Adventures at Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran is a Hill Station located near Mumbai, Karjat.   It is located 800 meters above sea level in the Jambol Forest of Maharashtra.  It was found by Hugh Poynts Malet in May 1850.  It spreads over an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadri Mountains.  It is one of the best places to spend a two-day holiday if you are in Mumbai or in the vicinity of Mumbai or its suburbs.  To reach Matheran,  [...]

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Best Backpacking Destinations

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Accumulating your stuffs in a bag is a common experience which almost most of us go through, however even after being a communal experience, it senses to be a distinct one. Over the passage of time, this legitimate practice has grown into a customary behavior which is followed widely across the world. While the usual destination preference has always been revolving over the European continent, the same haven’t diminished over the period of time. But today it’s the time to break the older cuffs and free yourself for exploring the rest of the top destinations worldwide.

Below I have mentioned a mixture of regions, so just pack your knapsacks, hold them on your back, and place your money belt over your waist band. Don’t forget to wish your office goodbye, carry passport, and after that get started. Some quintessential countries have made it to the list and some of the unexplored and uncharted destinations will attain your attention, so let’s get going….

1. Spain

Spain is a complete comprehensive location offering diversity ranging from the moderate Basque region to the gleaming heat region of Andalucia in the south. Spain is noted as a regional country, I think this is an advantage for tourists as they are on a lookout for discovering novel cuisines, cultures, traditions and indigenous people. And traveling in Spain doesn’t dent a hole in the pocket as one can explore the region economically.

Anyone touring in Spain should not miss the chief city of Barcelona, one of the loveliest attractions presenting wide range of architectures and museums, which are sure to keep you busy. Don’t miss any of Antoni Gaudi’s architectures; they are finesse pieces with a very well finishing. Bilbao, Seville, Madrid and Cordoba are enriched with beautiful art galleries, certainly a treat for the eyes of art-enthusiasts. Andalucia is a gorgeous spot which preserves ancient gems from the Muslim Era. Visit the stupendous mezquita in Cordoba. Behold the beautiful natural scenery in continent’s best, Pyrenees.

2. Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia offers diversity in its three best destinations of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It is a great spot as it offers a mixture of diverse ethnic groups, different cultures and traditions, religion and cuisines. Amidst the three, you may find Singapore the least affordable, however every penny spent on it is worth as the modern destination is concealed in a traditional charms, and pops up innumerable surprises. Its delicacies such as spicy curry and sticky sweets are the most lip-smacking ones; gorge them until you are full. Tour the captivating Little India; I am sure after experiencing these treats you will not wish to leave.

Moving to Malaysia, it is a charming and tranquil destination, and is distinct from the other Asian countries as it has peaceful environment. It shelters a pluralistic society which is formed by a fusion of Chinese, Indian, Malay and other native populace. The quirkiness reclining in the city of Kuala Lumpur is a must-experience for the tourists, head in the popular Langkawi and the colonial setting of the Cameroon Highlands. All these treats will surely satisfy your appetite, by their spell-binding charm. Those who love the sights of ancient ruins, shrines and isolated cities should definitely head to Thailand as it is enriched with it. Bangkok is a chilled-out destination with loads of pleasant beaches and wilderness hideouts. However, it witnesses urban hastiness and noise.

3. Turkey

Turkey flaunts a striking display of distinct sights, every currency spent in Turkey on transportation, cuisines, and accommodation will exceed beyond its value. One of the most supreme sites in the whole of Istanbul, Turkey is enriched with extraordinary cultural centers and expansive 4000-kilometers Mediterranean coastline.

The abundant nasty resorts located in the western half of the country (equals the numbers, if not goes beyond) the innumerous treasures concealed in the land. Just imagine how much hidden surprises are waiting for you. Also, its local populace is gregarious and affable, which adds up to the sweet characteristics. Make sure that you visit the Southern coast where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean; Cappadocia- which is reputed for strong rocky formations and the most exotic- Istanbul.

4. Morocco

Located at acute west of the Arab and Muslim world, Morocco is a legendary spot and landing here brings a feeling of getting altogether in a new world. The grandeur cities of Fe, Marrakesh, Meknes and Rabat boast a string of legendary architectural marvels. The fascinating historical mosques that embellish Morocco outshine the royal cathedrals of Europe. Morocco is a paradise for the adventure-seekers as it is blessed with spectacular geography ranging from the Atlas Mountain Ranges to the extensive river valleys down the south. Both Casablanca and Tangier are enriched with culture, and are great locations for exploring. Morocco is a cheap destination and offers for feasible accommodation options. The indigenous cuisines are delectable and offer a varied set of flavors.


