Visit Vrindavan and Relive the Childhood of Lord Krishna
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  Vrindavan is a fascinating travel destination, 50 kilometers from the historic Taj Mahal, and a city revered by millions for being the place where Lord Krishna spent his early childhood and romanced his beloved Radha. Vrindavan is a city of chaos, as tourists from all over the world come here to explore and rejoice in the land of love and romance and the best way to explore this city is on  [...]

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Top 10 Winter Vacation Destinations, Best Winter Vacations Getaways

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Winter has arrived and brought with itself quirky charms. It is a time when the nature comes at an impasse, allowing living beings to enjoy the spell-binding natural grace. All the disturbing commotion of fast-pacer city life takes a break, and nature opens its arms to embrace its loved beings. This time of season embellishes polluted streets with white sheets of snow and takes for a fantasy ride over the snow-draped hills. It affords quality time to spend with the loved ones, which were left behind in the hasty crowd inadvertently. The mesmerizing language of winter that breathes over the snow-covered lands is nature’s magnanimous blessing. Bright blue skies, naked shadow of trees and plants, scenic white vistas reclining all around are pleasant charms bestowed to the eyes.


“There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest
clothed to its very hollows in snow.
It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray,
every blade of grass, every spire of reed,
every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance.”

- William Sharp


However I completely concede with Lucy Maud Montgomery’s citation “The last day of the old year was one of those bright, cold, dazzling winter days, which bombard us with their brilliancy, and command our admiration, but never our love.” All of us cherish the beautiful moments spend with our near and dear ones, yet there is no love for winter that bequeathed such magnificent gifts. Instead, we sit at our homes with dreadful faces and low energy levels. It is the time of enjoyment, playfulness and relishing stunning facets of nature. So, pack your stuffs to move in exotic spots that can boost your energy to high levels.

You can indulge in fun activities in any destination, from the steep inclinations of Banff to the coastal recreational spots of Belize and Red Sea, from the sandy terrains of Buzios to the bizarre Key West town, or perhaps you would like to delight in luxurious comfort of St. Barths. Whether you want to surpass the regular exciting activities of snowboarding or skiing, then head to the classy cities of Melbourne or top-notch Los Angeles. These metropolitan spots boast a warmth aura and elegant style, which will certainly woo and energize your senses. Or if all these sites don’t excite you, then there is another pristine retreat waiting keenly to welcome you all. Only when the temperature of Northern Hemisphere dives, there is a flow in the frozen waters at the bottom of the globe. This temperature plunge is auspicious for the travelers as they get a unique opportunity to step in there lands and behold sights of penguins, glaciers and icebergs.


antarctica vacation spotsEnvisage this plot in your mind: there is a huge continent which is enclosed by thick ice sheets, almost frequent darkness, and capricious blizzards and on the top of this; there is its temperature that dives to nearly -60 ºF. Isn’t it jaw-dropping? Also, far away from a tropical paradise. This region flips all other seasons. Every season occurring in this radiant white-draped continent is close to winter, no one carries the potent of affecting the bold-white Antarctica. However, the summer season’s sharp aggression breaks the ice barriers that were standing as a tough hindrance on the gateway of untamed white wilderness filled with endemic wildlife and pristine backdrops. This warmth season gives way for traveling possibilities in the snow-covered wilderness. Today, more than 20,000 tourists pay annual visits to the South Pole for grabbing the rare sights of majestic glaciers, tremendous ice bergs, gigantic whales, seabirds, penguins and other marine life. Most of the tourists choose cruising as an ideal way for exploring the entire Antarctica. If you too wish to discover this fantasy land, then head to Argentina or New Zealand from where cruise lines such as Radisson Seven Seas, Princess and Holland America function voyages.


Banff witnesses heavy visits of international tourists, and that is not without a reason. Banff is loaded with the spectacular natural marvels like cascading waterfalls, ancient caves, cliffs, awe-inspiring glaciers and huge ravine. banff winter vacationReputed as the oldest national park of Canada, the Banff National Park is the hotspot of Canada which entices throngs of tourists from allover the globe. This heritage park persistently draws major number of tourists and also this extensive running land preserve shelters the popular mountain resort. The snow-capped Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks are another premier tourist site, which adds feather on the cap of Canada. It is an exciting spot which offers world’s best skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

Every person -be it a professional or novice skier or a nature-enthusiast, almost every one is magnetized to these glorious attractions. Ask any visitor who has been to Banff about his experiences and you will be bombarded with momentous moments, when he touched overwhelming heights of joy. The only retracting point you may come across could be the inundation of tourist crowds’ at the famous nature trails and the three premier ski areas. However, this should not cause withdrawal to your trip because there are string of other attractions lying in the two major towns of Banff and Lake Louise. Apart from bestowing vibrant winter activities, these towns offer string of eye-candies like night spots, serene sites, museums, hotels and restaurants and charming accommodations. All these striking attractions ensure a lively and fun experience for all day long, after skiing in the famous snow-covered areas.


