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Angkor is a UNESCO protected city and the largest archaeological sites in South East Asia stretching in an area of 400 km. It is a destination which has the remains of the Khmer regime and the parks, temples and hydraulic structures mesmerize you with its sheer grandeur and splendour. Every year millions tourist cross flock to this amazing fairy tale land and enter Angkor Wat, the largest religious  [...]

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Going down the Memory lane in Malacca

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Nestled in Malaysia, Malacca truly comes about as one of the most singled out locales, especially those who prefer to time travel to places with a streak of historic enigma. The city of Malacca boasts long winding past down the pages of history as an important port center. The rich heritage and undiluted legacy along with spectacles of some of the greatest architectural figures is what earns a Malacca its unique and peculiar look. The gastronomic affair of this Malaysian state is hard to miss, as one can sample some of the greatest culinary experiences, which can be attributed to the cultural melting pot which also boils its influence on the cooking pot.


Since, this beautiful town of Malacca is located on the Strait of Melaka also known as the Selat Melaka, the history has it that Malacca emerged as a prosperous center of trade, due to its strategic location with countries of Siam (Thailand), Indonesia, India and also China. The emperors, called as the sultanates got Malacca to emerge as a place of such importance. It can be clearly said that it is only because of these sultanates has the place come to be what it really is, today. Even as the visitor flocks to Malacca, one can feel the soul of its archaic elegance and enigma.

While exploring Malacca, there is a wide of array of sites you just cannot be missing on. To name a few, there is the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum that puts light on the Peranakan way of living as back as around the nineteenth century. One can really experience the original Malaccan way of living while visiting this museum which is absolutely worth a visit. Other Sites like St. Peters Church, Butterfly Farm, Dutch Square, Malacca Historical Museum, the Queen Victoria Fountain, and of course the Malacca Clock Tower make for some of the greatest sites and places.

Apart from great museums, to artistic architecture and an ethereal past that makes Malacca such a spot of attraction also caters to golf enthusiasts. The Malaysia Golf Course is a wonderfully done golf course, permeated by picture perfect lakes that truly make the golfing experience so much better. Then there is also the Cheng Hoon Art Gallery that exhibits original works of paintings and drawings from Chinese origin. Apart from this, kids really enjoy the Kite Museum. Yes, the name itself makes it clear what the museum is all about! Filled with vibrant kites, the museum also explains about the kite-making tradition of Malacca makes for a fun yet informative tour.

Other Malaccan wonders you can’t be missing

The Proclamation of Independence Memorial Building:
This landmark piece was erected in the year of 1912. The landmark is especially noteworthy because the historical event of declaration of Malaysia as an independent state by the Prime Minister of Malaysia – Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. One can find the famous vintage car of the Prime Minister that is put on display which was employed for his journey post the successful deliberation with London for the independence of Malacca.

The Kampong Hulu:
Due to the cultural vibrancy in the historic past, the visitor can spectacle some of the most exquisite mosques in the country. One such is the Kampong Hulu that was constructed as long ago as in the year of 1728 by Dato’ Shamsuddin. Along with Kampong Hulu, is the mosque of Tranquerah which is nearly six centuries old. Both the mosques exhibit a typical design of architecture and boasts a pyramid like structure as against a dome shape. Also, what is strange about these mosques is that they don’t have a minaret in the architectural pattern of the building, but are rather like Buddhist temples which are Pagoda shaped.

Kampong Hulu

St. John’s Fort:
This landmark is located just about three kilometers away from the City Center. Constructed by the Dutch emperors, St. John’s Fort was once upon a time a Portuguese chapel that was made memorable in remembrance of the Baptist named John.

St. Paul’s Church:
The St. Paul’s Church was constructed by Duerte Coelho who was a Portuguese captain. The church is situated behind the A Famosa on a hillock. In subsequence to the Dutch invasion of Melaka, this church was transformed into a burial ground. Latin and Dutch inscriptions can be found over the many tombstones to be found in the St. Paul’s Church burial ground. Also, the remains of St. Francis Xavier were laid at this place in the year of 1553 before being shipped to once a Portugal colony of Goa in India.

