Amazing Sights at Angkor In Cambodia
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Angkor is a UNESCO protected city and the largest archaeological sites in South East Asia stretching in an area of 400 km. It is a destination which has the remains of the Khmer regime and the parks, temples and hydraulic structures mesmerize you with its sheer grandeur and splendour. Every year millions tourist cross flock to this amazing fairy tale land and enter Angkor Wat, the largest religious  [...]

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Chasing The Spectacular North American Drives

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What happened? Shimmering beauty of captivating destinations are no longer attractive? Or is it that repetitive tours have bleached their kaleidoscopic magnificence? Lost in thoughts, hmm… silence is speaking its own language. Your aesthetic senses are fed up of viewing the same set of things, so I have a better way out. Why don’t you come along with me to an exceptional itinerary? I have prepared a collection wherein I have hand- picked extraordinary routes which pass through or lead to North America.

Across the way, you will get an opportunity to experience diverse situations. Sometimes you will chase the adventurous trails, or sometimes you will delight serenity crossing your way, even these off-the-beaten-tracks bestow a bird’s eye view of spectacular scenery and vicinity and some of them serve as a viewpoint to peek-a-boo at their culture and history. Overall, if these trails are connected together, they could take you to a visit round the continent, however as unfortunate ‘we’ don’t get a golden chance of a longer vacation. Keeping this in mind, I highlighted the finesse points so that you can churn more fun and excitement in a smaller span of time. Well, the concept is something distinct and it sounds quite impressive to me, what about you? Does the same feeling strike you? If so, then fasten your seat belts, keep your eyes wide open, delight the scenic beauty, and wishing you all a very happy and safe journey!

Highway 93

1. Jasper National Park, Alberta – Nogales, Sonora Desert (Arizona)

Gear up from the Jasper National Park and accelerate your drive towards Highway 93the core of Canadian Rockies, the highway 93 crosses south through the Columbia Icefields, Bonneville Salt Flats, the Snake River Canyon and Las Vegas, and meets the Mexican border. You will get to taste fun and exciting chunk from such a short itinerary. But, believe me, this exhilarating ride will remain an unforgettable experience for your entire lifetime.

Even, the route is loaded with profuse stunning bird’s eye view and roadside stops that are sure to overwhelm your expectations. The spectacular Montana valley comes across after Canadian alpines, before the road meet the rugged regions of Idaho’s Sun Valley and Nevada’s desert landscape. Before, the stretch cuts to the Hoover Dam into Arizona, the remote highway suddenly leads you into Las Vegas. This road trip outshines the rest of the others as it offers comprehensive views of the entire North-American road trip. The varied tourist attractions of highway 93 are simply spell-binding. Surely, journey in this route will remain an eternal memorabilia.

Route 1, Pacific Coast Highway

2. San Juan Capistrano, California – El Rio, California

Applauded as “one of the best scenic drives in the entire world,” San Juan is a fun-tickling ride. Get on the route and pacific coast highway californiarun down the west coast passing through the thrilling terrains of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Mendocino. This highway’s length stretches beyond 5000 miles. While traveling here, perhaps if you fall short of time, then you may possibly consider trimming your tour between the stretch of San Luis Obispo and Monterey, however don’t transform this thought into reality because you could miss the best. This stretch affords breathtaking scenery.

Although, driving through this route is quite hazardous, still it affords lots more fun, as it provides loads of risky adventures over the curvy trails. The pine forests lining the inland side road stand in steep contrast against the cliff edges, which faces towards the Pacific Ocean. The route is pleasing as well as impressive because en route lies the stunning Museum of Natural History in Morro Bay State Park, William Randolph Hearst’s Mansion in Sam Simeon and the delighting romantic inns besides Big Sur.

(Sandhills Journey) Highway 2

3. Grand Island, Nebraska – Alliance, Nebraska

As the trip down the Highway 2 embarks, it lives up to one’s expectations attached with Midwest. Cattle grazing down the sprawling highway 2 nebraskalush green landscapes come into view at the onset of the trip, later follows in, the striking crane over the tall grass that convenes with the Platte River Valley. Bird lovers should certainly make it here as this is a virtual paradise for them. Past chasing the natural scenic beauty, the geography takes a divergent turn as it takes to the extreme west of the Nebraska Sandhills. These Sandhills are the most expansive sand dunes in the whole Western Hampshire.

Placed alongside the Old Burlington Northern Rail Lane, it puts together a string of museums, refurbished forts, and lots many historical milestones throughout the way. Enjoy the stunning scenery lined up alongside, by leaving the steering wheel to someone else for a short time and catch a jeep ride across the Nebraska buttes at Fort Robinson.

Highway 362 East

4. Quebec City, Quebec – Charlevoix, Quebec

Most people who travel out to the East of the Quebec City prefer going through the Highway 138, however people who are well aware about the route take Highway 362. Even though the route is quite slower one, the marvelous scenery en route gives the trip a shorter feel. As the Laurentian Mountains incline to merge with the St. Lawrence River, the extensive 37-mile trip to Charlevoix feels a sensational transformation. Here, one can explore the real nature to the fullest as the terrain shelters numerous Provincial Parks.

Other natural attractions such as the mind-blowing Montmorency Falls wait outside the Quebec City. Going more towards the East, you will come across elaborate and gigantic shrine of Saint-Anne-de-Beaupre. Try to embark on a trip here during the winter, also make sure that there is sufficient warmth so that you can enjoy the fun and exciting activities like whale watching offered in Charlevoix.

