Enjoying Safed, the City of Spirituality


Safed, Israel has been popular as the city of spirituality and creativity. It is also popular with the hidden path and the windy alleyway where the art galleries and the earliest synagogues are sited. However Safed also offers you Enjoying Safed, the City of Spirituality where they could experience the mysticism by doing the inspiring things such as:

  • Take a Ritual Bath: This ritual takes place in a Mikve which is constructed to meet the requirements of the fresh origin water, the specific size and the certain material can be used to build a mikve. The water should originate from the source of fresh water. It is said that a man who take this spiritual bath will automatically cleanse his sins off. Meanwhile for woman who commits to do this, she takes her entire family with her.
  • Explore Kabbalah: You can study more about Jewish spirituality from abundant venues in Safed. However, you also may take the time visiting the art galleries which mix Kabbalah learning with their fine art. Some artist creates Mandelas and paintings which communicate their appreciative of Kabbalistic concept.
  • Take an Archeological Excavation: there is a program which is carried out the archaeological excavation that permits participants to dig out some of the remains of 16th century Safed. If no time to do the digging, there is a Time Tunnel where you can simply stop and view the excavations with a walk through.

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