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  Vrindavan is a fascinating travel destination, 50 kilometers from the historic Taj Mahal, and a city revered by millions for being the place where Lord Krishna spent his early childhood and romanced his beloved Radha. Vrindavan is a city of chaos, as tourists from all over the world come here to explore and rejoice in the land of love and romance and the best way to explore this city is on  [...]

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Best Restaurants Of The World

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While we are on a tour, food becomes an essential part, seemingly or unseeingly, the quality of food we consume makes our trip or breaks it. The culinary may include anything, the food we dine in the airplane or may be what we eat at the local spots, our tongue starts rating everything. As the exotic restaurants stay in memory forever for the unique trait of originality in dishes, we have never tasted before; in the same way cosmopolitan cities are marked for offering abundant spots which offer diverse range of delicacies to delight the taste buds.

Hey…people, here I am not trying to refer to distinctive famous eateries or small canteens, which are frequently flocked by people. I have imbibed names of sophisticated restaurants which have done a tremendously splendid job of leaving an eternal taste in the tongue of industry and city, they are actually in. My list have tracked the best restaurants amidst all as these restaurants have passed the test of time and stood against all the difficulties. Throughout the time, they have outshined others and left an impression on the travelers as must-visits for offering delectable delicacies, friendly ambiance and quality servicing.

1. Maxim’s, Paris

Standing from past century, Maxim Restaurant has always been recognized as a symbol of Parisian life and culture. The ambiance reclining in the interiors takes back to the days of the Belle Époque. Even, the grandeur and affluence presence still remains to be there. None can emulate its elegance and lavishness which perhaps makes it so close to the city’s spirit. Since its inception, this restaurant’s three different rooms and bar have served to the eminent personalities from different sections such as the politics, arts, music, and showbiz. Head here for anything whether it is celebrating your birthday bash, or a fine dinner on your honeymoon or may be a memorable trip to the city, Maxim’s opulence will mesmerize your taste buds… however, don’t forget to carry your checkbooks.

2. ’21′ Club, New York City

Recognized as an ideal New York experience, ‘21’ club has prospered from its illicit image of speakeasy during prohibition to the spot to looming to grab the attention in the big city. This club has had hard knock on the faces and still emerged from it and developed a good reputation, it has been standing from the Roaring Twenties to the New Millennium and fulfilled the whims and fancies of people. It offers a fusion menu blended with a storied history; also it has been a part of the notable films like Wall Street, All About Eve and One Fine Day.

The hotels interior rooms like the Winchester, Tapestry, Club Room and the Main Dining Rooms have gained prominence as they have gratified the New Yorkers expectations and all this can be attributed to its own qualities. In addition, to the great ambiance and fine delicacies, the building’s structure and design is soothing to the senses. Try the popular wine cellar and you will be inundated with delight.

new york city restaurants

3. Catrin’s, Mykonos, Greece

Standing proudly on the Greek Island of Mykonos that is encircled by the pleasant blue waters of the Aegean Sea and why not? Catrin has its own right as this small, family run restaurant has tasted consecutive 30 years of success. Even though no big businesses or corporate establishment have been the foundation stone of this little restaurant, it has still managed to be the likable for the famous personas such as Aristotle Onassis, Oliver Stone, Ted Turner and Sting Pass.

The architectural and interior designs of Catrin represent typical Greek form. Its appearance is very soothing to the eyes that invite the people to come in for soaking in soothing relaxation. As they are certain about the indelible experience that Catrin will render, none of the first-time visitors can resist the treat of curbing down their dishes to less than five meals. The mind-blowing fusion of lighting, decoration, and food offered in the Catrin presents an out-of-the-world dining experience.

4. Le Café de Paris, Monaco

In the lovely Monte Carlo’s casinos and hotels, there are some of the pleasant restaurants. However, none can compete the La Café de Paris when it comes to excellence. Café de Paris is located in the Grand Casino Square in front of the Hotel de Paris. The 1900s style brasserie contains a packed terrace and art deco interior. The atmosphere and the finesse delicacies offer satisfaction to customers until closing time which is 2 am.

The restaurant offers a unique dining experience with pleasant ambiance, this is apparent in the fact that it efficiently draws as many customers alone as the menu does. In the entire Monte Carlo, both Millionaire’s playground and Café de Paris are the major tourist attractions which draw the attention of tourists. Especially, Café de Paris is the predominant tourist attraction at the lunchtime. During the noon hours, it serves profuse affluent and wealthy crowds who come in along with their families and poodles to have a pleasant dine and wine.

monaco restaurant

5. Le Cirque 2000, New York City

Alike the Gotham City which witnesses large crowds of tourists because of its unique and distinctive atmosphere, Le Cirque 2000 offers profuse delights that even your taste buds can’t resist to. The grandeur and lavishness is reflected by its name and the reputation it has built over the time. It has been carrying rituals and nobility from the original Le Cirque, however today this world’s finesse hotel has managed to capture millions of hearts by maintaining its integrity because of its applausive food and exceptional dining proffering.

