Amazing Sights at Angkor In Cambodia
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Angkor is a UNESCO protected city and the largest archaeological sites in South East Asia stretching in an area of 400 km. It is a destination which has the remains of the Khmer regime and the parks, temples and hydraulic structures mesmerize you with its sheer grandeur and splendour. Every year millions tourist cross flock to this amazing fairy tale land and enter Angkor Wat, the largest religious  [...]

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Bora Bora Beckons….Where Art Thou?

Posted on September 5, 2010 | Travel Destinations12 Comments

At times I find myself being possessed by Mr. Bean. And what’s so wrong with Mr. Bean also if the names of places were such that you would just want to go on repeating them like a moron again and again. Now take for example – Rabo. And now keep saying that name a million times to yourself. Like not slowly…go fast and there will be the place of your dream vacation spot. So, yes…go Rabo – Rabo – Rabo – Rabo – Rabo – Rabo – Rabo – raBO – bo-RA – Bora – Bora – Bora. Woah, yes that it is!

The very first image to weave on someone’s mind would that be of a sultry spot nestled right in the heart of the Pacific. Well, am not on any honeymoon before you might think so. Like stereotypes are a little hard to put with at times. And one such false notion attached with the Bora Bora Islands is that the place is only dedicated to the lovey-dovey type crowds. A picturesque location that it is attracts a million visitors each year, though, not as much as the neighboring Tahiti Islands, but its smaller expanse makes the island more personalized and very very exotic.

Bora Bora Island

To get to Bora Bora, I flew to the International Airport of Papetee that is situated on one of the prime islands of Tahiti. To the northwest of Tahiti by 143 miles were the Bora Bora islands, and the best way to get there was either through means of a helicopter that provides excellent views of the turquoise waters, the sight of which instills great exuberance before even hitting the spot. Then there’s also ferry that provides access to the island. Even Tahiti cruises are a great means for transportation.

As I stepped on the vivacious islands of the Bora Bora, not only I was but anyone who goes there would be in absolute awe of the beautiful landscape that boasts rocky mountains nestled by lagoons and inlets laced by a coral reef. What you should not miss is the Mount Otemanu, a gigantic rock structure that ascends as high as up to a height of two thousand five hundred feet. Adjacent to this marvel of nature, is the two thousand feet high Mount Pahia. Because of these forest covered mountains, hikers find the islands to be no less than a paradise.

Mount Otemanu

Owing to the picture-perfect beaches of Bora Bora, the island emerges as a perfect spot when it comes to the activities of snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. The turquoise waters are a great spectacle into the marine life which is absolutely splendid and enticing. The best way to get around the beach is by hiring a car or also a bike that can smooth maneuvers one into the by lanes of Bora Bora.

Bora Bora Island scuba diving

Most definitely to be once in a lifetime experience visiting the Bora Bora Islands, don’t forget your sun screen lotion as the shiny sun can be a little too bright.

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  • Jaisel Louis says:

    Bora Bora is a dreamers paradise on Earth! Truely I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than Bora Bora in my travels….We were at Four seasons and had the most relaxing vacation here..There were so many activities like parasailing, sailing, jet-skiing, snorkelling, an dthe list could go on and on…What fun it was! Really! It was complete worth the money I shelled out for the trip!

    Thanks for bringing back the lovely memories….Bo-ra..Bo-ra..Bo-ra…YAY!

  • Giselle Trump says:

    Words fall short whenever I try to describe Bora Bora and this is how it exactly feels whenever I talk about this lovely place..The turquoise mountains and the deep waters take my breath away!
    Four seasons definitely has the best spot on the island. Their service is exceptionally classy!
    Their scenic views are the best!

    Thanks for the post! I loved it! :-)

  • Danny Roberts says:

    Some say Cook Islands and other neighboring islands are less ‘untouched’ as compared to Bora Bora..
    But,I say,Bo-ra, Bo-ra, Bo-ra, Bo-raaaaaaaaaaa!

    I love the boat ride from the sparkling lagoon from the airport towards the resort sets the mood for the paradise of Four seasons that you are heading for…A treat to behold! Bora Bora lagoons just blow me away!

    Thanks for the awesome post! :-)

  • Wilma Highgroves says:

    Generally, I like all islands…

    It is easy to rule there and be a king of yourselves!

    Bora Bora is a paradise on Earth!

    Great post! :-)

  • Jacques Doyle says:

    In Tales of Alice in Wonderland, it is aptly said..

    ‘If you don’t know where you are going all the roads will lead you there…’

    We had brought a large map representing the sea,
    Without the least vestige of land:
    And we were there at Bora Bora…
    A paradise on earth in all ways…
    I was astounted by its magnificence and beauty!
    It blew me completely!

    Thanks for the post! :-)

  • Vanessa Duvall says:

    Really enjoyed reading your post!

    Bora Bora is one of my favourite destinations in all islands!

    Its just so fantastic…

    The soft sand, the palm trees, the breeze and the azure ocean waters…!

    Keep posting more such interesting stuff!

    Thanks! :-)

  • Amy Whitter says:

    Awesome place..Bora Bora is! Plenty of activities… well maintained, convenient to reach, not the most expensive…

    A perfect place to spend your vacation!

  • Richard Browne says:

    One of my favourite vacation spots is Bora Bora..

    A luxurious vacation at an affordable price!

    Completely fun and with never ending excitement, especially good if you are heading there with your loved ones!

    A complete and entertaining adventurous vacation!

  • Patton Wilkerson says:

    While in Bora Bora a must do is diving and that too with the Bora-Bora diving center..If you are a rusty diver they’ll take good care of you..We did abou ten dives with each of the sharks..\

    There were so many like lemon sharks, grey reef sharks,turtles, black tips, corals…so many endless list of marine life..astounding and just too good!

    They also serve nice tea and snacks and made our experience so memorable…!

    Thank you Bora Bora Diving center for such an emotional and unforgettable experience!!

  • Sylvia Smith says:

    Just got back from Bora Bora, and loved it really!

    Bora Bora is so beautiful..! :-)

    So many things to do here..diving with sharks, relaxing on the beach, visited an unspoiled beach located on the ocean side so enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Bora Bora!

    Just too good!

    Thanks for the greta post! :-)

  • Rose Sanders says:

    During the circle lagoon tour we stopped twice to snorkel in the most preserved coral gardens of the lagoon!

    Here we got to see so many varieties of fishes like anemone, moray and beautiful and amazing coral formations!

    Then we went for private motu for picnic lunch..

    Our table was set in the sand by the ocean!We were served a variety of fresh Seafood and salads, potato with steak followed by skewer with shrimps and veggies.

    We finished with fresh fruit.

    After lunch we went to the island..

    This is the best memory of the trip I had with my family five years ago..

  • Maggie Hudgens says:

    WOW! Bora Bora’s coral gardens are the most fascinating thing in the world…

    You are lucky if you’ve been there…!

    Thanks for the post!

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