Adventures at Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran is a Hill Station located near Mumbai, Karjat.   It is located 800 meters above sea level in the Jambol Forest of Maharashtra.  It was found by Hugh Poynts Malet in May 1850.  It spreads over an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadri Mountains.  It is one of the best places to spend a two-day holiday if you are in Mumbai or in the vicinity of Mumbai or its suburbs.  To reach Matheran,  [...]

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Food for thought – A journey well travelled

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Bingo! You got it right! Yes, I am going to share with you the right ideas to carry the right kind of food while on a journey. Exactly why is food such an important item in our list of priorities on travel? This is because it is what we eat that determines our health and it is the food that governs our lifestyle. Diet and nutrition are so much part of our life that we often forget to give it the importance that it requires. Very often we are found reaching out for that packet of fries and that filling of cream based buns in our snack time. This in normal routine does a lot of damage thus if it is a matter of a travel it causes more damage.

So let us exactly get to know the reasons why we should have a proper diet while on travel. It is true that travel means unwinding and it is often done to have a break and a vacation. Yet we could maintain a certain level of discipline in diet to ensure that the journey passes off without a skirmish. This would ensure that our health is good, and our journey is enjoyable.

What should we take care of ?

There are certain points to be considered when we are deciding on the food to be consumed while on a journey. For example a person with travel sickness should not consume milk or milk products before embarking on a journey. This kindles the gastric juice and results in regurgitation and thus the person might throw up eventually. Motion sickness is a matter of the brain and the body. The brain fails to receive the signals on time and thus reacts late leading to a feeling of giddiness. The lactic acid in the milk aggravates the puky feeling and the person vomits. So such people should always travel on an empty stomach or they could have a glass of water or lime juice. They could also keep a lime and smell it as it is said that the smell of lime retards the feeling of vomiting. Such people should also ensure that they get a window seat if they are in an open bus or they should ask the air-conditioning to be a little high if they are in a closed car. Consumption of water would help them to drain their tiredness away and the fatigue level is much less if the water consumption is increased.

Diabetic People and Travel

Again there are people who are diabetic and face the problem of sudden dip in the sugar level. Called hypoglycemia, this results in the person fainting and sweating profusely. Such people should always ensure that they have cubes of sugar and salt with them always. They should also carry a chocolate bar or a gum to give them the sugar level. Lack of sugar results in their fainting suddenly. So while on travel they should ensure that they do not have any kind of food that could result in increasing or decreasing their sugar level. Frequent biting into snacks becomes necessary for such people and they should ensure that they are carrying a cookie pack with them to keep them on safer side.

High Blood Pressure and Travel

Then we have the people who have high blood pressure. Such people are not supposed to have too much salt content. So it is better they carry bread sticks, or toasted bread or some cookies along. This would ensure that they do not eat too much salt. Even if they are taking a meal on the flight or in the train, or bus, they could always request for salt free food if available. If not, then it is better to avoid the salty food. Pickles, fried stuff could always be avoided. They could stick to salads, fruits etc. Fruit juices are also a good option.

Obesity and Travel

Now we come to the people who are obese. Such people are supposed to be on a balanced diet always. Thus these people can make amendments on their diet and eat accordingly. If they are having a burger, then the cheese or the mayonnaise could be avoided. If they are having a sandwich they could give the butter a pass. Fries could be replaced with roasted food. Desserts could be replaced with a fresh lime juice. Salad dressings could be avoided. You could also ask for oil free food wherever possible. Obesity is not a condition; it is a kind of ailment. So the people who are hit with this problem and are unable to take care of it, should make sure that they eat right and they eat well.

Kids and Travel

When we have kids, then we are inconstant need of food to satisfy their untimely hunger. So it is better that we carry sufficient food and drinks for the kids so that our travel is not hampered with an ill tempered child. Small tidbits like cookies, or buns, muffins, chocolates and sip drinks should be carried along and provided whenever the child seems to show signs of being hungry. Children are difficult with logic so they don’t understand the concept of queues and long waits. So it is ideal that we carry what they need so that they could be pacified. If it is a bottle fed baby, then keep the stuff for feeding the child ready and handy to avoid any kind of confusion. If there is a child who is allergic to some foodstuff like peanut then ensure you have a supplement food to give when the child is being left out in a group. Keep sufficiency candies and cookies for the child ready.

In this way it is seen that food stuffs aren’t complicated and packing food for travel is not difficult. We only have to ensure that we have everything ready and handy.

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