Adventures at Matheran Hill Station
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Matheran is a Hill Station located near Mumbai, Karjat.   It is located 800 meters above sea level in the Jambol Forest of Maharashtra.  It was found by Hugh Poynts Malet in May 1850.  It spreads over an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadri Mountains.  It is one of the best places to spend a two-day holiday if you are in Mumbai or in the vicinity of Mumbai or its suburbs.  To reach Matheran,  [...]

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At 20 Miles Per Hour In Montreal

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A drive through Montreal is an intricate amalgamation of ethnicity, history, and marvelous landscape. The backdrop of this city will compel you to yearn for more once the voyage is concluded. Hence, to enjoy the vistas, move leisurely.


Start the gratifying tour of 385 miles by observing several museums, inns, edifying exhibitions, and shops in a city that is amongst the biggest French speaking metropolitans of the world, Montreal. The voyage will then carry you to other regions exiting the city. A stroll through countrified Montérégie, progressing along the Eastern Townships occupied by British population and the charming mauve realm of Quebec, entering the terrain of Mauricie Bois-Francs and above the St. Lawrence River is a perfect map-depiction of the excursion. This circular path is always accompanied by either of the two significant river roads – le chemin du Roy and le chemin des Patriotes.

Fasten your seatbelts in Montreal

This city can be defined as both, urbane and unsophisticated, cultured and boorish, and acquainted in two tongues, French and Latin. The city of Montreal was discovered by Jacques Cartier in 1535 and in 1642, it was established as a missionary protectorate. To get the most spectacular investiture, enter the Montreal islet through Pont Champlain. During twilight, the sight of Mont-Royal’s gloominess over the sky is magnificent.

Elegant Mont-Royal

The most legendary and gorgeous attraction of this small town is Parc du Mont-Royal which was erected by Frederick Law Olmsted. The bravura Oratoire Saint-Joseph, a pilgrimage site, flaunts a substantial copper auditorium with superior outlooks. This city was christened as Mont-Royal by Cartier.

montreal downtown attractionsSpend your money in Downtown

It is considered that you will definitely miss more than a couple of malls or wonderful sights every time you blink in Downtown. This city furnishes to every demand and taste. It has the fashionable Quartier Latin near rue Saint-Denis and the graceful rue Sherbrooke, while a top-notch collected works of significant ancient and modern art can be sighted at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. If you are still not contented by the art on the boulevards, saunter through Underground City where ambler malls are impeccably spread over 18 miles.


You wouldn’t get the authentic image of this city, Vieux-Montréal, when you enter seeing over hundred-year old edifices through the tapered and paved lanes. The exhibition arcades, boutiques, historic and contemporary sights, and a vivacious nightlife beguile thousands of visitors every year. The vivid Vieux-Port embraces the momentous Chapelle Norte-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, a place sailors used for praying before sailing into the ocean.

Maisonneuve – Memories of Olympics

Towards the eastern tip of Maisonneuve lies the Olympic Park that cuddles the Olympic Stadium of 1976 and swanks the highest tower of the world. Don’t forget to visit the green Jardin botanique de Montréal, a field of over 185 acres that is with around 30 open-air gardens, especially Japanese, Chinese, and the rose backyard. They have also conserved over 160,000 insects in the internal Insectarium.

Assorted Parc-Jean-Drapaeu

The emerald terrain of Parc-Jean-Drapaeu is occupied by two beautiful atolls of île Sainte-Hélène and île Notre-Dame. The first island of île Sainte-Hélène is an artificial one specially made for Expo 67. This island has Casino de Montreal located in pavilions of Quebec and old French. The other isle embraces the Biosphere, a massive geodetic arena of United States pavilion, is the foremost Ecowatch hub of Canada.

Exit Montreal

Athwart Pont Chaplain, drive on Highway 10 to exit Montreal. Here, the terrain uncovers serene, smooth plains of Montérégie that swaps with the metropolitan hordes. The exit of Chambly serves as a gateway to the town. Drive along the narrow lanes and locate the momentous Chambly Canal where custodians still exploit the ancient locks. It took many years to construct this canal and was finally opened in 1843 to serve as a water transport connection between Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Chambly. To revive some historic moments, visit the Fort Chambly National Historic Site that safeguards the spectacle of French rampart of 1665 and impressive views of Chambly Basin. Re-established in mid 1700’s, wandering through the backdrops of this fort is quite trouble-free.

Shallow Richelieu Valley

Zoom your car on Route 223 to the south of Chambly to witness a flat gorge, Richelieu Valley, which demonstrates recollection of seigneurial in the arrangement and structural design of the terrain. For instance, the heritage of old French majestic classification can be seen through the unusual shapes of the fields where the territory is divided in fine bands vertical to the waterways.

Fort Lennox

Stroll through the Fort Lennox National Historic Site, a British reinforcement that lies past Saint-Paul-de-l’île-aux-Noix. The tiny island that embraces this fort can be reached through a commuter boat which will drop you near l’île-aux-Noix. Although it was once a British reinforcement, it is now commonly known for sight-seeing and picnic locale with fine bistros. Drive through the wine route (la Route des Vins), Route 202, edging the boundaries of United States through the undulating wine land of Quebec. This place is famous for its white Seyval. Pick up maps and booklets accessible in the vicinity for a wine-tour.

