Adventures at Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran is a Hill Station located near Mumbai, Karjat.   It is located 800 meters above sea level in the Jambol Forest of Maharashtra.  It was found by Hugh Poynts Malet in May 1850.  It spreads over an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadri Mountains.  It is one of the best places to spend a two-day holiday if you are in Mumbai or in the vicinity of Mumbai or its suburbs.  To reach Matheran,  [...]

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Fun Filled Fiji Islands

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The Fiji Islands had rather been a well-kept secret by the local inhabitants till about nearly two decades ago, ever since then bubbling with travel lovers and adventure raiders. Comprising a cluster of more than three hundred pristine islands, the rapidly growing tourism scene has led to Fiji becoming a second home to many of the travelers as a permanent residence. This inflow of wanders from diverse origins has led to an interesting mix of culture, blending in Polynesian, Micronesian, Melanesian, European and Indian traditions and influences.

The Islands are nestled in South Pacific Ocean, south of Tuvalu, east of Vanuatu and west of Tonga. Sugar trade that defines the economy of Fiji Islands is also well supported by trotters coming over to absorb the scenic splendors these islands have to offer. The mesmerizing bounty of Fiji, by its crystal blue bays and the golden sands of the beaches is much a feast to the senses, as the magnificence of this paradise like a place dips one in enchanting enigma offering a real treat to the eyes. The vacation to the Fiji Islands is to be much more than just a delight to the visual senses. The abundance of activities is sure to take one on an adventure trip like never before. With an array of options ranging from scuba diving and snorkeling; it is like a never before experience to witness a whole different habitat and the life in the marine world.

Fiji islands

Accessing to Fiji is easiest with a great connectivity by both air and sea. There is no specific bloom-period for Fiji, so visitors can plan their trip at any given point of time and as per their convenience. The deciding factor is the kind of activities one wishes to engage in and also the mood of the climate one enjoys the most. There are a number of air options that will fly you down to the Fiji lands. Navigating from one island to another island becomes easy because of friendly and helpful locals, who make your vacation memorable in their own sweet ways by flashing a warm smile at the visitors coming in from varied backgrounds.

A typical vacation at the Fiji Islands encompasses the golden granules of sand, an array of palm trees and bays filled with spectacular blue waters. The monotony and the mundane nature of daily life unwind for some real brilliant time just leisurely basking under the shiny sun. But, the adventure of the Fiji Islands does not end just here. Do have it high up on your agenda to visit the a placed called Nadi.

Nestled in the key island of Viti Levu to the western side, is a place for some of the most exciting tours in Fiji. The place is abundant with leading hotels and resorts. There is a tour operated in Nadi lasting almost half your day that begins with the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, which is located on the northern side of the airport. This tour will definitely make for a great escape into the sites and scenes of Nadi in the most comprehensive way. One can view the striking garden filled with verdant beauty over an area as huge in expanse ranging up to fifty acre. One can explore the place of Nadi in the local mode of transportation of taxicabs.

Here’s a quick pick of what all you gotta be doing while at the Fiji Islands:

Cruise Trips:
The best way to go about the water-way is through means of a yacht or a schooner. Sail through the mangrove growing on a jet boat or the authentic Fijian way to about it on a bamboo raft.

Fiji islands cruise

Some Snorkeling:
Boasting a variety of beautiful coral reefs and some of the spectacular inlets like the Rainbow Reef, Bega Lagoon, the Somosomo Straits. All these bays make for some amazing scuba-diving and snorkeling activities.

Fiji islands snorkeling

The Fiji Islands make for a great spot for natural enthusiasts especially for hikers and alike. They can check out the places like Vidawa Forest Walk or even the Lavena Coastal Walk.

Fiji hiking

Wildlife Adventure:
Home to a variety of varied creatures like marine turtles, parrots, fruit bats. The flora is amazing featuring acres of land devoted to the flower of orchids and other flowers in the garden of the Sleeping Giant. These gardens are situated at the base of the Sabeto Mountains in Viti Levu.

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  • Freud Rubble says:

    When we were planning our trip to Fiji islands we were confused like others on which island do we stay! And no wonder! Fiji has over 300 islands, a plethora of resorts and activities , so picking up and island without a background is like throwing a dart on a map..

    Fiji’s main island is Viti Levu and is the largest..

    It has got an AMAZING coastline, swaying canefields , rain forests and beachfront resorts..From flavorful curry houses to floating restaurants, which serve award winning seafoods to a rainforests Lodge overlooking the mahogany trees..

