7 Best Restaurants to Visit in Marrakech, Morocco

Do you want to visit Morocco? Do you want to have the great chance of living or traveling time in Morocco? Well, if you want to visit Morocco, you should try to have the very great and nice time there. For the eating business, you do not need to be worried. You can try to have the great and nice time in the restaurants. Here are some of the best restaurants to visit in Marrakech, Morocco.

1. Le ComptoirDarna

If you visit this place, you will feel that you are stepping into the other world. You will have the very nice experience in this place.

2. Bo-Zin

You can visit Bo-Zin, the great place for eating or having lunch or dinner with your family.

3. KafeFnaqueBarbere

You can visit KafeFnaqueBarbere if you want to find the affordably priced menu of simple French and Moroccan.

4. Kechmara

You can visit Kechmara and find the nice foods for the great traveling.

5. Azar

Owned by the same folks like Le comptoir, this restaurant is the new restaurant which offers you with the Mediterranean food with the Moroccan and Asian influences.

6. Dar Moha

If you want to eat the traditional food of Moroccan, you can visit Dar Moha.

7. Café Henna

You can visit Café Henna to find the great experience in culinary.

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