Our Top 5 Posts for 2013 that Inspire You

We are happy with so many great travel experiences during our time in some countries; however the most interesting post according to the readers is about our years in Norway which inspires everybody just as inspire us in many ways. Here is the list of those posts:

  • 30 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Norway: this is really our number one post which is so popular and interesting. This post provides the basic things to be considered before deciding to move to this lovely Scandinavian country.
  • Beer in Norway: A Way of Life: this post is telling us on how wonderful is Norwegian beer compared to the beer from the world.
  • Visit to Supermarket in Norway : this post is actually my favorite activity. I always love touring around finding the new products from abroad and different food imported. In this post I ask you to have supermarket tour together to feel the fun of shopping and fill the mind with the information.
  • 15 Things to do in Lyon, France: We love to share this fantastic trip to our readers. Lyon is a classic European city which is perfect in cuisine, culture and history. Here we have the recommended activities you should not forget as they are as sweet as orange juice and as warm as morning sunshine.
  • A Walk in the West Village: This post is simply about our neighborhood and how these experiences influence us in many ways.

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