Trip To Top 10 Spiritual Spots
October 15, 2009 – 6:24 am | No Comment

Let’s move on a spiritual itinerary all across the globe to relax as well to attain the blessings of eternal and sacred God. My list will take you to a visit to the best spiritual capitals of the world. In addition, I have added to my list spots of relaxing value for those who desire answers. Therefore, sit back peacefully, close your eyes, calm your senses and let your mind to follow a sacred path.
1. Jerusalem, Israel:
Impeccable and matchless, both these terms perfectly reflect Jerusalem. No other city comes close to Jerusalem, when it comes to describe its historical and religious importance. In fact, this sacred land is the birth place for holy religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Now that you are familiar to this fact, you might have got a clear and precise answer, why the city is so dear to everyone around as the house of The …

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Top Cities Of The World Having Beautiful Women
October 5, 2009 – 11:47 pm | 2 Comments

The idea of beauty pageants must have arisen even hundreds and thousands of years before actual beauty pageants started, human kind have great historic past – the way we see our current dwellings is totally different then how nomads and gothic men lived thousands of years ago but still each generation has seen beautiful women of their times, they may not be wearing designer wears at those olden times but had the charm so that men could tag it as a beautiful women! Thousands of years down the line, we see so many beauty pageants with different names like miss world, miss universe, miss earth, miss beautiful skin, miss beautiful body, etc. happening every where, each of it has some purpose so as to publish the most beautiful of all in some particular category may be hair or skin, etc.
But if you are planning to see real beauty then you …

Visit The Largest Cities Your Famous Celebrities Live In
October 3, 2009 – 12:38 am | No Comment

When the name of your favorite sports personality or actors, actresses, your idols, and many famous personalities gets called out in a news or some get together don’t you get a feel of meeting them personally. If you are the one really crazy to meet up with your favorite star then you ought to go to the city they live in and it of course comes with a price as they live in some of the best apartments or villas, you might never know when you bump on to them while shopping for some designer collection. Some celebrities live very modestly, yet there are some who want plush bungalows with all the luxuries they can afford. As their valuable fans, we often hope in to some restaurant or a discotheque where the celebrities frequently visit but you don’t always get a chance like a lucky star so here I present …