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Angkor is a UNESCO protected city and the largest archaeological sites in South East Asia stretching in an area of 400 km. It is a destination which has the remains of the Khmer regime and the parks, temples and hydraulic structures mesmerize you with its sheer grandeur and splendour. Every year millions tourist cross flock to this amazing fairy tale land and enter Angkor Wat, the largest religious  [...]

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Exceptional New York City

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Once upon a time the tremendous New York City was the one big tourist destination which didn’t needed to be sold, especially from the reign of Rudy Giuliani who transformed “Big Apple” into a cosmopolitan city. This city was a fantasy land for tourists all over the world, without exhibiting any advertisements. Nor did they need to peddle its positive traits; neither did they need to convince anyone to travel to this city frequently. New York had left its permanent impression as the ‘must-visit spot’ in the minds of people.

Things have changed over the time and the people’s fears are overpowering the glorification of New York City and intimidating there souls for making a visit to this wondrous land. All these internal fears have surmounted our minds ultimately standing as a hurdle between tourists and New York City. This has rubbed the fantasies New York City has to offer. Therefore, I am there to remind you about the mild beauty and extravaganzas New York City proffers. So, check ahead the reasons which can ultimately get you going to New York City.

1. The Everything

This Gotham City boasts an all-embracing completeness which any other city in the world can’t beat. It is a distinct city in the whole world which welcomes the tourists 24/7 round the year. It has stored every surprise to woo the hearts of tourists. Even New York City stands at a verge where it is believed that if New York City doesn’t have it, then it is sure that any other cosmopolitan city in the world doesn’t have it.

One small demonstration of this exaltation is that this city possesses diverse boroughs and its large cities shelters small cities, which entices anyone and everyone from every nook and corner of the world. New York City is an altogether different city that ignites passion within the people to chase their dreams. It is kind of a big league where everyone is running to fulfill their dreams, while at the same time keeping track of the same. Meanwhile, the drive that characterizes essence of New York City are fast-pace, courage, determination, friendliness, large and small. That’s why I call it as everything. In my list, I have mentioned 10 such reasons which work as an impetus to drive you to New York, but those who have been to New York know that there are thousands. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now….. to enjoy the quirkiness in this city.

new york city skyline

2. The Spirit

Check the spirit of New York’s inhabitants by making a visit to this strong city! Might be the September 11, 2001 incident may have shook the country’s soul, and changed the country physically by striking a colossal blow, the country was never brought on its knees. It witnessed developments both physically and mentally. It became tougher, compassionate, brave, unselfish, helping, gentler and the major crucial development it saw was the high potent of resilience. All these valiant traits became a common sight when inhabitants gave a helping hand to set friends and strangers free from the burden of tough boroughs.

The spirit of New York City always existed within the souls of people; the only thing was that it was latent within them. Meanwhile in the rush of life’s rat race, if anybody forgot to show human kindness, it was visible in New York. Today, New York’s chirpiness, compassion, humanity, magnanimity, loveliness can be seen across the city’s every nook and dark corner, every deli, and subway cars.

3. The History

When we seek names of places with rich historical background, we often promptly come up with names of capitals of rich Empires; the name of this city is always an extra addition done later. To many, it represents merely the recent history. But still, the fate of massive North Americans has been largely determined by what occurred in the Gotham City.

When a first-time visitor arrives in the New York City, he quickly figures out the rich history right from the ancient days- when the pre-historic Dutch arrived and settled here to the day when George Washington swore off as the First US President to the colossal immigration of millions of migrants across the centuries. Everyone is well aware of the fact that the marvelous sight of Statue of Liberty has been serving as welcoming sight to the innumerable precursors.

I concede with you over the fact that New York City doesn’t possess the charisma of the Old World’s magnificence that is instantly striking in the monuments of Rome or Paris, but one can’t turn the cheek over the reality that New York has its own kind of charm. One can get over the top of the Empire State Building to grab a glimpse of industrial advancements by viewing the shores of New York Harbor, Hudson and East River. Merely, the fact that how this dormant country became a superpower is a legendary history in itself, so why not come here and view the magnetism of this rich country? I am sure; it will bewitch you with its charm…!

Statue of Liberty

4. The Sights

It’s very simple to relish the sights of any famous and iconic buildings that stand at every street of Manhattan, which have been actually glorified by the innumerous films and movies whose core is set in New York City. It is a common phenomenon experienced by almost everybody, for instance: if one person is touring in any other country and comes across a cultural monument, then a spark of unusual feeling lights within him, it is like the strange city which seemed to be under-wraps has lifted its cloak and one feels as if he or she has landed in his or her own city. The feeling is so close to it.

At present, New York is reputed for having its own distinct skyline. There are loads of sights worth viewing in New York, merely this fact overwhelms people. The striking tourists’ attractions comprise of Times Square, the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, to the smaller ones like Madison Avenue, SoHo, Brooklyn, The Chrysler Building, the Hayden Planetarium, and Union Square Greenmarket. There is something for everyone waiting for surprising people. If you want to have an unforgettable experience, then I suggest of leaving your map at hotel room, don’t worry, you won’t get lost. In this city, it is very easy to move from one spot to another and more fun is guaranteed when you stumble upon rather than sight the attraction. Try this…!

