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 Saputara- the charming hill station on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat is where the Nature resides. A short drive scenic drive from Mumbai covering lush green fields and fauna and flora of nature will make your journey memorable and you may check in any of the deluxe hotels or resorts in Saputara and unwind and chill out over a glass of beer or fresh juice and start your sight- seeing the  [...]

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Cast under the Spell of Cambodia

Posted on August 31, 2010 | Travel Destinations11 Comments

Cambodia is generally underestimated and ignored when it comes to the travel front. A trip to Cambodia most certainly has to include the key destinations of Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh and also the pristine Mekong Rivers. A vacation to Cambodia, as the place is further explored unraveling the wraps of fascination, is marked by tours to places like Sisophon, Battambang, Kep and Sihanoukville.

Although, once viewed as a notorious and perilous place, ever since then, Cambodia is in the process of establishing itself as a rather more tourist-friendly destination and fostering a friendly travel experience opening a gateway for people from varied origins to learn about the culture and history of Cambodia by coming here. As seeing is believing, maybe this is how steps are taken to over rule the infamous past of the destination.


In order to reach Cambodia, many tourists treat the place like a stop-over on their ways to other South East Asian countries of Burma, Laos, Vietnam and even Thailand. Your trip at Cambodia can ideally start from any place, however, it is the place of Siem Reap which has evolved as a center of tourist hub.

From Siem Reap, one has a multitude of tours and transport facilities to get to the northern part of the city of the famous Angkor Wat. Visitors can also choose to spectacle the historic trade route between the countries of Cambodia and Thailand, at the city of Battambang which can be found towards the south-eastern side of the city.

Angkor Wat

Cambodia also boasts some of the greatest temples, which becomes an iconic structure across almost all Southeast Asian countries owing to the presence of rich cultural and varied heritage flourishing since its inception. The towns display a lot of historically vibrant temples along with market places that bridge the gap all so well between the histories with the contemporary cultures. It is this contrast that makes Cambodia all so special and worth visiting. The way culture transcends with history is where the true essence of Cambodia lies. The city of Battambang also forms a serene resort to reach some of the greatest temples.

To the southern side of the Siem Riep, that also marks as a significant halt area during a Cambodian journey, is where one can find the tourist destination of the Vietnamese Floating Village. The place can alternatively be reached from the pristine Tonle Sap Lake.

What further makes your Cambodia Trip ideal is a visit to the Bokor National Park which is located in close proximity with the Elephant Mountains. The Elephant Borders also shares its boundaries with the Vietnamese borders. The National Park is where one can spectacle rare sights of tiger, elephants and other species of animals. The national park is a perfect haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

The laid back city of Kep offers the sun and sand experience to unwind and soak the sunshine, towards the southern sides. The beach experience gets completed with the gastronomic affair with succulent sea food delights, that’s makes for an irresistible treat to the senses of eyes, nose and tongue. This beach borough is just about sixty miles separated by Sihanoukville, which further boasts a line exotic beaches set in the backdrop of a city, with about eighteen thousand inhabitants. The city overlooks the gulf of Thailand which offers pulsating activities ranging from snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. The sea food always remains the bonus point of the beach affair.

Sihanoukville beach

Much of the tourist attraction from apart these places, can be attributed to the quaint capital city of Phnom Penh that is abuzz with marvelous structures of the yesteryears. Such landmark buildings peculiar of the colonial heritage can be found all over the city in the form of quirky museums, bustling markets, sacred pagodas, and finally electrifying options to lighten up the night culture.

Phnom Penh

Further moving till about a distance of thirty miles running along the Mekong River from Phnom Penh is another port city of Kampong Cam. It is here that visitors can find vivid influences of the bygone Khmer architectural patterns. One can spectacle the ethereal monument of Wat Nokor dating back to the thirteenth century.

Must see places include the city of Angkor Wat, the temple area of which is most significant and draws visitors in large numbers. This monument of the Khmer civilization is placed chiefly in the history of Cambodia. These temples were built between the periods of 802 AD to 1220 AD. The temples are dedicated to the Hindu Lord of Vishnu to seek blessings for a favorable agricultural growth and the sense of protection by the military strength.

Cambodia is most definitely an enigmatic land of winding tales in history and legacy, that can be best understood by experience.

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  • Bruce Singer says:

    Lovely pictures! Thanks for the post about useful information on Cambodia…!

  • Alec Savalas says:

    Our trip to Cambodia was really memorable..! I especially enjoyed dirt-biking and also Angkor Wat, Tonle Sap lake, Phnom Penh …We were lucky to have a great guide at all these places…

    Cambodia is perfect destination for all adventurous people and all those who like to go ” out-of-the-way” and get to the culture of the local residents!

