The Haunted Towers of London

The Tower of London was at first a mere “motte and bailey castle”,but after William the conqueror became the King in the year 1066 the castle got built on the old Roman walls which was once the corner of Londinium. The first stone building built on this site was known as the “White tower”. This tower was the bastion of Norman power which towered 90 feet over the capital city.

It is believed that this tower held many prison cells. The White tower held torture chambers within its own crypt. It is said that the Tower Green outside the White Tower was only reserved for royal executions, while the Tower Hill served as an execution chamber for all the other prisoners and traitors.

Haunted Towers of London

Over the years, it is believed that this tower is haunted. The tower of London is said to have been intrigued with death, blood and murders for the last 900 years. It has gained the reputation of being the most haunted place in Britain. There have been hundreds and thousands of people who have been executioned on the Tower Hill.

One of the most interesting story recorded in the Tower Hill is that of a keeper of the place known as E.L Swiftie. It is said that “he and his family were sitting for a candlelit dinner in his room in the Martin Tower in the year 1817, when his wife spotted something on the other side of the room. She cried out in alarm and Swiftie turned round to see a cylindrical object resembling a glass tube, filled with bubbling blue fluid. The strange apparition started to move and came round behind his wife, who was sitting at the table. She cried out that it had tried to grab her, and Swiftie let fly at it with a chair, which passed straight through the object. The cylinder then receded backwards and disappeared”.

Not only Swiftie, but a sentry who was on guard in what is now called the “Martin Towe” witnessed “an apparition of a bear coming from out of a Jewel Room. He stabbed at it with his bayonet, which passed through the apparition and embedded in a door, whereupon the bear promptly disappeared”. It is said that the sentry died a few days following the happening, most probably of a shock but he had confided in Swiftie and another sentry of the apparition which he had seen. The sighting of the apparition is dated to the year 1815 or 1816 in the month of January.

Towers of London

It is also said that other “ghostly traditions include the screams of Guy Fawkes echoing through the tower, as they did when he was tortured before being hung down and quartered, the ghost of Lord Northumberland who was executed in 1553, and various other apparitions and shades from its bloody history”.

It is said that Lady Jane Grey, the queen who has reigned only for 9 days, is believed to appear on the anniversary of her death on the 12th of February 1554. She has been seen on the Salts Tower.Towers of London tour

Another incident marks that a sentry was said to have seen the ghost of Ann Boleyn (headless one) and tried to hit her with his bayonet, but he fainted in shock.

There has been many cases and incidents regarding the same. Apart from the sentries and the keepers on duty there have been travelers, who have also witnessed such incidents.

To know more about the place
To know more about the place it is very important to visit these towers. The towers of London have remarkable stories to offer and are an interesting place to get to know more about the past and the tortures and the sufferings of these prisoners.

Guided tour are available in the city, you can possibly opt for that. It is recommended not to venture in these areas alone without assistance.

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