The Foochow Festival at China
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The Foochow Festival at China In the Southern province of Fukien and Kwangtung, China, and if you are an avid kite flyer, there is an amazing kite flying competition held every year and a must visit destination for kite enthusiasts. At the Foochow Kite Festival, the kites displayed are immense mean machines with greatest ingenuity of design and heavens are flooded with thousands of colourful kites  [...]

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Find Answers to your Inner Questions Here

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Spirituality demands peace and relaxation; internal and external. I am not very sure about how I can help you attain internal peace, but I can definitely guarantee external tranquility. There are places around the world, where spirituality is seems inseparable, where mind and body seems to surrender to the soul and the universe.

Here is a list of ten such places that will help you attain inner peace and find the unknown answers. The list is a blend of legendary ancient destinations and some casual but meaningful places, spiritual places in the world. So, relax, sit back, and experience the spiritual route through of a holy trip to spiritual places on earth.

There are few places where one can find remarkable serenity and magnificent panorama throughout the year. One such Alaska iglooplace, among chilly winds, is Alaska. You will find prettiness and beauty in every corner, every particle, whether you are cruising during mild climate or sliding on a dog sledge in freezing months. To get the real experience of living in Alaska, sledge your way and find an igloo to live in. Sit down and close your eyes. You will find yourself at one of the most peaceful (and freezing) places on earth.

People travel many places around the world seeking answers to questions like “Who am I? What’s my real purpose here? How can I achieve inner peace?” One such place is Navajo Region in Arizona that’s attracting numerous soul searchers and lost humans. This place, if does not guarantee answers to such questions, provides tranquil ambiance and helpful teachers, providing aid in achieving peace.

I personally appreciate the terrain of South East Asia due its taste for taste for excess. However, many people have sought the different side of this region. The beaches and isolated destinations of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and many other places here offer numbing stillness and serenity. It’s been noticed that many people travel to this part of the world to party but return with a completely modified state of mind. This is the magic of peacefulness.

Thailand beach
A place known for its stories of kingdom, giant structures and presence of God, Egypt definitely cannot be missed when we are discussing spirituality. Maybe due to the excessiveness of sand, maybe due to pyramid, or maybe due to something else, whatever it is, I am sure you will return home after hearing from God. The people there believe they still talk to god and can teach people to do so. I can’t really confirm their authenticity. However, Egypt is a place worth visiting. If not witnessing, the place, the pyramid, the huge structures, the prayers, and the belief will definitely drive your closer to god.

Egypt pyramid
Ranked among the top ten historical places of the world, Peru is essentially the center of spirituality. While visiting South America, this place cannot be missed. It is commonly believed that asking questions while walking through the 35-mile Inca Trail in a 5 day journey are generally answered. This path eventually leads to the legendary fortress of Machu Picchu. Most of the spiritual leaders and followers have been through this trail. Why are you waiting to get the answers?

goa beachQuite distinct from the rest of India, Goa offers a unique blend for visitors. The beauty of this place can be seen in its several turquoise beaches, historic places, and culture. Most part of the border being surrounded by water; there are several beaches with tranquil ambiance and beautiful panorama, exactly like those beaches that people ask you to picture while meditating. Tourists arriving in Goa are more attracted by the spirituality it offers, rather than sunbath and pasty sand.

You don’t really have to reach at the summit of Mount Everest to experience the culture and beliefs of Tibet and Nepal. However, trekking in the mountainous region of these countries isn’t adventure. It’s spirituality. You will find numerous monks on your way teaching several lessons of life and after death. There are various books written on spirituality especially from this part of the world. But why do you need books if you can travel here and get first hand knowledge by teachers in the ashrams.

There is hardly any list (I can’t recollect any) that can be termed as complete without the presence of Vatican and Rome. And I don’t really have to explain why this place is so prominent. Along with a rich religious history, this placeMecca in Saudi Arabia can also be termed as continent’s capital of literature, culture, and arts. So, there are several reasons to visit Italy. Select any one. How about exploring the remnants of greatest kingdom in history?

Yes, pilgrim places are a good source of spirituality. One such excellent holy location is Mecca in Saudi Arabia. According to the religion, every Muslim man (if he can physically travel) must visit the holy place of Mecca, at least once in his lifetime. Along with being visited by millions of people daily, this place is being honored 5 times a day. Every Muslim faces this city, when they pray during daytime. This is one of the holiest places on earth.

In terms of history and religious past, no other city can dominate the significance of Jerusalem in Israel. In reality, the religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, can all search their roots in this city. Apart from the beliefs and civilization of this city, the famous historic places like The Western Wall, The Church of Holy Sepulcher, and The Dome of the Rock, explains the prominence of this terrain. To get a unique experience of amalgamation of three religions and find peace, visit Jerusalem.

Jerusalem in Israel

Note: This article is not based on any religion nor it intends to discriminate any individual or religious conviction. Irrespective of the country and national religion, the above mentioned places are rich sources to find internal peace and serenity. These are pure spiritual places around the world.

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