Emulating the amplitude of Massachusetts, Belize is another Central American country holding the power of spell-belize vacationsbinding tourist hordes. Facing the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a small country with huge potential, whose majority of citizens speaks English language. Its winters are mild and soothing to the senses with warm temperatures. Fun and excitement are guaranteed with loads of adventurous and travel opportunities. This is because the largest sprawling barrier reef in the western hemisphere encircles Belize coast, eventually granting it the illustrious honor of being great for snorkeling and diving. Also, the off shore atolls and sandy reef shelves are a safe haven for abundant marine life such as baby eels, sharks, huge stingrays and other colorful water creatures.

In the interiors of the glorious Maya Mountains are lined-up exciting natural attractions that will certainly take your breath away. Nature lovers will fall in love with the Maya Mountains, which is draped by dense green rainforests and pours thousands of rivers and waterfalls. It is a paragon spot affording enthralling jungle trekking and nature trails. Not only will be the nature enthusiasts amused, but also blithe and nonchalant tourists will fall in love with this place. It is because there is a string of about dozen islands lining the offshore. They are renowned as ‘Cayes’ and make perfect spot for delightful entire day expeditions and solitude stays. Amidst all, the Ambergris Caye and Isla Bonita are reputed as the most developed. It is a sophisticated spot that flaunts chic resorts and restaurants. The most indolent one which lags behind comparatively others is Caye Caulker. The Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary lying to the East of Belize City is the major attraction shining in the eyes of nature lovers. This sanctuary ensures security of extensive stretch of 7000 acres of mangroves and sea. For granting the stunning views of profuse wildlife, tourists are carried on boats by the local guides.


Tucked at the end of an elongated beach-fringed peninsula, Buzios beats other destinations with its high potent. Lying Búzios vacationat a distance of 100 miles to the north of Rio de Janeiro, Buzios has gained popularity from the days when Brigitte Bardot meandered on the shores of Ossos Beach. Once popular as a fishing hamlet, today flaunts modern charms such as swanky boutiques and restaurants. In spite of modern day attractions gaining the limelight, the old picturesque charm still maintains. To complement more than a dozen of its beaches almost figuring to 20, rugged coastline and lovely exquisite towns, there have been a formulation of modern day charismas including beachfront mansions. The best time one could enjoy here is between December and March, as Brazilian summers take over, which are the best moments to enjoy Brazilian quirks and proffering. Come here during the sunny summers and relish the contenting pleasures offered by Brazil. This would certainly help to relieve from the winter blues as you can take a sunbathe, sip caipirinhas and savor local delicacies at beachside cafes. Don’t miss the happening action at the famed street of Rua das Pedras which is full of lively bars, restaurants and attractive galleries.

Key West

Key West is an ideal winter hideaway as it bestows pleasing tropical Victorian feelings. This land flaunts a fantasy land like feel, Jimmy Buffett/Margaritaville ambiance and a freedom attitude. Perhaps, this land of the United States continent, sitting at the acute south is the one which has the most enticements for visitors. Here, one can indulge in the fun activity of snorkeling as this is the only spot of North America where coral barrier reef is found. In addition, you can also swim along with dolphins or have a glance of ship wreckages. This land is also enriched with abundant history, culture and art. One gets a fabulous opportunity of indulging in fun as well as one has an open opportunity to peep in one’s rich history and culture. If you are here, then make sure you stroll through the glorious local places such as tranquil Bahama Village which was a home to the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway; Harry S. Truman Little White House and Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum. Make sure you move to Mallory Square in the evening as it organizes nightly sunset celebrations. The entire street is full with street performers and musicians who cater as a backdrop for the mesmerizing sunset show, which lightens the Gulf of Mexico. Go merry making and relish fun in the street cafes and open air bars. These many activities are sure to make your day a great experience that can be cherished for the rest of your life.

Los Angeles

None can match Los Angeles’s caliber and exquisite style. This is the only place which renders you an opportunity to los angeles vacation attractionsleave the grand life with majestic personas in a grandeur style. Here, one could proudly drive sitting besides the top-notch personalities, shake hands with famous celebrities at super market, move for surfing in the Pacific and enjoy awe-gaping adventures. One of the most striking attractions grabbing the eye-balls of hordes of tourists, since several decades is the charm of Hollywood. The fusion of pleasant weather and spell-binding charm of Hollywood successfully captivate the aesthetic senses of tourists.

This second largest city of US flaunts a swanky and elegant style by presenting innovative set of hotels, fine restaurants and lively nightclubs. While enjoying the sights of the city, you can grab the sights of celebrities at any pavement cafes. Go window shopping at Rodeo Drive, which is situated in Beverly Hills. It is here where you can catch the pleasant taste of Angelenos’ relaxed lifestyle. Explore the city by walking on the Walk Of Fame, heading in the bars at Sunset Strip, hitting legendary museums, traveling to Hollywood. Also, become a part of the frequent traffic alongside the Pacific Coast Highway wherein you could relish pleasant ocean-side drive that will lead you to cool beaches of Venice and Malibu. Beat the winters by chilling-out at lively beach where you could soak the sunny sunshine or play frivolously on the beach waters.


