Croatia: A Classic Destination To Visit
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To experience the overwhelming beauty of nature a trip to Croatia is a must, and the memories of this trip will be etched in your heart for eternity. Behind the overwhelming beauty of Croatia lies a tumultuous history of conquest by Greeks, Romans, Turks, Venetian emperors, to name a few, but mother nature has been kind to the country to overcome all the conquests and still retain its old world charm  [...]

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Mauritius: Modern Treasure Island Mauritius: Modern Treasure Island
Mauritius is the ultimate getaway in today’s world which is abundant and relishing in the gems of nature. These treasures include glorious unspoiled beaches, hidden springs and rich culture. Water sports, beautiful marine life, and a great fusion of cultures and cuisines of India, Africa and Europe. Secluded lush green region in the insides of the island make way for waterfalls and hidden water springs. Also put on display are the portraits of the dodos which make us think of the future of the great Indian tiger. History: The prince of Orange, Maurice of Nassau gave the island nation its name. Controversy is at the helm of the discovery of the island. The Malay traders and Arab merchants claim to have been aware of the Islands existence since the 10th century. According to history the first  [...]

Tribeca Film Festival
July 21, 2010 | Festivals | 5 Comments
Tribeca Film Festival
Post the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, people ignored the Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan as they stopped visiting the center of the town. This loss of vitality made famed actor Robert De Niro and Craig Hatkoff and Jane Rosenthal create the Tribeca Film Festival. The film festival was a united response of the celebration of movies and entertainment, to condemn the terrorist attacks. The main motive of the festival was to bring the common public and the international film society together to instill in them the power of movies and redefine the whole experience. This festival was pioneered to celebrate New York City as the numero uno destination for the film making community. And the funds generated are used to help in the long standing recreation and development  [...]

Amazing Toronto Amazing Toronto
Toronto is a simply amazing place to visit in Canada. There are many tourist attractions in the city and lots of things to do. Toronto is known to be the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. The city is rich with amazing places to visit and extraordinary attractions to explore. Some of the major tourist attractions in Toronto are the amusement water parks, art galleries, movie theatres, entertainment complexes, festivals and events, gardens and parks, heritage sites, historical landmarks, markets, museums, space and nature, spas, wineries and breweries, and zoos. Bingemans is the largest and the most popular waterpark in Toronto. This waterpark offers amazing fun for those who are visiting this place with their family. There are many amazing water rides and a camp  [...]

Natural Wonders
July 14, 2010 | Adventure Travel | No Comment
Natural Wonders
Waterfalls are known to be the most amazing and the most exciting places on the earth. They are the most adventurous places on the planet. The waterfalls are splendid and offer 'breathtaking” sites and astounding beauty to see. Though the waterfalls have been regarded as the most beautiful place on the world, yet there are some waterfalls which have earned the reputation of being the most damgerous and the most deadly ones. The Howick Falls in South Africa is known to be the most deadly and the most dangerous fall in the world. The fall is about 95 m tall and is famously referred by the Zulu people as the “Place of the Tall One”. This waterfall is believed to have recoreded around 40 deaths most of them being suicides and accidents, but murders have been listed here also. Despite the  [...]

Remarkable highways in the world
July 12, 2010 | Remarkable Drives | One Comment
Remarkable highways in the world
Highways are considered to be very important. They make transportation and communication more fast and more efficient. Though the highways are important to people, yet they have claimed the lives of many. There are a number of interesting highways in the world. Some of these highways have been built for over centuries and some of them are known for their laurels of engineering all round the world. Yungas Road is considered to be the most dangerous highway in the world. This highway is located high up in the Andes Mountain in Bolivia, which is regarded everywhere as the “most dangerous road”. This road is a 61 km long highway which leads from La Paz to Coroico and is known for its “legendary extreme danger”. Also, known as the death road, this highway kills around 200 to 300 people in  [...]

Indigenous Angel Falls Indigenous Angel Falls
Angel Falls in Venezuela is the most known waterfall in South America. Located in the Guavana highlands, this free falls 2,421 feet into the river. This waterfall is the tallest on the earth. It is believed that this waterfall is 15 times higher than the Niagara Fall which is at a feet of 2,937 feet above sea level. About the Fall The falls are named after an “adventurous bush pilot from Missouri' Jimmy Angel, and was believed to have located the falls while flying. Hence, the falls have been named after him. The Falls spills into the Auyantepui river, which is also known as the Devil's Canyon and is 979 meters below. What to do at Angel Falls There are lots of activities,which you can do at Angel Falls. Apart from viewing the falls, there are day tours and two days &  [...]