Paris attacks: Could it be safe to go to Paris?


Regardless of the announcement that France was closing its edges following a number of terror attacks, plane tickets, ferries and trains happen to be running normally – but security continues to be walked up. Tourist points of interest in Paris eventually reopened after 72 hours of mourning.

How about school outings?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is suggesting that British schools intending to take groups to France between now and also the 22nd of November cancel their outings.This really is following a lead from the French government, that has cancelled all school outings withing France by French schools.

Are trains running?

The Eurostar continues to be running its London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord service normally.However, lots of people made the decision against travelling over the past weekend  with many different people tweeting photos of empty carriages.

Are plane tickets running?

Plane tickets from Gatwick airport are coming and departing normally. The international airports North Terminal was evacuated on ‘life was imple’ like a preventive measure, but reopened later within the day. Heathrow airport Airport terminal can also be operating normally.

Can One arrange my flight totally free?

Flybe has extended for any further 2 days its offer enabling clients hesitant to visit Paris to alter their departure date free of charge. Individuals because of fly to Paris on November 16 and 17 can rebook in the future, to a different destination, or get yourself a credit note for future travel. Call Flybe on 0371 700 2000 (from outdoors the United kingdom +44 1392 683 152).

Body mass index has stated that people because of visit Paris over the following fourteen days can reschedule to a different date or destination by getting in touch with the client Services Department on 0330 333 7998 or going to

Easyjet is providing any people who don’t want to go to or from Paris a big change of date or destination totally free until Friday. It recommends people to create changes on in order to phone the client service team on 0330 365 5000.

Other air carriers, including British Airways, Air France and Ryanair, permitted individuals people because of travel over the past weekend to chance to alter their travel dates, or destination, totally free, but normal booking conditions now apply.


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The Eiffel Tower

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