5. The Shopping

According to your view, if shopping only means moving at the local markets or supermarket to grab the daily essentials, then you are far away from the real meaning of shopping. Open your boundaries of shopping because shopping is not limited to an experience as it is a true adventure. If you don’t trust me, then head to the Mexico City’s Lagunillas buggy market. Many legendary personalities have marked their New York shopping experiences as eternal ones.

new york city shoppingAnd the good part about shopping in this classy city is that: most of the country’s famous fashion designers and glitterati hail from this city, not only this; North America’s leading fashion trends and styles are inspired by this impressive city. New York flaunts bohemian elegance, haute couture fashions, flea market negotiations- the Canal Market is however the most hyped one. Actually, the entire city is dipped in excellence, its each and every street is literally a landmark each deserving a visit. Rather than catching up alongside the Madison Avenue for picking up the chic bags from Macy’s, Tiffany & Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, FAO Schwartz or Barney’s New York, make your shopping experience an adventurous and eternal one, believe me it would be the most sufficing one.

6. The Theater

The Theater scene of New York is the most predominant and applauded one amidst the section of performing arts. It is one of the premier contributions to New York City. New York has always been the dominant one and set the firm tone for American playwrights. The city’s production offers something for everyone; it gratifies each one’s taste, pocket and pleasure. And adding to your astonishment is the fact that New York remains to be the world’s significant premier theatrical venue. You will spot production everywhere, whether on Broadway, off-Broadway or off-off Broadway.

New York has been home to the smashing hits such as Miss Saigon, Cats, The Phantom of Opera, Beauty and the Beast and the latest hit The Producers. Don’t worry hits have not provoked them to escalate the prices, so don’t fear that they will dent a hole in your pocket as the tickets are economical suiting everyone’s pockets.

7. The Food

How can I ever miss to mention about the most delighting treat of New York? Culinary and New York go hand in hand. Try everything it has to offer- the lip-smacking local delicacies, diverse dishes, even move in the fine restaurants and see what all it has to offer. There is everything for gratifying the foodies. And the most appreciable aspect of New York is that you don’t have to book reservations in advance in sophisticated restaurants for licking fine tastes in your tongue.

New York boasts diverse taste, delicacies, and cultures fitting to everyone’s budget. There is everything ranging from the fine food at a chic restaurant, to peanuts by a street vendor in Midtown to chips at the Yankee Stadium. But if you ask for my suggestions, make your experience new by moving at something different, here I am not referring to Sbarro or the Hard Rock Café. Can’t decide? Want some suggestions? Try the Portuguese restaurant ‘Alfama’- located on 551 Hudson Street, make there on Wednesdays for a delectable treat; Italian restaurant ‘Max’- founded on 51 Avenue B. If you have toured in the summers, then make sure you move to the hotspot 79th Street Boat Basin which offers fine food with a pleasant ambiance.

new york

8. The Power

After stepping in the land of New York City, the very first thing that strikes any first-time visitor is the majestic and influential bold physical appearance of the city. New York City has a distinct feel which you will realize when you are under the shade of the towering skyscrapers. This strong presence can be felt in every street corner and it will make you feel that you are no more in Kansas City. Whether you are cheerful or unhappy, New Yorkers don’t really mind…

Want to feel the contagious atmosphere? Are you seeking the reasons for why is this city referred as “The Center of the Universe”? To get answers to your long lists of questions, take a walk in the Manhattan’s streets, or stroll down the 6th Avenue to note the cement blocks which shelter the Realm of Corporate America. Head to the world influencing and glorious Wall Street where America’s most influential investment banks manage the world’s finance matters. Soak the ambiance of affluence and splendor in the Park Avenue which houses the country’s rich and famous personas.

None of the world’s cities can match the magnanimousness of New York City. The influence and power concentration marks a strong presence in New York City. Even though, it is the capital of USA- it is famous for being the capital of theater, broadcasting, finance, advertising, art, fashion and publishing.

9. The Culture

There is a massive concentration of rich and influential culture in this capital city. The influence of New York’s city is so powerful that it has influenced America’s culture which is clearly conspicuous in its theater, art forms, and even music. The legendary shows formulated in this land have captured the hearts of millions across the globe; renowned soap operas include Friends, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, NYPD Blue, Third Watch, Law and Order.

Not only this, New York City is a feat as a center of innovation for music and it is home to the largest record labels. NYC has served as a birthplace to rap and hip-hop, all thanks to inner-city neighborhoods of the Bronx and Brooklyn and novelty bands such as Public Enemy, De La Soul, A tribe Called Quest and Salt-N-Pepa respectively. The latest key attraction is New York’s underground music scene. Even the cinema’s influence is no less and is sure to fascinate.

Obviously, tourists don’t arrive in this land to hear music or see movies; they are here to explore its cultural elements. If you want to carry home a baggage of peerless and exceptional experiences, straight away go to the museums and orchestras. New York is home to world’s best museums. Discover the unparalleled experiences in this magnificent land.

10. The Sports

Cheers to the New York Yankees, The New York Islanders, The New York Rangers, The New York Giants, The New York Jets, The New York Mets, The New York City Marathon, The New York Knicks, The US Open……!

These many sporty thrills are waiting for you. It is a virtual treat for the sports-enthusiasts as New York City is the only city in the world which flaunts so many sorts of professional sports franchises. If this doesn’t seem to be appealing, then there are lots more, people who don’t want to restrict themselves as mere spectators can jump on the ground. There are wide-ranging activities for the interest of sporty people.

If you are looking ahead for indulging in sports activities, then I have one spot where you can fulfill your wish. Head to the ultra modern Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex that sprawls over 4 piers, which is located at an off-the-track area far away from the hustle and bustle of New York streets. This expansive-30 acres lovely village offers comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor activities which makes it a major tourist attraction on weekends.

Yankee Stadium

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