The Foochow Festival at China
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The Foochow Festival at China In the Southern province of Fukien and Kwangtung, China, and if you are an avid kite flyer, there is an amazing kite flying competition held every year and a must visit destination for kite enthusiasts. At the Foochow Kite Festival, the kites displayed are immense mean machines with greatest ingenuity of design and heavens are flooded with thousands of colourful kites  [...]

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Gazing The Magnificent European Gems

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Even though, there is a plethora of exciting destinations in Europe, hearing the name of European continent, juggles up the names of metropolitan centers like Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and the list is never-ending filled with other such metropolitan centers. Ultimately, all these spots take us on a ride of the regular hustle and bustle of routine lives, skipping the exceptional European gems. Make sure that another time you go to your travel agent; you ask him to suggest some hidden treasures of that country which will enable you to tour to the best part of the country and render you with an out-of-the-world feeling. Below I have mentioned 10 destinations which are few examples of European hidden gems.

1. Florence, Italy

Situated in the Tuscany region, Florence is the most enchanting and fascinating spot, and the applause behind Rome would actually be credited to Florence as it is the place where seeds of Renaissance were sown. None can emulate its unfathomable richness of artistic pieces, be it Paris or any other city. Also, a tour to captivating Florence is an extraordinary experience as the city quite resembles the 15th century.

Sight-seeing: Tour to Florence without heading in a Museum is incomplete. Step in the historical Palace of Museo Nazionale del Bargello, which was once a prison but today serves as an exhibit for displaying coffers of treasure.

florence italy

2. Sevilla, Spain

Perched in the Southern and sunny region of Andalusia, Sevilla is a captivating location which spreads its magic by flamenco dancers round the year. Nor rushing as Barcelona or bustling as Madrid, Sevilla makes an idyllic and tranquil location to chill-out. This part of Spain was brought into the limelight by Don Juan. Also, it spelled its magic allover the world while it hosted the EXPO, 1992.

Sight-seeing: Watch out the legendary magnificent Cathedral whose construction work began in 1402, and at present which is reputed to be the world’s largest Gothic Building.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a comprehensive spot and offers something for everyone. Charming cobblestone streets, abundant cafes, gold-tip spires, elaborate churches and splendid ancient bridges bestow a picture-perfect image to the tourists. The city’s eye-catchy attraction lies to the past Charles IV’s rule under the Holy Roman Empire during the 14th century.

Sight-seeing: Step over the Karluv Most, which bestows panoramic views of the high towers, domes and spires, which can be attributed for making Prague one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

4. Cologne, Germany

Although Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt grab the limelight, however no one amidst them can even come closer to the magnificent charm of Cologne. Cologne’s lovely narrow streets lined with profuse churches and fascinating River Rhine flowing peacefully in the background creates a picture-perfect sight.

Sight-seeing: Step in the exquisite Cologne Cathedral which reflects a finesse image of High Gothic style.

Cologne Germany

5. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, capital city of Ireland and an enchanting location hails from a rich historical background and ahead of it lies a shimmering future. Home to diverse legendary architectures ranging from Georgian to Medieval and modern influences, it is a worthwhile destination for visiting. Even, it is enriched with numerous exquisite museums and galleries offering tourists to choose from, alike varied cities in the area. One can comfortably sip drink in the abundant cafes and pubs.

Sight-seeing: Make sure you visit the Guinness Beer Factory.

6. Salzburg, Austria

Located in the spectacular vicinity, Salzburg is a loveable spot and the birthplace to the legendary all-time composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To indulge in loads of excitement and fun activities, get here between July and August as during this time, it hosts the enthralling Salzburg Festival. Salzburg festival is the most rocking and memorable one with chock-full, operas and concerts hosted by performers and composers coming from different parts of the world for a four-week period.

Sight-seeing: Mozart’s fan are granted the delighting opportunity of sneaking a peak at his lifestyle. Yeah… Mozart’s house is been opened for public viewing and most of his rooms are especially preserved so that his fans can view his way of living.

Salzburg Austria

7. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, a lovely place for reveling offers great amount of fun and frolic. It has marked such an influential impression of itself that people refer Bordeaux as a synonym to wine. Not only this, this place hosts festivals, theatrical and musical events round the year for its inhabitants and throngs of tourists arriving from the world.

Sight-seeing: For exploring the secrets behind the creation of world’s best wine availed by Bordeaux, get into any vineyard.

Bordeaux, France

8. Porto, Portugal

Porto is a magnificent location which reflects a sparkling contrast between the rich historical background and new character. Sitting on the right bank of the River Douro, it offers narrow and lovely streets which cut their way across the large avenues besides the river. While you are here, don’t miss gazing the great work of Dona Maria Pia Bridge which has been created by an engineer who got too much inspired by Eiffel Tower.

Sight-seeing: Behold the Stock Exchange Palace which is an exemplary architecture of Portugal’s Arabic influence.

9. Budapest, Hungary

A lovely place to be in as it manages a pretty good balance between Old Continent’s magnificence and new cultural renaissance. Budapest’s quirky characteristic comprise of the fact that it shelters many public baths, and the most striking thing is that no tour to Budapest is complete without going to anyone of them, it can be anything- medicinal, relaxation or for any other motives.

Sight-seeing: The legendary structure Zenetorteneti Muzeum that hails its existence back to the early 19th century is worth visiting, as it has also served as shelter to Beethoven.

Budapest  Hungary

10. Edinburgh, Scotland

Apart from the much-hyped and highly-esteemed Sean Connery, golf courses, Scotch, castles; Scotland has lots many surprises to offer. Tour here during the late summer months as at that time the Summer Festivals are on the rise. These summer festivals bestow some great performances in music, dance and theater. And the biggest hit here is the foreign language play, but before you participate in the show, surge yourself with enough Scotch, so that everything starts sounding foreign.

Sight-seeing: Tour to the Royal Botanic Garden, it is a natural retreat for the nature lovers. It proffers an extensive 70 acres of lush gardens and greenhouses.

Edinburgh  Scotland

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