The Incredible Popular Dive Spots in the World

Maldives reefs

Diving is one of the most favorite outdoor activities that could be so enjoyable to be done in any leisure time of yours.No wonder if there are million peoples out there who choose to dive while spending a great holiday in any incredible holiday destination they chose. There are so many gorgeous spots all over the world you could choose for diving enjoyably. Well, if you love diving and you need such great reference of adorable and gorgeous diving spots to know, here they are then the incredible popular dive sport in the world as great reference for you:

  1. Similan island, Phuket – Thailand

Similan island Phuket Thailand

Looking for a great place to dive enjoyably with beautiful under water views, Similan Island could be the right destination to go anyway. This perfect diving spot is located in beautiful island of Phuket – Thailand.

  1. Maldives reefs

Maldives reefs

Who does not know Maldives? It is a really beautiful enchanting island where there are so many gorgeous beaches with incredible underwater views. One of them as your reference is Maldives reefs in Maldive Island.

  1. Bunaken dive

Bunaken dive

Indonesia is one of the most incredible countries with adorable beaches that provide wonderful underwater worlds. Bunaken dive is one of best popular awesome diving spot in Indonesia that you should see.

  1. Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole

This incredible diving spot is located in Belize Coast. The diving spot called as blue hole is because it really looks like an incredible blue hole when seen from the bird view. Diving in this spot would be so great and enjoyable.

  1. Cocos Island

Cocos Island

This awesome island is a great reference of wonderful diving spot you should know. Located in the shore of National Park of Costa Rica, this island provides a perfect underworld views that would let you feel that you are in the real paradise while diving there.

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