine Neckar River, the Black Forest is nestled in the southern west region of Württemberg in the state of Baden. The Black Forest runs along the Continental split with the Black Sea tributary which meets the Danube River and the Atlantic watershed flowing to the river of Rhine on the other side.

But do you wonder, where does the name of Black Forest come to be so? The lush green trees covering a canopy of greenery over the mountains definitely make for a confusing contrast between the name and how the forests actually happen to be. The Black Forest is abundant with pine trees which gives the mountains a dark view when looked at from away. Also, the neighboring sloping hills that cast their dark reflections over the mountains further attribute the darkness of these enticing Black Forest. Despite the thick cover of shadows and large concentration of pine trees, a town called Freudenstadt located in the heart of the forested area asserts the place to receive a greater exposure of sun-shine more than any other place in the whole of Germany.

These Black Forest are definitely a priced-possession to the Germany, and for the purpose of wood-cutting, the government maintains very strict laws to carry out any tree-cutting task under the stringent eye of the forest department. After the trees were cut down, the resultant situation led to the emergency of replanting trees as this step brought negative repercussions on the scope of tourism in Black Forest in Germany. Also, the environmental hazards led to this greening step, no matter how valuable the timber of Black Forest is.

The many cottage like homes in the winding lanes of a town surpassing the confines of time is what earns the place its due elegant charm. The forests can also refresh the toddler tales of werewolves and witches that may appear from behind a tree on their magical flying broom vehicles. Though, the tales also have some good creatures like the dwarfs to fight over the good over evil. The perfect goth style castles and the spectacular vineyards is another attraction that gives the place its peculiar charm.

Black forest germany tours

A true delight to the nature lover, the Black Forest in Germany is filled with picturesque beauty of thickly wooded sloping hills and lush valleys that will surely strike a chord with the inner soul to truly appreciate the beauty of nature. The small towns and green villages still maintain that old-day charm and retain the innocence and nostalgia of a place frozen in the tick-tock of the cuckoo clocks. Yes, that’s another striking specimen of craftsmanship in Germnay. Amidst the call of the cuckoo, and a spectacle of unmarred beauty of the emerald canopy under the hues of the blue skies, there is and most definitely cannot be a place like the Black Forest in Germany.

All in all, it can be said that Black Forest in Germany is a definite yes for the traveler at heart, mind soul who prefers to take a dip in the bounty of nature with the amazing lush green sights, wonderful sounds of different species of birds, and scenes of a town dwindled in time to excite and entice all the visitors in absolute awe and marvel of the place.

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  • Horace Nye says:

    We (My wife and me)are more into soaking up atmosphere- type travel than sight-seeing and cultures..And this looked like a lovely place to visit!

    Much of the black forest is in lower mountains, windy roads go through it!

    Home to the cuckoo clock this forest is dark and sinister…This is where Hansel and Gretel met the wicked witch..!

    It took us a five minute bike ride from populated spots to the ones set in nature.

    You’ll be in the middle of countryside dotted with traditional farmhouses and amiable dairy cows, on in a thick forest where Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf may be following you.!

  • Angie Williams says:

    What an AWESOME post! Thanks :-)

  • Lisa Abzug says:

    The Black Forest is an awesome place in Germany…
    I fell in love with its vineyards, river valleys,sunny peaks, wide panoramic views , calm forests , spas for revitalization, exciting family destinations and a cuisine which is one of the most elaborate ones in Germany!

    The Black forests are the largest and the most-well-known destinations in Germany…

    The Black Forest is an embodiment of everything one expects in a German picture book holiday!!

    Simply TOO GOOD!!

  • John Zangwill says:

    Thank you so much for posting on this fascinating Forest of Germany…I got a lot of useful information :-)

  • Doss Rudd says:

    Black Forests are a favorite vacation destination of my family…We always love going there again and again…Thank you so much for bringing back those memories to the mind!

  • Jerry Racine says:

    Oh I loved you post! We’ve had such wonderful time spent together with family here…Thanks for sharing the post :-)

  • Dane Rebello says:

    Purely AWESOME! I’ve recommended you site to my friends…Really useful and valuable!

  • Kevin Johnson says:

    FABULOUS post! Highly credible! I’ve bookmarked your site for further reference!

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