Adventures at Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran is a Hill Station located near Mumbai, Karjat.   It is located 800 meters above sea level in the Jambol Forest of Maharashtra.  It was found by Hugh Poynts Malet in May 1850.  It spreads over an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadri Mountains.  It is one of the best places to spend a two-day holiday if you are in Mumbai or in the vicinity of Mumbai or its suburbs.  To reach Matheran,  [...]

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Best Asian Cities

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Looking forward to some new and unusual destinations? Want to break the chain of regular and repetitive sights? Come travel to Far East, it is an idyllic spot worth visiting. Thinking what is so special about it? For clarifying these kinds of thoughts, you should personally go ahead and check these spots. Far East is a mind-blowing treasure enriched with diverse cultures and traditions, even one can spot how far the Western Civilization has influenced the foreign countries.

I have brought into limelight 10 exotic spots, and believe me, these are marvelous ones reflecting a great fusion of ancient culture and modern societies. These spots are predominantly the most influential examples of old thoughts and new rhetoric. Actually, these cities are exhibitions of the ultimate results of frequent fights and clashes between East and West. Explore the rich blend of all the spicy and grandiose exhibit.

Amidst these ten spots, some are perfect for adventurous-enthusiasts while others are suitable for married people who wish to trip with their entire family and show them some new things. Check ahead what makes them so special…..

1. Hong Kong, China

Literal meaning brings across a pleasant smell, got confused? I actually meant that the Cantonese term ‘Hong Kong’ means ‘fragrant harbor.’ Thanks to the profuse perfume factories which settled in this island in the bygone era, for such a pleasant and hearty name. But this is the story of olden days, today’s story has changed. In the year 1997, China retained Hong Kong and today, it remains as a commercial artery for the Mainland. Tour to Hong Kong will take you to a visit down the beautiful countryside. Come here and explore the scenic natural beauty.

For whom is it? People who can splurge lots of money.
Sight-seeing: Explore Hong Kong Island’s rocking nightlife, corporate finance, and everything that comes across your way. Hey people, don’t forget to shop, shop and shop….

Hong Kong, China

2. Tokyo, Japan

The city of Tokyo is an astounding location and this can be attributed to both its population and vast area. Possibly, for handling the population carefully, the city has provided for an efficient transportation system. This is clearly obvious in the fact that Tokyo transports about 1.5 billion tourists annually. Huh… an indication for relief, isn’t it? The efficient transportation facility makes the tourist attractions easily available for the tourists i.e. any tourist spot is located at a few minutes walking distance from train.

For whom is it? One who finds comfort in large metropolis clusters.
Sight-seeing: Step in the holy shrine Toshogu- a sacred shrine whose existence is traced back to the early 17th century.

3. Singapore, Singapore

Founded in 1819 as a Trading Center, Singapore is spreading its magic since then. However, it accomplished independence in the year 1965. From then, it is reputed to be a part of the tigers and remains to be the most developed modern city in South Asia. It is a lovely location and exploring the sights in this ecstatic spot is quite easy and friendly too. Western people have always recognized Singapore for one thing: chewing gum will get them going briskly.

For whom is it? People who love to explore things by getting on foot.
Sight-seeing: Head to the spectacular Singapore Botanic Gardens which stands from the mid-19th century, and spot the Victorian influences.


4. Shanghai, China

China’s most grandeur and magnificent city, Shanghai can be literally referred as ‘City on the Sea.’ All these magnificence and prosperity can be attributed to its storied history. The days when Shanghai’s culture and lifestyle represented deafening realities wherein brothels were placed at the right, classy restaurants at the left and alluring clubs dedicated especially for foreigners, which took them to their preferred women. However, Shanghai is not the same as it has emerged out of its past. Today, Shanghai reflects China’s economic re-birth, strong valor and futuristic prospects.

For whom is it? Come here and yourself view the tryst of East and West.
Sight-seeing: Spiritual Buddhist shrine, Yufo Si that has enshrined a statue of Lord Buddha which is 6 foot high, 455 pound embellished with white jade and rare gems.

