Adventures at Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran is a Hill Station located near Mumbai, Karjat.   It is located 800 meters above sea level in the Jambol Forest of Maharashtra.  It was found by Hugh Poynts Malet in May 1850.  It spreads over an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadri Mountains.  It is one of the best places to spend a two-day holiday if you are in Mumbai or in the vicinity of Mumbai or its suburbs.  To reach Matheran,  [...]

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Brushing The Edges Of Sawtooths Without A Toothpaste

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Sawtooths, Idaho

A soothing picturesque mounting drive through Southern and Central Idaho initiates from the desert coulee in Boise trenchant the craggy but extravagant mountainous region of Southwood National Recreation Area. You will witness and experience everything from hiking, fishing, turquoise water of Salmon River, a ghoul town, sheep and elk of high mountains, to some wonderful amalgamation of conflicting landscapes 5000 feet above sea level.

In Short

The loop of Sawtooths stretches over 260 miles that allow you to explore the 18th century gold-rush town, best host springs, Sun Valley Resort, adventures of skiing in Ketchum, the elegant Redfish lake and its fishes, and a pleasant satisfaction of a contended drive.

Idaho State MuseumStart with history in Boise

Enormous museums, mining hub, military settlement in the gold rush period of mid-18th Century, state’s capital, and a historical culture is probably how the definition of Boise is made concise. Start your trip in Boise after you visit some renowned places on this land. The Idaho State Museum will help you discover the history of this state from the stone-age period to the contemporary economy that’s based on fur trade and the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center that expose the state’s marine creatures and their milieu. The rare species of flying creatures are tremendously helped by the World Center for Birds of Prey that conducts confined reproduction programs and is a home for peregrine falcons, California condors, and Harpy Eagles. If wildlife amazes you, this is probably the best start of your voyage.

Golden Idaho City

Drive few miles east of Boise and northeast of Lucky Pale Lake on Route 21 to glide on the ascending highway sliced by deserts and penetrating in the dense peaks. With a slow transformation of weather from searing to cool environment, notice congealing pastures and ponderosa pines drawing together. As soon as the land levels off and you observe stacks of sallow cobblestones, you have entered land of Idaho City.

kirkham hot springs

This town witnessed immigration of thousands of miners in early 1860s, when gold was discovered here, that occupied the mines to dig gold. Soon the gold-rush period was concluded and construction of shops, hotels, and houses replaced the mines.

Kirkham Hot Springs

On Route 21, drive northeast to gaze at Boise National Forest that flaunts little wood awning left after the Lawman flames of 1989. Few miles ahead, you will come across probably the best hot springs of Idaho known as Kirkham Hot Springs that tumbles through stumpy crags to a succession of pools. Have a quick bath and continue on route 21 to exit the damp landscape.

Expanse of Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Few miles ahead, ascend the elevation crisscrossing the luxuriant woods to reach Banner Summit of 7,056 feet. Here, Sawtooth National Recreation Areathe forests are replaced by open paddocks and the land in rather plane. Throughout northern peripheries of Sawtooth National Recreation Area, you can look for herds of coyotes, deer, elk, and hawks. This rambling area embraces the Salmon River, four different mountain ranges, numerous outsized lagoons, and some of the best hot springs. This remarkable backdrop will persuade you to park your vehicle and stroll around through soggy grassland and douse your feet in the ponds. Even better and mind-blowing view is crafted where the cracked peak of Sawtooth Range is rooted along with a stretch of cliffs, razor-sharp edges, and narrow lakes which flows southward for over 30 miles. Capture a remarkable snapshot from Park Creek Overlook that exhibits the image of nature with colors of toothed northern ridge mounting on the damp pastures.

Through Stanley

Stanley is a small settlement based at the foothills of the sky-stroking peaks. Switch to Route 75 from Route 21 through an impending thrust that compels you to enter the first gulch of Salmon River. The precipitous 15 feet route along the shores of Salmon hurls you downhill through a dense ravine equipped with sandstone outcroppings. The road ahead flings you at Sunbeam Hot Springs that stands strapping on the rocks. Remnants of the ancient and the single dam ever constructed on the Salmon River can be seen across Sunbeam. This location is an ideal place for swimmers as the tepid river transforms into a tranquil pea green pool.

Redfish Lake and 299 other lakes
Redfish Lake

Drive on the unchanged Route 75 to pierce the Sawtooth Valley. Framing the Salmon, this extensive spread of grassland progresses with Sawtooths on one side and the base of White Cloud Peaks on the other. Unaware about the altitude, you will very soon enter the heart of the scrawny peaks of Sawtooths that measures about 10,000 feet vertically. The Sawtooth National Recreational Area embraces over 300 lakes. However, the largest among all, Redfish Lake can be viewed form a bucolic stone edifice known as Redfish Lake Visitor Center. You can witness the inconceivable sights of the lake that is nearly beleaguered by a couple of colossal crests mounting hastily from the tranquil fluid and looped with jade woods and beaches. Try some smoldered salmon with potato bouillabaisse at Redfish lake Lodge, a lodge with harbor, overnight rooms, and, twilight cruises.

Sawtooth Hatchery

The species of steelhead and Chinook are now on the verge of extermination, mainly due to the chain of dams built on the Snake River and Colombia. Sawtooth Hatchery is operated here to research and implement the methods of preservation and progeny runs of Chinook and steelhead salmon. You can visit this place and probably learn some methods to conserve the extinct fishes.

Modification of Ketchum

To inspect the geometry of the widespread mountainous range, drive southward across the dale 2000 feet up to enter Ketchumthe location of Galena Overlook. Cover a diminutive distance to reach the top of Galena Summit with an altitude of 8701 feet and lean downward to get a glimpse of the Big Wood River Valley, a gorge with foothills rinsed by the dazzling Big Wood River that streams toward Ketchum. The locale of Ketchum was built by the miners that horded these mountains to lug precious minerals of silver lead, and gold in mid 1880’s. During the disintegration of silver market in 1894, this town tumbled till late 1930’s, when the chairman of Union Pacific Railroad, Averell Harriman constructed the Sun Valley Resort. Harriman became the governor of New York soon after this event. However, this town seems quite impervious by the history and is now a town swarming with restaurants, shops, boutiques, art galleries, and luxurious accommodation rambling up the gorge. The history of this town can be learned at Ketchum Sun Valley Historical Society and Ski Museum. If here, don’t forget to explore the smooth trails on skates.

The last mile to Sun Valley Resort

Lastly, find your way to the original ski resort of America, Sun Valley Resort, where celebrities from Clark Gable to Errol Flynn stayed during making of many movies. This resort was created with an intention to fetch the enthrallment of European Resorts to United States. Take a tour to scrutinize the lavish shops and expensive residences of the resort.

Trip Tips

Ideal period to zoom on this path is early autumn and late spring. Check out local websites to know more about the route and minute locations.

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