Vermont Route 100

5. Stamford, Vermont – Newport, Vermont

Wrought out of concrete materials, the twists and turns of Vermont 100 stretches up to a length of 200 miles, with just Vermont Route 100three stoplights. Truly, Vermont 100 is a driver’s paradise. The enclosing Green Mountain National Forest form a spectacular eye-candy for the tourists. The idea behind developing the route was to embrace the natural scenic beauty of the terrain’s Eastern valleys. Also, they concentrated precisely over maintaining the traffic flow round the year, so that the people could delight themselves in the neighboring ski areas.

Besides the lack of spotlights in this 200-long miles route, another remarkable surprise is waiting for you i.e. food franchises. The earnest attempt made by Vermont’s inhabitants to preserve their state as an awe-inspiring cottage-country fantasyland is clearly conspicuous in the state’s picturesque beauty. Alongside the road is a lineup of antique stores, inns and fruit stands. Take a break from driving to enjoy the pleasant beauty of this location. Rest in the neighborhood towns of Plymouth and Stowe, they provide comfortable accommodation amenities.

Yellowhead Highway 16

6. Winnipeg, Manitoba – Mount Robson, British Columbia

Yellowhead Highway 16 runs through the Northern prairies till the Canadian Rockies. Passing through an engulfing geographical diversity, it overwhelms people’s mind with the broad range of scenic views. This route provides views of everything that Canada has to offer, so guys if you don’t have sufficient time to visit Canada, then this route is the perfect way to explore the region.

The Saskatchewan’s ‘grain belt’ which meets on the way can be awfully remote. Therefore, you take a break while driving, in either North Battleford or Lloydminster so that you can rejuvenate your bored-off senses. As you take up driving and cross the Kicking Horse Pass, the sights transform vividly as it marks the onset of the Rocky Mountains.

U.S. 1 Florida Keys Overseas Highway

7. Key Largo, Florida – Key West, Florida

Beginning from the Fort Kent, Maine, US Route 1’s actual fun begins from Key Largo, which gives birth to the popular name ‘Overseas Highway.’ Florida Keys Overseas HighwayStarting in mainland Florida, it extends more than 100 miles southwest to the city of Key West. The Overseas Highway encompasses 42 bridges, while linking the string of islands that wrought up the Florida Keys.

Pit stops offer lots of fun and adventurous activities similar to the Florida tourist attractions such as snorkeling and soothing beaches. Also, the way is lined up by a string of museums, historical forts and parks. After you reach Key West, make sure you see the once home of Ernest Hemingway. Grab loads of fun and adventure with Route no. 1 as it stands by its name.

U.S. 50

8. Ely, Nevada – Carson City, Nevada

Rewarded the prestigious tag of “The Backbone of America” by the highly-reputed magazine Time, US Route extends from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California. As the route passes through Nevada, the Courtesy of LIFE Magazine coined it as ‘Loneliest highway in America.’ The route can be terribly dreadful while driving, therefore be prepared for some hard desert driving. The locals have created ‘Highway 50 Survival Kits’ for the safety of people driving en route.

The Nevada Portion covers Pony Express Trail and Lincoln Highway, a famous route for emigrants to California during the 1850’s God Rush. The legendary towns of Eureka and Dayton, which are the ancient communities of Nevada; and the state capital Carson City, form a major tourist attraction. Lake Tahoe, a neighborhood resort town serves as a refreshing spot before getting on the road again.

Dalton Highway 11

9. Fairbanks, Alaska – Arctic Ocean

As you hit the 175-mile mark on Alaska 11 Highway, you will get into one of the oldest civilization, Coldfoot town. Dalton Highway 11Sneak a peek at the ancient remnants and the beautiful legendary town. Crossing more 240 miles trace, you will come across the town of Deadhorse. Take a rest in this spot to rejuvenate your senses by tossing a hot meal and a glass of drink. Even, grab the safety equipments comprising of a tool kit, extra fuel and a minimum of two spare tires. This pre-preparation will save you from any unfortunate events that might occur in the route as the route is quite dangerous and rugged one. During the spring, the road turns into a swampy mush. However, this all doesn’t matter as the route offers some of the world’s best scenic vistas of the magnificent arctic tundra and boreal forest. Past completion of your trip, step in the sensational Chena Hot Springs resort in Fairbanks to recompose yourself.

New Hampshire Route 112, Kancamagus Highway

10. Lincoln, New Hampshire – Conway, New Hampshire

Curvy trails running east-west over the White Mountains National Forest are the desired dreams of the adventurous tourists. The trail is not hectic as it is merely 34 miles long; the first ten miles of Kancamagus are perched at an elevation of 811 feet, which means you are driving at a perilous height of 3000 feet. It puts forth many competing curves and zigzag ways ahead of the tourists. Don’t set yourself at F1 mode as there are numerous ‘moose crossings’ hurdling your way in the first few miles.

Even though the route poses challenging threats in the way, it also offers for power-boosting and exciting spots. For instance: when the route descends downwards, then there is the soothing river flowing alongside you. In the midst of the way are the historical towns of Albany and Conway which make an idyllic picnic spot. For grabbing all the fun and amusements, make your trip during the summer or fall seasons as the route becomes dangerous during winters.

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