5 Bangkok, Thailand

Popularly known as ‘Krung Thep’ or the City of Angels by the inhabitants and Bangkok by the western crowds, Bangkok is a great city that protrudes out midst many cities loaded with huge buildings and developed streets. However, Bangkok reflects sparks alike any of the Asian country. But remember one thing before you get in, if your experience with the crowd rushing from the LA Expressway was gruesome, then don’t dare to come in Bangkok as this location is more in news for its polluted side streets and alleys rather than landmarks. However, if the dust settles, you will have a great memorable experience with the affable locals.

For whom is it? People who thrive in confusion should certainly make a visit to Bangkok.
Sight-seeing: Visit the legendary monarch site Grand Palace, it is the spot which was inhabited by the authentic monarchs.

Bangkok Thailand

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An ecstatic spot embellished by sparkling glitterati marvels is the best way to describe Kuala Lumpur. The stupendous architecture Petronas Twin Towers, profuse chic restaurants, grandeur hotels are few charming retreat for the tourists. Also, the lovely fusion of diverse cultures with an added spice of economical costs is for one and everyone. Even, Kuala Lumpur is loyal to its origin; the colonial background is still conspicuous in its Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the Royal Selangor Club.

For whom is it? People who wish to have a glance of the world’s largest structures.
Sight-seeing: Tour to Kuala Lumpur for gawking the marvelous Petronas Twin Tower, the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

7. Manila, Philippines

Reflecting an exceptional blend of profound traditions and modern developments, Manila is similar to rest of the Asian cities. Manila doesn’t particularly have a Center or any Downtown which makes it a bit difficult for traveling from one spot to another. Manila is an enchanting spot that has been spelling its magic before September 30th 1975. Manila is an urban center encompassing the cities of Caloocan, Pasig, Quezon, Makati, Pasay and other 12 towns.

For whom is it? People who can enjoy traveling without even a set journey.
Sight-seeing: Head to the legendary 16th century spot of Intramuros, an ancient walled city of Manila erected by the Spaniards.

manila tourist attractions

8. Seoul, South Korea

Representing a commercial, cultural, educational, political, recreational and financial center of Korea, Seoul is a lovely spot which grabbed everyone’s eyeballs when it hosted the Summer Olympics 1988. It is a tranquil location against its disturbed northern border. It also encompasses a great legendary set of history; it has served as a seat of government during the Paekche Kingdom, hailing back to around 1500 years ago. Also, it has been a capital to the Chosun Dynasty in the 14th century. Not only it is enriched with legendary history, but also it is an exciting spot loaded with lots of recreational facilities. Seoul is filled with big theaters and modern entertainment complexes.

For whom is it? People who like to view historical treasures over a lovely backdrop of mountainous regions.
Sight-seeing: Unearth the centuries old legendary Korean art and history in the spectacular Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art.

9. Jakarta, Indonesia

Again resembling essence alike any other Asian City, Jakarta is a city struggling for modern developments with its ancient past of dismal poverty. The city bestows a sight of large boulevards crossing unpaved streets and grandeur hotels settled over poor boroughs. Caution: While you are walking on the streets, be totally vigilant as modern cars fight for parking space with pedicabs.

For whom is it? People who love to be in an extreme situation should give a hit to this spot.
Sight-seeing: Step in the Miniature Park which is loaded with rich 27 diverse traditional houses.

Jakarta  Indonesia

10. Hanoi, Vietnam

Well if you want to find out the most popular city in Vietnam, ask people about it and the results which will come in front of you is people ceaselessly praising Saigon. Apart from Saigon, there is Hanoi, another Vietnamese city that can claim the throne here. Today, Hanoi has started gaining popularity which is clearly visible in the swift investment flow coming in. Therefore, the government has started attaining economic freedom and amenities. In the entire Asia, if there is a particular country which would lack without a rural area, then certainly it has to be Vietnam. The enchanting countryside with its chirpy vivacity outshines the hasty city life.

For whom is it? People who love the urban life but cannot resist the natural charm of beautiful countryside must surely visit here.
Sight-seeing: Tour to the enchanting and tranquil Hoan Kiem Lake which is the social and spiritual center of Hanoi.

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