There are other great churches like St. Francis Xavier’s Church, St. Peter’s Church, the Christ Church to name a few.

St. Paul's Church

Hang Tuah’s Mausoleum:
The Hang Tuah’s Mausoleum is situated at Jalan Klebang. Hang Tuah was one of the bravest warriors, at the time of the rule of Sultan Mansor Shah. Being an official of Melaka’s naval forces, he saved the port from falling into the clutches of Achinese and Siamese. His unflinching loyalty and power earned him a place in the history of Malacca.

Hang Tuahs Mausoleum

Also visit the Tun Teja’s Mausoleum, Melaka Sultanate Place, Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum among many other great sites.

Temples of Cheng Hoon Teng and Sam po Kong are also on worth-the-visit list. These temples of Chinese origin provide.

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  • Gianna Samuels says:

    The Malacca city is famous for its seafood…!

    The dishes to try out here in the locale are foo tong dan which is a kind of Seafood omelette, sambal sotong, assam fish, the vegetables stir-fried such as bean-sprouts which is known as taugey, and also kang kung,and otak-otak really taste delicious are Crotia is quite famous for these dishes!!

  • Edward Louis says:

    There are many streets here in Malacca bustling with night markets, street hawkers and restaurants..

    Thick with cultural vibes in the middle of famous ‘Hon Wu’-Red Houses!

  • Max Schreiner says:

    In Malacca there is a flea market , unlike the normal ones , it has not only clothes but different types of handicrafts.The street is clean and you can see heritage buildings along the street..It’s not like normal China town…It’s really very different!

    Thanks for the post on Malacca! :-)

  • Danny Roberts says:

    It was our first time to Malacca and of course we did hit the Jonker street! We were at the Jonker Street so it was definitely a bit crowded..After parking our car at St. Jonkers’ Car park we headed to the bars and pubs..

    On the streets you ‘ll find cute magnets to IQ toys, also you’ll find here clothes and antiques…This place reminded me Boat Quay meets Bugis Quay..

    We were traveling with a tot so we decided to check the queer shophouses instead, which was at stone’s throw from the hustle-bustle..!

  • Awra Zeus says:

    In Malacca city , our first stop was the Jonker Gallery..In my personal opinion the shop looks fabulous from outside!

    Inside this hip-looking pace are cool, retro-designed bags with trendy clothing…

    We purchased 2 bags around $65.It was pricey but really antique!
    On the next day we went to this shop where they sold hand painted batik exclusive T-shirts..

    This place is located along the lane near Jonker car park..

    It was worth the trip as we found that it has something i store for everyone here..

    I definitely recommend the Jonker Street to anyone coming to Malacca!

  • Gianna Samuels says:

    At Heng’s Chicken Balls we had arguably the best chicken rice balls ever in the world..

    If In Malacca, this place is a must-visit! WE could choose between loose rice or palate-tempting rice balls served with steamed or roasted chicken..

    Another specialty of Malacca is stir-fry vegetables and Assam fish!

    On the day we went we had delicious black bean soup..An amazing part about it was that it was refillable!

    The seating arrangement was comfortable and though the place was busy food was served quickly and we didn’t have to queue or anything!

  • Barry Moore says:

    We had a wonderful morning in Malacca the first day we were here..
    Our tour guide Drake fitted my kids and me with bikes and helmets, and then we were slowly cycling around rubber plantations, palm groves and oil plantations and the lovely countryside surrounding this area..

    Drake stopped now and then to explain to our kids how the collecting and processing of rubber is done; at the sametime he made balls for them to play with and percussional instruments made out of banana tubers..

    He also explained to us smoothly how useful the different parts of pant are for them and encouraged us to smell and taste them, this included coffee bushes,cloves , cinammons and fresh Rambutan fruit straight out of the tree..We loves this trip around the countryside…It was great fun and an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience in a convenient budget

  • Caleb Scott says:

    Oh thanks fro the awesome post! It gave me great insight to Malacca..Though I haven’t been here before, I got a nice feel of this place from what you write…Thank you so much! :-)

  • Digg Sail says:

    Nice place! Fried Chicken with rice balls , the local specialty are my favorite!

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