Relax in Eastern Townships

Drive besides the tranquil Lake Champlain close to Venise-en-Quebec, a meek summer holiday home that is totally Adirondack Mountainsdissimilar from its name. You will enjoy your drive glancing at the landscapes through the route interweaving the north coast of Lake Champlain before you enter the province of Eastern Townships. For magnificent sights of Adirondack Mountains, New York and Vermount lakeshores, glance to your south. The village of Dunham is positioned to the east of wine country. This picturesque parish is equipped with stunning green plains and a milieu of Appalachian Mountains that bears fruits like apples and grapes.

Shop again in Abbaye de Saint-Benoit-du-Lac

After some miles on Route 245, use a diversion that marks Austin and move toward the Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac. This dazzling terrain is positioned just above Lac Memphrémagog and is an ideal break from strenuous driving. Spend some time shopping in the stores selling abbey cheese, prayer CD’s, and other native items.


Arrive at the provincial capital of Eastern Townships, Sherbrooke, through a route via Highway 112. Rather than wondering about the history of this settlement, visit the Centre d’interprétation de l’histoire de Sherbrooke and get acquainted with the past. Park you vehicle and saunter through the environs of the notable Old North. Besides the Center, find the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke, which exemplifies some very old and fashionable works of local artists. Enjoy a peaceful walk through the Magog River Trail that lies in the heart of Magog River Gorge.

Wool of Ulverton

Toward North, chase Highway 143 that is positioned parallel to the rail tracks and the river. Here, the city names and the idiosyncratic buildings immediately arises British recollections in your mind. You can either call this place Ulverton or Mauricie Bois-Francs area. Discover something new at the woolen handloom of Moulin á laine d’Ulverton where visitors can exhibit all the authentic, functioning mechanisms along with demonstrations and shows.


Place worth spending hours are Drummondville as well as the Le Village Québécois d’Antan. This outdoor museum is an astonishing reconstruction of the villages of rustic Quebec that were settled centuries ago. This sight seems absolutely existent with the presence of native populace in local outfits, revealing their artwork and other regular work throughout the 70 edifices and a ranch. The cookies, bread, and cheese made on the spot are simply amazing and delectable.

Wabanaki Reserve

The undulating route of Highway 143 toward northwest is replaced by a smooth road with verdant fragrance. Switch to Highway 132 which will carry you to Wabanaki Reserve near Odanak, a Wabanaki motherland from the time when people settled here in 1600’s. To view innovative craftwork and art, visit the neighboring Musée des Abénakis.

trois rivieresTrois-Rivières

Across St. Lawrence, a short drive on Highway 55 will bring you near Trois-Rivières. This city was established in 1634 and is one of the oldest in Quebec. It is also the capital Mauricie Bois-Francs area. The name represents three conduits boughing the mouth of St. Maurice River. Various kinds of theme ambles are available in this city, but with an unhurried swiftness. Other phases of Quebec can be seen in the Musée québécois de culture populaire. To know about the lives of detainees in city’s prison during 1800’s, visit the adjoining penitentiary. Some very ancient landmarks of early 1800’s are still footed on the land of rue des Ursulines, another old town. Take a tour on the roads to view the Maison Hertel-de-la-Fresnière, Saint-James Church, and and the Musée des Ursulines that preserves diverse compilation of temples covered by glass and some other astonishing pious articles.

Revive at Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Visit the foremost ironworks of Canada that was established in 1730 and was functioning for over one and half century. View the counterfeit history in the ancient flare boiler and move to every corner of the site guided by marked path.

Cavernous Lac Saint-Pierre

Make yourself feel better while driving along the vastness of Lac Saint-Pierre on Highway 138. This route is known as le chemin du Roy which means path of the emperor and is the oldest usable road constructed in 1737. The water gushing along the edges of Highway 138 is nothing but an extension of St. Lawrence. Switch to Highway 158 till the end to ascend a commuter boat that will help you sail to the coast of exquisite Sorel-Tracy. To know whether you have returned to unstinted Montérégie, check if you can notice any massive granule winches. This borough will revive some ancient stories while you ramble through the streets. Buy some exquisite stuff from the old town market and visit the église Saint-Pierre de Sorel built in 1830’s.

Le chemin des Patriotes

Glance at the neighboring spectacle of Richelieu River and drive through the miles of Highway 133 to reach the narrow passageway of le chemin des Patriotes. Here, the military forces of Britain and Patriote battled the period of 1830’s which were known as the Patriotes Rebellion, hence the name. You will discover several edifices made in conventional Quebec style. Moving forward through the geography of the pastoral Montérégie, enter yet another amiable neighborhood of Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu. The tourist attractions here are – an ancient cathedral made up of boulders at the boundary of this terrain, a fine artifact comprising into cemetery, the panoramas of verdant fields, and the peak of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Lac Saint Pierre

Descend Mount-Saint-Hilaire

Tucked near the base of the peak is an artist protectorate of Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Wander through the green fields of Centre de conservation de la nature du Mont-Saint-Hilaire which is conserved by UNESCO.

Simply Beloeil

Drive west on Highway 116 across the brook for few and final miles to reach the village of Beloeil. Spend some time looking at the miraculous sculpture of nature represented by the dramatic geometry of mountains and hushed abodes. This will perhaps be the few concluding and serene hours of your journey as a short drive on Trans-Canada 20 will escort you to the French-speaking city of Montreal.

Trip Tips

The perfect time to witness the beauty of Montreal on wheel is amid May and October. Spare at least six days or a week to contently swift the roads of this city. If are lucky enough to spend some more days here, visit the site for details on other sights and directions. Also don’t fail to check the local weather on before commencing your voyage.

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