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Gudi Padwa celebrations 2012

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India is a destination with the most fascinating traditions and the most enthralling cultures. This is a country which has the best travel delights and gives a tourist a plethora of festivals, habits and occasions to take back with him. This land of ancient traditions is a place to be in just to see the colourful manner in which festivals are celebrated in this land of beautiful hues.

Gudi Padwa celebrations

One such festival that is greatly and widely awaited and celebrated across the country is the Gudi Padwa. Reminding one of the secular unity that the country has, this is one festival which marks the augment of colourful celebrations and revered offerings. Gudi Padwa this year falls on March 23 and would once again mark the commencement of the luni solar Hindu calendar yare. Not many Hindus are seen to celebrate this lovely and colourful festival as the culture in India varies from one state to the other. Every part of the country has a specific date for the year to begin. This depends on the calendar that was followed in the ancient times in that region. So the New Year celebration differ from state to state in the country. is a function that is predominantly celebrated in Maharashtra. There festival is one that starts the beginning of the cycle of nature as it is this time of the year that the climate changes and also brings in the next season. The Gudi is worshipped during this festival and a number of offerings are made on this day dedicating it to the various seasons.


Gudi Padwa is very auspicious because of many reasons. One reason is that many ancient sages said that on this day during the time of sunrise, the divine powers that come from the sun are absorbed the most. The creative principle of fire or the Tej Tatva comes from the Sun God Surya. The Gudi is a fresh staff of bamboo and is decorated with a yellow cloth and a garland of flowers is put on it. Then there is an inverted copper pot on the top and this is supposed to be a human representation of the Sushumna Nadi which is the main base of the human body. This stick has to be hoisted on a ground that has been cleaned before and normally it is kept at an inclined angle. While the Gudi is raised, the Shiva and Shakti balance should also be invoked. All these rituals are observed in the state of Maharashtra on Gudi Padwa day and you would surely see many houses having this familiar Gudi raised signifying prosperity and success.

The date of Gudi Padwa is decided depending on the lunisolar calendar. The Hindu calendar has it that the festival falls on the first day of the Chaitra month. This is also the first month of the Hindu calendar. This year the Gudi Padwa date of March 23 signifies the beginning of the Nandana Nama Samvatsar Saka Samavatsar 1934 (2012-2013 as per the Gregorian calendar).

Gudi Padwa

It is said that this first Chaitra day is also the beginning of the spring season or the Vasant Ritu and this day was chosen to be the first day of the year as this is the day it is believed that Lord Brahma created the Universe.

This is the first Holy festival of the Hindus and is known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and is also celebrated as Nau roz in Kashmir, Baisakhi in Punjab, Naba Barsha in Bengal, Cheti Chand in Sindh, Goru Bihu in Assam, and Puthandu in Tamil Nadu and Vishu in Kerala. Hindus take a bath on this day and perform their offerings and the doorways of the Hindu houses are decorated with a toran and a rangoli on this day.

The day has historical as well as spiritual values. It is said that this is the time of the year when the cycle of Nature changes and thus it is way of ensuring that Mother Nature is also worshipped.

Celebrate Gudi Padwa this year on March 23, 2012 and bring in the aura of progress and prosperity.

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