Numero Uno – Travel Tips

It is not always that you are a part of a group while on a tour. There are so many instances when you are all on your own. You could have gone to that small office conference and then decided to take a tour of the place you have landed in. Single women traveling is quite common today and it is a good idea to know when you are alone or numero uno then there are certain points that you should remember.

For exampTravel tips for women travelling alonele always have a copy of your important documents in your hand bag. While you are on a tour or visiting a place alone, then remember that is not advisable to keep all the money in the same bag. Spread it around, put a little in your carry bay a little in your suitcase a little in your purse etc.

Old lipstick carriers are always good storehouses of anything that you need to keep that would require a lot of cushion. So use these carriers to keep your earrings. There is normally a small mirror in it so all you have to do is put it in your bag and use the mirror to change the earrings and voila you would be ready. So you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your earrings.

If you are out on a casual outing then keep our outfit comfortable and casual. A formal wear in such outings looks out of place. Avoid too bold colors and don’t make yourself noticed in brash dressing.

Live in Rome as Romans do. Follow the numero uno trend of the place. There is no point in wearing a short top with hot pants in a country like Iran. So follow the habits of the place and don’t get yourself noticed.

Instead of a heavy handbag, keep cute small bag or a bag that can go around your waist. It is a numero uno tip.

If you are the wary kind then the all time old policy of projecting you is with someone surely helps.

When you check into the hotel try to restrict your name only with the first name. Don’t get a room located on the main floor. Take the elevator. Don’t get caught in a new place on the stairs. It is not a bad idea to leave a radio or a television on whilst you are out of the room so that your valuables are safe.

Travel tips

It is a good idea to befriend the concierge for she or he would give you lot information about the local area. These concierges are good bets for providing you with valuable help.

If you have a lot oMakeup casef valuables then keep it in a tampon box or a medicine box as these are places which normally no one would look for valuables.

Beauty care is very important and you need to stock up. So take things that you can use as a moisturizer as well as tanner and sunburn soother etc.

There are more tips which you will gradually master and become a Numero Uno in traveling.

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