Yavapai Lodge: A 3-star hotel for the budget travelers
January 21, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Among all the lodges in the famous Grand Canyon National Park, the Yavapai Lodge is the largest facility of its kind and is located at a distance of half a mile from the frontier. It is at the eastern tip of the Grand Canyon Village (accessible in a mile hike from the village) and is very near to the Canyon View Information Plaza. With contemporary rooms as well as the basic amenities/services, Yavapai  [...]

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The Best Baseball Ballparks
October 13, 2009 | Travel Destinations | One Comment
The Best Baseball Ballparks
Baseball’s backdrop is the most indispensable spot without which the thrilling game can’t take off. So, we thought of a better way to pay tribute by revering the top 10 baseball ballparks that stand off firmly in the premier leagues today. Don’t let that buggy feeling enter your mind; how could we be choosy and favoring 10 best parks by being disrespectful to huge numbers of parks that have come and gone with the changing times. Therefore we picked top 10 parks by the criteria of legacy, history, design, seating, and other factors which contribute to make a baseball ballpark great. After reading about them, make sure you get a nearest concession seat which will offer great vistas of the exciting game. Don’t forget to catch eatery stuffs for munching so that you don’t bite finger nails  [...]