The Foochow Festival at China
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The Foochow Festival at China In the Southern province of Fukien and Kwangtung, China, and if you are an avid kite flyer, there is an amazing kite flying competition held every year and a must visit destination for kite enthusiasts. At the Foochow Kite Festival, the kites displayed are immense mean machines with greatest ingenuity of design and heavens are flooded with thousands of colourful kites  [...]

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Best Cultural And Historic Destinations Worldwide

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People, who have got bored of the repetitive humdrum of ski resorts or beaches; catch this distinct list of top cultural and historic destinations. The countries have made it to my list because they have catered as home to great historic civilizations, witnessed legendary battles, noteworthy statesmen, revolutions and other such aspects which have played a major role in molding the world and presenting in front of us, as we see it.

Believe me, every country that exists in nature would have made to this list, but while selecting them I have taken into account those destinations that are safe to travel and teach essential and varied aspects about life ranging from arts, humanities, life, culture, history, but remembering the point that history is a never-ending string. For instance: Iraq has served as a cradle to civilization and Israel hails from an interesting history, but this list will not steer readers to such destinations. Instead, my list will take them to far and wide spots and will cover various periods. Get ready to visit these places.

1. Italy:

Italy, this amazing spot has a rich historical background ranging from the popular Roman Empire to the crest of Julius Caesar which marks its firm impression on historians. No one else has marked their impression as this Empire did. All thanks to the Roman Civilizations, earlier diverse cultures which contributed for further developments and improved technology.

Touring in Italy at present is a great and enlightening experience as it brings face to face the remains of Roman Empire, and one gets to acquaint themselves about the Renaissance and Middle Ages. It is possible to know about them by sitting at home, watching movies, reading piles of books, but remember that all this can’t give the practical experience as it can be attained by seeing the place live and knowing the good’s and bad’s that ruined the Western Civilization.

What to see: Make sure that you see remnants of early Roman Empire; previously which was a vast and extensive Empire that had spread its roots far away, but today in the contemporary era, they have been centralized.

2. Greece:

Talking about Greek’s culture and history reminisces of Homer’s majestic Odyssey and Iliad and Plato’s Republic and the charismatic persona and leader Alexander- the Great who was a student of Aristotle. Alexander remains to be a great legendary leader allover and his Persian struggles are the most popular amidst his heroic clashes. Alexander is thought as a great personality and pioneer for spreading the Western Culture in the East, when the world scene was dominated by Eastern cultures like Persians, Egyptians, and Babylonians. Great military leaders regard him as the greatest leader who changed the path of history and follow his inspiring steps.

Reaching to the Middle Ages, this majestic leader came to be recognized as a legend who brought a harmonious union of chivalry and worldly powers. Although, it is a tough task to describe more about this personality by being objective, historians attribute him credits to take Greek to unparalleled highs. However, his death brought a beginning to the gloomy era which saw fall of the greatest Empires.

What to see: See the remnants of ancient Rome where Aristotle taught young students the meaning of virtue.


3. Iran:

This is the land which possibly was the very first World Empire where the Persians were actually Aryans and used to speak one of the Eastern Indo-European languages. Ancient Persia took its first breath in 6th century BC after Cyrus- the great conquered Medes and established the rule of Acheamenid Empire. While it was riding in the crest, Persian Empire spread as wildfire from India to Greece, from Caspian Sea to Red Sea and Arabian Sea.

During that time, Persia was dominant and steered the ancient world almost for a period of 2 centuries. In the meantime, it established itself as a colossal empire and brought forward some of the most legendary and historic leaders. The most striking remains worth seeing here is Persepolis. Those historic buffs who wish to sneak a peek in the momentous history should make to this legendary spot which marks itself as one of the Greatest Civilizations in history.

What to see: Glance the remains of Persepolis which witnessed the presence of great leader Alexander- the great, who lightened ancient Persian capital to retaliate for the devastation of past wars at the hands of Persian forces.

4. Egypt:

Today recognized for its impressive Pyramids, Egypt grabbed the limelight because of its cosmopolitan superiority that was present there much before the time. This land outshined others and stood proudly as distinct amidst the international clutter. Its gigantic and marvelous art forms reflected finesse of the time that can be experienced even today in the form of pyramids that stand firmly till today.

