Yavapai Lodge: A 3-star hotel for the budget travelers
January 21, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Among all the lodges in the famous Grand Canyon National Park, the Yavapai Lodge is the largest facility of its kind and is located at a distance of half a mile from the frontier. It is at the eastern tip of the Grand Canyon Village (accessible in a mile hike from the village) and is very near to the Canyon View Information Plaza. With contemporary rooms as well as the basic amenities/services, Yavapai  [...]

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World’s Most Dreadful Destinations
November 4, 2009 | Travel Destinations | One Comment
World’s Most Dreadful Destinations
If you didn’t get an opportunity to take a break for a pleasant tour, then you are missing lots of things bestowed by God. Possibly, this is the perfect time to move to your friendly travel agent. Check which destinations he has kept in his store for you, and keep in mind a very significant thing. If your travel agent is forcibly handing you packages of the below mentioned destinations, then it is the appropriate time for seeking a new travel agent. 1. Africa Most of the African countries are good places for touring as they render great opportunities for exploring safari than any other countries. Visiting places such as Rwanda, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Liberia, Uganda, Nigeria… (the list is too long) will take you for an unusual experience in hot waters before you could say lions,  [...]