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Angkor is a UNESCO protected city and the largest archaeological sites in South East Asia stretching in an area of 400 km. It is a destination which has the remains of the Khmer regime and the parks, temples and hydraulic structures mesmerize you with its sheer grandeur and splendour. Every year millions tourist cross flock to this amazing fairy tale land and enter Angkor Wat, the largest religious  [...]

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Top Five Beaches Back-To-Back in Kauai – Hawaii

Posted on September 15, 2010 | Travel Destinations7 Comments

The most laidback of all the Hawaiian Islands, make way for Kauai which emerges as a haven for any beach lover. Further offering a gamut of power-packed activities to the visitor, the fun quotient ceases to exist as the raw beauty of Kauai is unmarred. The pristine waterfalls and verdant beauty of Kauai strikes a chord with the visitor. The Na Pali coastline offers scintillating pictures of flora and the activities of snorkeling from a cruise totally sums up for an hour of excitement and adventure. Natural enthusiasts can also go about hiking in the very enchanting wilderness that is to be found on the islands.

However, tranquility meets fun and beach splendors at the many exciting and picturesque sea-shores in Kauai. No less than a paradise for nature lover, take a refreshing dip in the seas, bask under the sun and surrender to the goodness of sun. Life really seems blissful at times in its little own ways. The place also houses some of the l
eading hotels which would furthermore pamper the traveler and truly offer a vacation experience which will linger on the memory for a long long time to come.

The kayaking and kite boarding activities also are rated on the top slot by the serious pleasure seekers. So, without much ado, presenting the top five most amazing beaches of the Kauai where you can unwind away from the monotony of daily hustle and bustle and unravel to get refreshed like never before. Boasting a shore line stretching all the way up to more than fifty miles; run away to the sandy shores with your sun-screen or sun-tan, and soak in all the goodness that Mother Nature has lined up in store for you.

1.      Pick 1 – Po‘ipu Beach Park:

The Po’ipu Beach Park tops on the list as being a perfect family beach destination. The childeren’s swimming hole (called as keiki over there) takes care of all in the family and offers a splendid time to everyone coming over. Apart from being a kid-friendly beach, the Po’ipu Beach Park also emerges as a much preferred destination spot as it offers activities like that of snorkeling and surfing not only for amateurs but also those who have dipped in the beauty of the marine world before. Also, the beach is ideal for the activity of surfing because of the favorable waves that hit the shores, making the beach an exciting spot for experienced surfers also. Apart from offering beach attractions, Po’ipu is also a great destination attracting travelers. Many of the local inhabitants can be seen over the weekends, which presents a local picture of the place. However, just a tip: when on the beach, look for the Hawaiian monk seals as they also have some affinity for this beach.

Po‘ipu Beach Park

2.      Pick 2 – Hanalei Bay Beach Park:

One of the most picturesque beaches, the Hanalei Bay Beach Park is quite like the beach that one may see while dreaming of Hawaii. A large bay enclosed by a great beach and pristine waterfalls flowing a like a white lace of satin from the huge mountains. This beach of Hanalei Bay Park has something for each and everyone hitting its shores. Offering an array of pulsating activities like swimming, kayaking, surfing, paragliding, sailing, sunbathing, walking and most importantly clicking pictures of the celebrity biggies who can quite probably be found here. So, keep the cameras ready..oh but they shouldn’t really know! However, surfers would especially find the Hanalei Bay Beach Park exciting during winters as this is when the waves are in favor of the surfer enthusiasts as against the calm shores during the season of summers.

Hanalei Bay Beach Park

3.      Pick 3 – The Maha‘ulepu Beach:

All good things are not available very easily. In order to reach the very beautiful and scenic Maha’ulepu Beach, one has to get to the beach by driving through a private property. Even though, the Maha’upelu Beach is open to one and all and is a public beach, the difficult deal is getting to the place. This beach spans a length of about two miles which is unparallel and distinguished from any other place in the whole of Kauai. The Maha’ulepu Beach has limestone rocks ascending from the gushing shores and there are also sand dunes and cave formations. Much like a treasure island this beach is, offering great sights and an absolute break from the usual bustle of life. It is advised not to go swimming in the waters of this beach, but rather go about hiking or exploring the picturesque beach.

