Recommended Place to Visit This Year: Vienna

There are so many of great places in Europe to visit for a vacation and choosing Vienna vacation is certainly not a bad idea at all. This is because there are so many interesting vacation spots we can only find in Vienna. If you want to find the right place for a fall vacation in Vienna then the first thing you need to do is to learn what Vienna has to offer in advance.

Arranging the Vacation in Vienna
Vienna is actually pretty small so anyone can make a short trip to get around Vienna. However if you want to extend your days in Vienna then you’ll have more chances to enjoy more exciting experiences in Vienna.

At first day you can visit places like:
• St. Stephen is one of the popular ancient churches that remains preserved well today. You can visit the catacomb which is located underneath the St. Stephen’s church.
• You can continue your trip to visit Hofburg which is the Imperial Palace. At this palace you’ll find three museums in there where you can also view all the ancient weaponries and some historical stuff in there.
• Trzesniewski can be your next destination especially if you want to taste the delicious local made sandwich that has been famous for more than 100 years. Spending your fall vacation enjoying sandwich surrounded by beautiful traditional buildings in Vienna is definitely a perfect idea.

At the second day you can have another trip to visit:
• Belvedere Palace or known as Schloss Belvedere which is used to be the place where Prince of Savoy used to lived in. there are two museums in there which are Austrian Museum and Medieval Austrian Museum.
• St. Charles is another wonderful church which is worth to visit. This church isn’t only built with beautiful architectural style but also has long history as well.
• Steirereck can be your last drop on your second day tour. This is because you can enjoy tasty meals and traditional cuisine in Steirereck restaurant while in the same time you can also experience the romantic Vienna lunch and the surrounding’s beauty scenery.

At the third day tour you can come to:
• Schonbrunn Palace which is located a bit further from the city. Although it’s alittle too far however it’s worth to see all the amazing old historical stuffs in there.
• Café Central can be the right choice to end your tour and enjoy the delicious meals.

Always learn the details of these tourist attractions and destinations before you start your trips. Make your search online so that you can find the cheapest travel that will help you to arrange the memorable Vienna getaway and vacation.

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