Although, Melbourne gains the second spot in terms of geographical enormity in Australia, it doesn’t occupy the same melbourne vacationposition when it comes to affording pleasure to tourists. Even, die hard tourist fans of Australia averse Melbourne as the most ritzy and ‘savvier sister of Sydney.’ It is a cosmopolitan destination whose more than one third of population is born abroad. Gains recognition as the cultural hub of the continent, Melbourne is articulated as Mel-bun. It proffers a magnificent collection of stylish boutiques, cutting-edge eateries and vibrant nightlife. One can figure out Melbourne’s personality from these shining characteristics. The striking riverfront appeals, marvelous European architects, central squares, famous zoos, botanic gardens, beguiling galleries are the enchanting charms waiting to allure the tourists. Go and enjoy your winters in down under.


Rajasthan holds the illustrious honor of being the second largest state of multi-ethnic Indian country. Its name possesses a rich grandeur as the term’s literal meaning is the “land of kings.” One can feel the royal presence in India’s region of Rajasthan. Boasting fairy-tales architecture, the local men boast colorful turbans and women are draped in rajasthan vacationbeautiful saris. The isolated golden landscapes and shimmering lake oases of Rajasthan are truly breathtaking sights. This region celebrates its rich folk customs and traditions and commemorates festivities joyously.

Rajasthan is a magnificent sprawling land which is teemed with regal palaces, forts, gardens, temples and many other monumental remnants of the upper crust aristocrats who resided in Rajasthan over the centuries. Don’t try to miss any spectacular attraction bestowed by Rajasthan. While you are in Rajasthan, make sure you head to the divine charms such as pleasant lake city of Udaipur, the Golden Fort city of Jaisalmer and the blue city of Jodhpur. There you can catch some remarkable views of iconic forts and dazzling blue-colored houses which are a home to Brahmin caste.

In addition to striking structures, impressive customs and traditions, Rajasthan also proffers a wild opportunity of spotting profuse tigers in the Ranthambhore jungle. Undeniably, the most colorful and regal state of India, Rajasthan is glorious for its fascinating hospitality. It welcomes its guests in a royal and lavish manner. Ancient havelis, majestic palaces and legendary forts have been converted to endow an imperial and king’s splendor feel. Large crowds of tourists arrive in Rajasthan between balmy months of September and March, to experience the imposing grandeur. Pick some outstanding souvenirs from a wide-ranging collection of jewelry, pottery, rugs and other splendid goods, vended by proficient artisans.

Red Sea

Everyone is very well familiar with Egypt’s rich history filled with pharaohs, iconic pyramids, legendary wonders and plain deserted landscapes, however I am quite sure that most people are unaware of the top-notch resorts coating the red sea vacationRed Sea. Even, savoir-faire tourists might be ignorant of this fact. The perpetual flow of crystal-blue Red Sea is truly mesmerizing and encompasses the quaint deserted lands. This land’s charm is even more enticing and tempting to the senses during the cold winter period. A little coastal town lying offshore from Dahab, in the midst of Israeli fringes and acute end of Sinai offers great adventurous activities. It is a tremendously breathtaking dive site where you can become up close and personal with splendid creatures such as eels, turtles, sharks and mantas. Also, the sea and its unfathomable reefs boast a mind-blowing array of bright colored corals, multi-colored fishes and other exotic marine life. Other tourist attractions include Hurghada, a town famous for its cutting edge resorts and restaurants. It is a famed hub for aquatic sports that has been recognized globally. High-spirited visitors will definitely adore its comprehensive resorts, restaurants and rocking nightlife. So, whenever you want to get out of the underwater scene and move to a striking spot, head to Red Sea Mountain. Take a camel or jeep ride to reach here, it would surely be an unforgettable moment.

St. Barths

‘St. Barthelemy’ lovingly pronounced as St. Barths is a little rocky Caribbean island possessing exquisite charms that will certainly win hearts of rock stars, real and reel nobility. Because of wobbly plains, the land is not suitable for agricultural purposes, ultimately leaving the populace to earn their bread and butter from fishing. Its populace consists of Norman and Breton people. This little island might seem to be very uninteresting; however after your visit to the St. Barths you will concur that “best things come in small packages.” The extraordinary coves, gingerbread-trimmed Creole cazes and short stony walls embellish the emerald hills that are really fascinating sights served to the senses. Moving ahead to the Southeast of St. Martin, in the acute end of North is the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands which is concentrated with affluent set of people. Visit to this island means splurging in an extravagant manner as the island is quite expensive and the charging are also too inordinate. In spite of this fact, several visitors step in high style boutiques and finesse restaurants, stroll in Prada and some grab fun in beaches and yachts. So, if you want to indulge in extravagance splendor and haute couture style, then straight away head to St. Barths.

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