Yavapai Lodge: A 3-star hotel for the budget travelers
January 21, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Among all the lodges in the famous Grand Canyon National Park, the Yavapai Lodge is the largest facility of its kind and is located at a distance of half a mile from the frontier. It is at the eastern tip of the Grand Canyon Village (accessible in a mile hike from the village) and is very near to the Canyon View Information Plaza. With contemporary rooms as well as the basic amenities/services, Yavapai  [...]

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Top Cities Of The World Having Beautiful Women
October 5, 2009 | Travel Destinations | 2 Comments
Top Cities Of The World Having Beautiful Women
The idea of beauty pageants must have arisen even hundreds and thousands of years before actual beauty pageants started, human kind have great historic past – the way we see our current dwellings is totally different then how nomads and gothic men lived thousands of years ago but still each generation has seen beautiful women of their times, they may not be wearing designer wears at those olden times but had the charm so that men could tag it as a beautiful women! Thousands of years down the line, we see so many beauty pageants with different names like miss world, miss universe, miss earth, miss beautiful skin, miss beautiful body, etc. happening every where, each of it has some purpose so as to publish the most beautiful of all in some particular category may be hair or skin, etc. But if  [...]