Gliding A Mile High On Cherohala Skyway
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Cherohala Skyway, Tennessee and North Carolina
A journey 42 miles entwining and 1 mile above the sea level skyway starts right from voyaging Tennessee through the border of North Carolina till the top of Great Smoky Mountains. The beautiful trail edges with the Tellico Plains followed by the remarkable woods of evergreens and hardwoods making its way to Robbinsville in North Carolina.
The Skyway of Cherohala serves as a bridge between two petite towns and moves through a of mile ascending track from the Unicoi Mountains. Skyway Cherohala is the most expensive boulevard in North Carolina and was termed as ‘National Scenic Byway’ immediately after its opening in 1996. $100 million and three decades were spent to built this imminent man made wonder of the world. The drive along this skyway can be completed within a short time of three hours, but the sites viewable from this route are worth stopping your [...]

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Spectacular Sunrise And Sunset Spots
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Spectacular Sunrise And Sunset Spots

Hey, people… are you looking forward to woo that special somebody of your life? Want to make the moments spent with that special person unforgettable for the entire lifetime? So, what are you waiting for, go ahead, it’s a great idea… what happened, can’t come out with a pleasant spot for the same? Don’t worry; I am there for it. Just take the special one for viewing mesmerizing sunrise or sunset? Trust me, the special words will flow out swiftly and those moments will shine both in your heart and memories. Head in these scenic backdrops for impressive moments….
1. Oia, Santorini, Greece
Perched about seven and a half miles to the North of Fira, Oia is a lovely village settled in Santorini. This natural scenic beauty is well known for its picturesque sunsets. The entire countryside of Oia seems like a fantasyland. Reflecting a fine painting, the area seems to be [...]

Must Visit Destinations In Caribbean
October 31, 2009 – 3:01 am | One Comment
Must Visit Destinations In Caribbean

While the winters are stretching on and the upcoming summer seems to be far away, most people amongst us are looking forward for resting in sunnier atmosphere, warmer days, and crowds partying besides the shore of beaches. If you can’t resist the magnetization of warmth treat and are desperate to head into a sunny haven, get ready with me to head into the cozy Caribbean destinations, it is the perfect dose to appease your crawling. In Caribbean lies barrel of fun and spectacular set of insane retreat which are sure to take you to crest of laughter and enjoyment.
1. US Virgin Islands
Head in the pleasant islets- they are the most spectacular and diverse in the whole of Caribbean. They are very soothing and stunning, both because of the affable people and the islets proffering. What is so special about the people? What do the islets offer? Are there private beaches, [...]

Top 10 Spots For Bachelors
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Top 10 Spots For Bachelors

Sit on a comfy couch, and let’s move on a ride to the blissful path where you can enjoy the top 10 destinations especially good for singles. Relish this roller coaster ride.
1. Hedonism, Jamaica
What are you expecting? Where are you planning to visit? Whether verdant gardens affording delight at Hedonism II or expect a retreat in verdant gardens affording delight at Hedonism III. Trust me, nothing can provide you that pleasure which you can gain by a tour in Jamaica. Still, if you are in a state of confusion and can’t get to a definite point, then you need to check the book ‘The Player’s Fantasy to Hedonism,’ surely after reading this you will be certain.

2. Thailand
Get in this Far East Asia land, and experience the pleasant oasis yourself. Get into the massage parlors, bars that are opened 24 by 7, and obviously women with the same hours. Relish in [...]