Settling on Madison Avenue, the grandeur Le Cirque 2000’s beauty is even more emphasized by the pleasant sprawling courtyard, which is just too beautiful welcoming gesture. The entire aura seems is so distinct as if it feels like one has landed into heaven, a whole new world sprawls inside the Villard Houses of the New York Palace Hotel. Yet, the restaurant’s major concern is on quality servicing, and not just outward appearance.

Le Cirque 2000 takes to a culinary journey with French, Italian and even Asian flavors. With the fusion of determined focus and exceptional dishes, the outcome that comes out satiates the palate. This ultimately makes La Cirque a unique dining spot, a restaurant dedicated especially for perfect treatment to its customers with impressive dishes. Make sure, the next time you visit to New York; you book reservation for you and your family; believe me, the vibrant energy and atmosphere will surely blow your minds. (just make sure to carry the dashing look by wearing a jacket and tie).

6. Le Quartier Français, South Africa

Snuggling midst cozy and serene aura which kind of reflects a European vineyard rather than a South African hideout, Le Quartier Francais auberge and restaurant locates in the lands of Franschhoek. The pleasant countryside ambiance is a soothing retreat with an added treat of the incredible restaurant. This restaurant is amidst the most reputed ones in the whole of Africa, and sometimes it is the only one to represent Africa on many ‘world’s best restaurant’ lists. The implausible attention given to every single description and presentation rendered comes with every dish ordered.

Even the ambiance in this restaurant is very distinct from the other top-notch ones as the ambiance is so gregarious and relaxed that it helps the customers to soothe their senses. The restaurant’s enchanting sensation makes it an ideal spot for the honeymooners. Even, it satiates the palate and senses of intrusive tourists who like to grab the opportunity of dining on novelty dishes characterized by a fusion of Malay, South Africa and French influences.

7. Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, London

Claridge’s is an impeccable, plush, excelling and accommodating dining salon. In addition, this popular dining salon is served by the Britain’s best chef Gordon Ramsay who offers a lip-smacking treat by modern European delicacies. The refurbishment work brought it the 1930’s regal presence with art deco style of the five-star hotel. Even, over request the restaurant renders special private menus especially to you and those with you at the table.

Claridge’s is a lovely, comprehensive and outstanding restaurant. Right from its extravagant bathrooms to its fine doilies, Claridge’s has everything to woo its customers. And all this have been possible only because of Chef Ramsay’s excelling traits and the restaurant’s force and determination for achieving perfection. Also, the restaurant’s charges are pretty feasible, which makes it worthy of frequent visits.

London restaurants

8. Spago Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, California

Amidst the clutter, Spago is the most relaxed and friendly ones, in spite of which it is distinct and aristocratic restaurant. It is built by Wolfgang Puck and carries the ritual of the sister establishment that stood on the Sunset Boulevard, which had to shut its shutter down forever in March 2001. Today, Spago is one of the most renowned restaurants especially amongst the famous Hollywood stars of the area like Jack Nicholson, Sharon Stone and Goldie Hawn who pay frequent visits. Not only, is it a spot to satiate the taste buds with miscellaneous dishes, but also is a living legendary monument.

Spago is very famous and the craze is wide-spread especially amidst the popular celebrities as most of the Oscar parties, fundraisers and celebrity birthdays are hosted here. All these celebrations make it a bit difficult to visit; however one can get in, if he or she books reservation in advance. Make sure, you have done reservations before heading for a visit as reservations are mandatory. Spago offers a delectable and incredible menu which is the creation of the master chef Puck.

california restaurant

9. Guangzhou Restaurant, Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou restaurant is located in a city where people’s favorite pastime is eating. Annual ratings track Guangzhou as the top restaurant in the city as well as allover the world. The restaurant’s formal garden appearance resembles the centuries-old Chinese style. Even, the restaurant offers an eclectic set of cuisines ranging from Mandarin and Manchu styles. Tour to Guangzhou is incomplete without making a visit to this restaurant. The restaurant is an integral part of Chinese culture as it exhibits the legendary Chinese style. Also, the restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisines, which is quite different from the thawed out and buffet-style dishes, which people have been accustomed to. Guangzhou restaurant outshines others with its characteristic qualities like authenticity, originality and consistency. If you are a foodie, then make sure this spectacular restaurant should not be missed out.

10. The Ritz-Carlton, Bali Resort and Spa, Indonesia

Ritz-Carlton has been grabbing the limelight for its unique food quality. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience as it offers wide-ranging options for dining which includes a Spice Island menu, an open-air bar, a sand floor restaurant carved into a cliff and more four dining experiences. In addition to delicious culinary, the restaurant offers pleasant Indian Ocean views and beach sights. If all this fall short to quench your appetite, then there are other treats like the Indonesian food and many more.

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