    Of course it is not frugal on the pocket to say the least, but it completely worth the money!

  • Bella AckerMan says:

    The trip we had to Cambodia was the most unusual trip ever…

    Two friends and myself we had a great time here at Cambodia..

    Intermingling with the local was definitely fun! And Yes, absolutely unconventional and a humbling experience..!

    I’m so glad we utilized this chance of lifetime well!

    The people of the villages are warm and friendly and it was awesome being with them for 5 days and experiencing their culture..Not being used to their kind of diet, we obviously fell a bit sick but we never slowed down because of that..

    The high point of the tour was the evening we spent on the military base at Thai/Cambodian border…Meeting the soldiers and having a short chat with them was a very good experience…

    The view of the sunset from the mountains was breathtakingly beautiful!

    And of course the Angkor Wat is beautiful…We are definitely returning to this place for more adventures in the land where people are warm and friendly…!

  • Brandon Lee Cooper says:

    Firstly we stuck to the well-known places of Cambodia like the Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Sihannokville..The tours were all well-guided and comfortable 2-5 days at deluxe places…

    After the tour we decided to explore the rural part of Cambodia to make our already memorable trip more adventurous…

    We spent about 2-3 days visiting Kampong Klean and Koh Ker traveling in a deluxe mini bus…The guide and the driver both spoke good English and were very friendly and told us interesting and amusing stories of each pace we visited..

    The guide was eager to share his experiences but always gave us our own space without being told..In short, he was a perfect guide.

    We spent our night in a beautiful and newly built Khmer house on the outskirts of village Koh Ker..We were lucky to have an excellent cook who prepared for us an awesome Khmer meal and to top it with the best fries I’ve had in a really long time..

    On the whole we managed to fit in so many things in 2 days..We visited the floating village of Kampong Klean, experienced the magnificent temples of Koh Ker, walked around the village and chatted with the locals, visited a school, rode around the countryside on bikes, and yet we never felt we were ever in a hurry! In a short span of 5 days we got to seethe historical places of importance and a glimpse into the rural lives of Cambodian people..An achievement indeed!

    I’ll cherish this experience for lifetime..!

  • Jason Alexander says:

    Cambodia overwhelmes your heart and livens your soul..!We took trips to temples with responsible and well-versed guides, especially the fish soup with basil was too good, we visited some NGO activities, relaxed in bars, and took a trip on the lake in Siem Reap..

    The highpoint was getting to the country side on bikes..Watching the sunset through the mountains…The sights and sounds the people gave us the real feel of what Cambodia actually is like…Watching a NGO trust demining, froma distance, visiting places of historical importance..This day out is a day I’ll never forget in my entire life!
    The countryside was awesome..I’ll definitely be back for more!

  • Suzie Pereira says:

    My husband and me only had two days in Cambodia..But we had an experience of lifetime here…

    We were mighty pleased with the itineraries(both inner and outer temples)the floating villages , the Tonle Sap, were awesome..The guides were really knowledgeable and insightful and really helpful too….I loved the fact that the answered all our unending questions…

    They were so interesting on modern day Cambodia, but they really knew how to tell us about and guide us through the temples..They were smart to take us through the back routes where the crowds were the thinnest, and showed us the tiny bits that mattered the most, explaining to us their significance, in a catchy and amusing tales!!

    We got a glimpse into the real and historical Cambodia!!

  • Abigail Austin says:

    Oh thanks for the post..! I really enjoyed reading it! :-)

  • Dork Dumpty says:

    I had a great spiritually enhancing and soul-gratifying time here at Cambodia…

    The most memorable and adventurous place full of warm people and cherishable experiences which last in the eye of your mind!

    And you return to this place again and again to gather more such rich experiences…

  • Anne Cullen says:

    I have been backpacking for about 3 months through various countries of the world and found Cambodia the bets experience ever..Here I was lucky enough to be advised to visit a destination temple in jungles amidst the trees and birds that people only dream of..!! In my two-day trip to Koh Ker , which is an Angkorian site to the northern Cambodia, 100 km Northeast of Angkor itself..When I visited the temple there was hardly any traveler there except a security guard asleep on his hammock..The temples are covered with forests and jungles and are really quiet and green..Angkor Wat is so crowded..

    I spent a wonderful night in one local’s home in Koh Ker which overlooked the temple and had a lovely delicious meal here..The next day I got on a motorbike and tookm off to the countryside to chat with the locals..I later visited the floating community on Tonle Sap, stopping of in a temple to hear the Buddhas chanting! It was a fabulous experience to see things in two days which I never even imagined before

  • Queeny Bluewaters says:

    Nice post! Really helpful and engrossing too :-)

  • Yjee says:

    A very good post! I recommended your site to all my friends.
    Keep posting :-)

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