The Globalization and Its Impact for Tourism Industry and Personnel

Global Tourism

Globalization has made the tourism and hospitality industry becomes much more different due to its multicultural nature. The definition of the hospitality and industry itself includes the mobilization of the people from their origin environment to certain destination whether it is inside or outside the country. Tourism and hospitality industry creates mutual relationship between local community and the tourists where both will know and exchange the new cultures.

In tourism and hospitality industry people both the local community and tourist must have deep tolerance and understanding of cultural gaps and differences that they naturally have. They both should be able to accept natural differences they have like colors, races, religions, genders, traditions and others. The workplace in hospitality and tourism sectors also encourages the chances of the equal opportunity of the employment to serve the tourists from different countries. In this case the organizational policies are required to support the intercultural relationships and activities such as cultural educational seminar, workshop, programs and seminar to increase the knowledge and understanding of diversity in the tourism and hospitality industry.

It’s also necessary to prepare the professional personnel in the tourism and hospitality industry. The globalization allows the stakeholders to employ personnel from different countries. The employees from r\jr other countries may also have the same opportunity to search for better jobs in a new location. The bottom line is that the employees should have technical competency, competitive skills to work but in the same time should also have understanding about the cultural diversity.

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