The Maha‘ulepu Beach

4.      Pick 4 – Polihale State Park:

If a secluded beach getaway is your idea of a perfect vacation; if you’re the one who prefers to leave it up on time to simply lay back in lazy hours under the sun; and also if you’re the one who quite enjoys camping by a beachside; the it is the Polihale State Park which will be no less than a well-deserved haven for you. Merely a five mile drive which will be slightly bumpy will take you to the extreme western side where the Polihale State Park is situated. Do catch the views of the setting sun, as it is best spectacled from this point. It is also advised to stay away from the waters as the currents can turn powerful. This also is the longest beach in stretch in all the Hawaii, so simple go about wandering, absorbing the splendors of the sun and sand.

Polihale State Park

5.      Pick 5 – Ha‘ena Beach Park (Tunnels Beach):

The pristine turquoise blue waters of the Ha’ena Beach Park, also known as the Tunnels Beach is truly amazing. The visitor coming here does not necessarily have to be engaged in any activity, but merely to be present here and absorbing the majestic views will quite be like an experience in its own way. Set in the backdrop of lofty mountains; this beach makes for one of the most beautiful beaches in all the Hawaii. All the snorkeling and surfing enthusiasts can expect their share of fun from the Tunnels Beach.

Ha‘ena Beach Park

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  • Amy Z says:

    Amazing…..Difficult to get to for a reason!

    Parking here is a bit difficult…hard to find the side roads that have, like, 5 spaces each, and even harder to get into one of those spaces. You can also park further down the beach and walk to the area known as Tunnels Beach. Whatever you have to do to get here….do it. The beach is beautiful, and the snorkeling was the best we had on our trip. Aside from the amazing fish, we loved the way the coral “tunneled” through the ocean, creating little pockets where you could stand in the sand without damaging the reef. It was an unforgettable experience.

  • Grace D'Silva says:

    Its lovely, but its being loved to death…
    I think mparting a bit of knowledge to the amateur snorkelers about how to enter the water and not standing on or touching the reef would really help preserve this beautiful reef.

    I did notice some hand made signs by the locals about touching and standing on the reefs.

    But, I do think it is the responsiblity of vendors of rental snorkeling equipment to educate their clients on responsible snorkling.

    It is a lovely place to watch sunset..Its the sight of ‘Bali Hi’ from the movie South Pacific.!
    Thanks for the post!
    I ‘ll recommend your blog to all my friends :-)

  • Dane Rebello says:

    We stumbled upon Tunnels long before it was famous.
    Just turned down a dirt path and it was there secluded..waiting to be explored..simply beautiful! We knew we would come back, it was magical.

    We visited Tunnels sometime back, still lovely, more people, more fancy houses, but definitely not super crowded. Walk-in snorkeling, clear water, no more tour boats. Just drift down the ledge, the water is soooo perfect.

    Your post brought back the memories of our trip there….
    I like your blog! :-)

  • Sean Andre says:

    The park itself is nothing fancy, but at its walking distance are breathtaking black cliffs with the Pacific crashing in, great surfing beaches with instruction for all ages, down to earth food yet fabulous food (Bennecke’s), an ocean full of Pacific sea turtles and possibility of a view of a lazy endangered Monk Seal on the beach. Wow. We stayed at the Hyatt right down the road and walked here.
    Simply fabulous!

  • Shaun Grunt says:

    My opinion, honestly, is a bit biased. My wife and I think of Lumaha’i as one of the prettiest beaches in the world, and in our hearts it is our favorite as it is the location we chose to be married at.

    This beach is okay for swimming, with the exception of the Western end where the Lumaha’i river meets the ocean. It is a very pretty beach with a great view, and lots of pretty scenery all around.

    I highly recommend stopping by Lumaha’i on any trip to the North Shore of Kaua’i.

  • Shiyaq Pollock says:

    We’d been here sometime back and believe me th eexperience was just awesome.
    Kalalau Trail on the Napoli Coast which is a once in a lifetime experience. The views were incredible. We only went 2 miles in to the first beach but it was definitely worth doing. That night we went to Smith’s Luau near Lihue.
    This was one of the best luaus I have been on and my boyfriend said it was one of the best meals of his life. The pork and teriyaki beef were delicious!
    The grounds are gorgeous and the Smith family that runs it was very friendly and nice. They also supply as many Mai Tais as you can drink and even pull people up on stage to try to Hula! ;-)

  • Walter Louis says:

    Polihale State Park beach..Why it is so attractive..and in accordance with me the best beach(that I’ve been to)…because nobody goes is secluded and just so perfect…the 18 -mile stretch of the beach and the sand so soft that your feet sink 4-5 feet deep in it makes it so awesome and mind-blowing! take a turn from the left of the dirt road and you’ll be there…just too good to be true!

    Thanks for the post!
    Cheers! :-)

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