Not just leaving its impression for splendid artistic marvels, it is also famous for its legendary leaders which include the female pharaoh- Hatshepsut, charismatic and brave Thutmose III and religious revolutionary Akhenaton. Other memorable pharaoh includes planner Ramses II who is popular as a peace-maker and audacious warrior. Not to forget Ramses III who saved Egypt from falling in the hands of ‘Sea People’ who made attacks.

What to see: The most striking wonders i.e. Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, which remain to be eye-candies of huge masses.

travel egypt

5. Latin America:

This is a great destination because of pleasant weather and rich culture. Prior to the Europeans who arrived here and claimed there right over the land which was not theirs, three dominant American Civilizations migrated and settled in this land which is today called as Mexico.

The most popular and mesmerizing are the Mayas and Aztecs from Mexico and the Incas from South America for their arts, culinary tastes, culture and lifestyle that are out of the ordinary. In the modern day, Latin America serves as an exemplary for the sync of diverse cultures. Despite the conspicuous presence of Spanish culture, dominance of the three strong civilizations remains to exist till day and is a part of day to day life.

What to see: Tour to Cuzco Machu Picchu located in Peru where the ancient Incas settled their Empire.

6. United States (North America):

North America is renowned for two reasons, firstly because- if you tour in any of its location be it Oklahoma, Quebec, Yukon, Alaska or Nevada, the most prominent thing you will get to learn will be about Amerindian culture and history. Secondly, North Americans will not approve of this; however the establishment of United States of America took Utopian attempts to exercise the theories which were set out during the Enlightenment by French philosophers.
Despite past 200 years of establishment, US still has lots of limitations, but in spite of all this, it has lots to offer. This is the prosperous land which saw growth of 13 colonies to 50 flourishing states. Towards the north, there is Canada which emerges from rich history as a battleground for France and United Kingdoms.

What to see: Go ahead and tour in New York City because you will not get to see such city in the entire world.

7. Portugal and Spain:

As it may seem unjust to huddle both together, both share one thing common i.e. both Portugal and Spain lead the ‘Age of Discovery.’ Both jostled great conquerors to explore new lands and bring enhancement in trade. The most striking thing about them is that they influenced Mexico and Brazil and not only this, the influence they created while they navigated in diverse lands remains to be in existence in their lands too. Lots of advancements and fostering was done to publicize spices, fabrics and tobacco due to which trade bloomed in massive dimensions.

What to see: Get in Spain and observe Salamanca’s lovely monuments and in Portugal see Sintra’s majestic castles.

8. China:

According to the Chinese Myths, Chinese Civilization started with Pangu, who is regarded as the creator of universe and after that followed a series of historic emperors and cultural heroes. If you visit in China, you will discover that China has some distinct quality from the rest of the others. A new world opens up in China, thanks to its rich historical background. Those who played significant roles in changing China include Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius) and Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism. Both worked as reformists for advancing China. Later after thousands of years, China witnessed radical transformation by Mao Zedong’s revolution. Because of him, China landed on the path of communism. Today, its large populace presents a different picture of China which will altogether serve you a different experience.

What to see: Catering as a doorway for western people to enter in China, Hong Kong is the destination to tour in.


9. France:

France has lots of things to offer to its tourists because it hails from a rich historical background. If you ask any student to visit France, he will particularly take interest to visit in France’s Versailles, which is a spot for viewing marvelous palaces built by Louis XIV. During the 18th century, France witnessed illumination because during that time it generated great intellects like Jean-Jacques Rousseau whose works are manipulating.

What to see: Visit to Palais de Versailles, a symbol of excess encompassing French aristocracy during Louis XIV rule.

10. Russia:

The land of Russia has often been mysterious for the foreigners. The reason could be anything- its geographical size, past hailing from communism or consider it as an influence of James Bond movies. But the conditions are not the same as the land is dwindling and is struggling for gaining balance. However, Russia’s unique traits include its tremendous human and natural resource which carry the potent to make it stand on the top amidst international circle.

The country has gone through various phases. Once St. Petersburg came to be known as Leningrad and afterwards came to its original name St. Petersburg, after the fall of communism. Adventure enthusiasts can tour in the historic battlegrounds where German troops fought with Russians during World War II.

What to see: Tour to St. Petersburg, where you will re-visit the spot in which Tsar’s troops changed their minds and turned the path of history.

Russia St Petersburg

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