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Every year, there are millions of tourists visiting Florence. It is not surprising if it is one of the most favorite destinations for tourists around the globe. It is the place for modernity without leaving its impression as best cultural center on this planet. Some of historical places in Florence are also included in UNESCO World Heritage site.
The most popular building is Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It is the largest dome made of mortar and bricks. It has Palazzo Vecchio as the main attraction.
To visit by plan, Florence has international airport called Amerigo Vespucci and there are two other airports with the low cost flights mostly used by Europeans. For you who would like to travel by train or car, it is also conventional with the location at the center of rails and major highways around Italy.
It is very crucial for you to think about the climate in Florence first before planning this travel. For summer, it is totally hot there which is about 40 degree and it could be very cold at winter with the temperature below 0 degree. We strongly suggest you to visit Florence from March to September where the place is totally full of tourists.
To explore the city, the convenient way to do is by walking. The long distance could be reached by public transportation. On Monday, most museums in Florence are closed and all museums have different visiting hours. That is why asking for information from your hotel or tourist office would be helpful for you.
Visit the busiest building in Florence such as Uffizi Gallery as one of greatest museums on this planet where you can find out some masterpieces created by Italian artists including Leonardo Da Vinci. Book ticket for advance to avoid long queues.
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Visit Florence

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