    This island is awesome for people wanting more options for adventures…
    The most recommended resort here is the Sheraton..

  • Dr Dre says:

    This place is fro travelers seeking soft adventure experiences, honeymooners’ looking for more activities and amenities, Day spa seekers, travelers wanting more nightlife, surfers , scuba divers and all adventure seeking enthusiasts alike!

  • Clement Anderson says:

    Fiji islands is WELL-KNOWN for its Island Hopping tours! Sunset dinner Cruises and Day cruises are the best experience for Honey moners and families alike!

    Mountain biking excursions, Rainforest Treks are for soft adventure enthusiasts..

    Helicopter tours, visiting the Orchid gardens, playing Championship Golf and undergoing Spa-treatments for relaxation when you are all by yourself are the other activities which can be done here..

  • Digg Sail says:

    The shopping and Cuisine is awesome here..from the seafood to the palate-appetizing curries served in floating restaurants…

    There are so many adventurous activities to do here..Sea kayaking, diving and boat snorkeling is just awesome here..Shark feed dives are also another exciting activity here…

    The surfing is done here at world-class level!

    The cannibal cave tour is so exciting!
    Big game fishing, jet skiing, river rafting, arts village, waterfall treks sand dunes, Warrior hill forts, Zipline Canopy tours and the list goes on and on………

    You’ll never get enough of this place, there is always something new to do..Something you haven’t tried before…!!

    So get ready and get set for your most ADVENTUROUS and FUN-FILLED trip where you may have many new experiences about different things and will cherish them and want to redo it again and again..

  • Enrique Crater says:

    At Fiji, the opportunity to fall into a sun-induced stupor under a palm tree will be offered plenty of times..!!

    The white-sands, and the cloudless beach…the reefs and the Cobalt blue seas are MIND-BOGGLING!

    !Being famously known as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’, the underwater scenery is spectacular and some of the finest and most accessible dives in the Pacific can be found here…

    Fiji group’s biggest and most popular island Viti Levu is completely surrounded by sugarcane farms!!


  • Daffne D'Silva says:

    We had been to an islaland on the Yasawas group…The Yasawa group lies to the north-west of Viti Levu..It is a chain of volcanic islands…

    Being sparsely populated with infrequent showers of rains made the life of the villagers difficult once upon a time, but now they are using the same to their advantage…!

    They have opened up resorts and are touting their coral gardens and their laid back charm as the ‘Real Fiji’!!

  • Frootie Thomas says:

    At Fiji, with the first of its kind over water bungalow on Malolo, it is flushed with sun-burnt tourists…I LOVE THIS PLACE ESPECIALLY!

    We had been to Yasawas on an Island Hopping tour..An ornament on the west coast of Fiji, the Yasawas are a group of 20 ancient islands…

    Snorkeling, swimming and diving were the activities we mostly pursued here, as there are wide banks of coral here…

    They are abound with crystal-blue lagoons, rugged volcano landscapes, plenty of sun-dazed stupor and the most ethereal beaches I’ve ever seen….!!

  • Alan O'Reilly says:

    On Fiji, you’ll find your cultural escapades at Suva with the nightlife awesome here..Because Suva is the political capital of Fiji…

    Fijians like to talk and joke about the Cannibal stories…

    In fact, Fiji was nicknamed Cannibal Isles for a long time…
    (They would love to have you for dinner long back then)…. ;-)

    But lucky me, Cannibalism is long gone from here…People eat award -winning seafood and curries, which are served in a magical landscape of floating restaurants or lodges facing the Mahogany Forests!!


  • Awra Zeus says:

    Oh! Thanks fro the EXCELLENT post on my favorite soft adventure , and relaxing destination on Earth…..The MARVELOUS Fiji islands….You’ll always have so many things to do here…The list is endless,just like a person mentioned above…!

  • Cecil Fernandes says:

    Indeed, You can pursue all that you like here and even MORE!

    The Fiji islands famous for its coral blue seas, spotless white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, bright sunshine and lovely breeze…

    You can fall asleep under one of the trees after having a lovely curry in a MAGICAL background, facing the Rainforests!

    And then just fall in a contented slumber under one of the ruffling palm trees and then having fully charged all your lost energies indulge in various activities like a person mentioned above!

  • Barry Moore says:

    Awesome post! I am loving it! :-)

  • Drew Wilson says:

    A very ENJOYABLE and read-worthy post! Thank you so much! Fiji islands are the MOST FAVORITE destination of my Kids!

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