5. Scandinavia

Although expensive, Scandinavia offers extraordinary sites and trust me on this, the scenic sights are worth your each currency. This part of Europe offers lively sites such as Stockholm and Copenhagen. Enjoy your itinerary in the spectacular fiords and rocky landscapes. Your trip to this enchanting part of Europe will remain a memorable experience and you will surely make great long-lasting friends with the locals as they are great set of affable people. The indigenous people will make you comfortable as if you are lying at your home.

Explore Scandinavia completely; however make sure that you don’t go beyond the wilderness while you get engrossed in hiking and skiing in Norway, cycling in Helsinki, Finland or strolling in the white sand beaches of Denmark. Pay extra attention in Sweden as the alcohol costs might shatter your budget plans because of their high costs.

6. Benelux

Formulated out of the combination of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, Benelux is a mesmerizing location on the planet Earth. The most striking ones are Brussels and Amsterdam as backpacker set. Amsterdam makes to popularity because of notorious acts such as narcotics and other illegitimate hedonism. Although, there are other unexplored gems too.

Last year, Belgium’s Antwerp city was tracked as ‘Best city on Earth to live’ by a famous lifestyle publication. Antwerp topped the criteria of architecture, culture, cuisine and social welfare which were looked upon while selection, so just imagine, how much diversity and magnificence is awaiting you.

Other surprises like elaborate set of buildings and unique local museums add to the glory of Belgian’s towns of Bruges and Liege. The enchanting small nation of Luxembourg offers an enthralling hamlet which is garlanded with stunning castles and vineyards. Stay at any of these places is economical with diverse flavors of delicacies available in the whole of Benelux.

7. The United Kingdom

Flaunting rolling hills of farmland, friendly ambiance of pubs and tremendous Medieval Castles are some special treats bestowed by United Kingdom. Tour to expensive London might empty your pockets, but the cultural and historical attractions it presents are worth it. You might have to endure rash face of weather if you visit during winter and spring, but the hidden spots perched in the corner of Wales and Scotland will prove to be an exciting retreat as they offer plethora for tourists to explore. Cities of Dublin and Ireland have successfully spell-bounded the tourists because of their lovely characteristics like fine art, literature and character. These traits have been quite appealing to the younger groups of students and young professionals.

uk castles
8. The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are premier backpacking spots and most soothing especially during the summer season, when it experiences visits of large number of tourists. The picturesque views of Aegean and Mediterranean are wonderful gawking sights. Even though there are no official hostels, it offers a plethora of inexpensive accommodation facilities, more favorable to you if you are traveling with your friends. Meals and beer are too available at low prices, turning your trip a fun experience.

The most exciting moment is ride in the ferry under the clear blue skies which transports you from one island to another. And the most fascinating trait here is that the tourists are served according to their tastes and preferences. Fitting everyone’s pocket size, it offers something for everyone ranging from calm Rhodes to posh and classy Mykonos to the hasty and fast-pacer Ios.

Greek Islands

9. The North American Pacific Coast

Possessing elegant jewels in its crown, Pacific Coast shelters every captivating charm right from Vancouver to San Diego. You can reward your eyes with the splendid architectures and treat your stomach with luscious delicacies of San Francisco. Enjoy the sand of the prestigious Venice Beach, discover the verdant wilderness of Washington State and gape over the impeccable beauty of Victoria, British Columbia. If you are avoiding the fast pacer life, you can constrain your visit to urban regions like Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego and Vancouver. Or if you are looking ahead for exploring eco-tourism, you can grab the opportunity of camping in the dazzling ecological zones of these regions. Whatever retreats are there in your desire, Pacific Coast and US will read them and bestow in front of you.

10. New Zealand

The extraordinary dazzle lying in spectacular Kiwi’s rustic land sparkled the trio flick “Lord of the Rings” and bewitched vast audiences allover the world. I couldn’t resist this breathtaking beauty from tracking in my list. Even the inhabitants of New Zealand have been chirpy and enthusiastic travelers themselves, as it is apparent in their vast migration which was influenced by the impressive Australians. Striking must-visits include the capital city Wellington, which is located at the beautiful harbor at the southern tip of New Zealand’s North Island. Track Auckland, Otago or Southland region, and Northland region in your to-visit list as they are the most spectacular havens offering natural beauty and breathtaking marvels.


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