Croatia: A Classic Destination To Visit
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To experience the overwhelming beauty of nature a trip to Croatia is a must, and the memories of this trip will be etched in your heart for eternity. Behind the overwhelming beauty of Croatia lies a tumultuous history of conquest by Greeks, Romans, Turks, Venetian emperors, to name a few, but mother nature has been kind to the country to overcome all the conquests and still retain its old world charm  [...]

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Haunted Places in Austin, Texas Haunted Places in Austin, Texas
Texas is considered to be the most haunted place in United States. Though the state is extremely beautiful with lush green meadows, the clear blue sea and the mountains yet there is beyond these. There are several places in Texas which are considered to be haunted. The most interesting fact is that many Hollywood film directors have claimed that Texas has been an ideal place for them for shooting their movies, since the atmosphere and the paranormal past of the place adds to the climax of the film! Austin's Inn at Pearl Street is believed to be haunted by a woman who carries her baby in her lap. Many guests a the inn have claimed to seen the woman. The Austin Pizza Garden has a very interesting story to offer. It is said that faces appear and disappear on the walls of the Garden. The  [...]

The HauntedTowers of London The HauntedTowers of London
The Tower of London was at first a mere “motte and bailey castle”,but after William the conqueror became the King in the year 1066 the castle got built on the old Roman walls which was once the corner of Londinium. The first stone building built on this site was known as the “White tower”. This tower was the bastion of Norman power which towered 90 feet over the capital city. It is believed that this tower held many prison cells. The White tower held torture chambers within its own crypt. It is said that the Tower Green outside the White Tower was only reserved for royal executions, while the Tower Hill served as an execution chamber for all the other prisoners and traitors. Over the years, it is believed that this tower is haunted. The tower of London is said to have been intrigued  [...]

Lebanon Lebanon
Lebanon is a country situated in Western Asia off the shore of the Mediterranean Ocean. Lebanon is considered to be the finest countries in the Middle East. There are many places to visit in Lebanon which are a great tourist destination. Tourists from all over the world come to visit Lebanon. Baalbek is situated 85 km away from Beirut. It houses some of the most amazing classical ruins in Lebanon and also the most important site of the Romans since the 1st century. The place is known for its truly remarkable Temple of Bacchus. Beirut, is another city which is known for the remains of the damages from the war in Lebanon. Along the Mediterranean coast, this place is simply amazing with its antiques. In the downtown, you can get to see the historical attractions like the Grand Serail, Municipality  [...]

Planning your Budget Travel
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Planning your Budget Travel
It is very hard to plan your budget when you are on a vacation. The most annoying thing about a budget vacation is restricting yourself to the minimum. Nobody likes it, but unless your funds are unlimited, you cannot plan out a perfect holiday. An informal survey on the Honeymoon and Romantic Getaways forum, says that “most of the couples plan to spend between $2,000-5,000 on their trip. That's certainly enough to enjoy a great couple of days or longer, away from home”. There are many ways to save and still enjoy a great holiday The most easy way to enjoy your holiday is by cutting the costs which is involved in transportation. If the place that you are planning to visit is nearby, it's much better to drive up to the place rather than fly. Flying is more formal whereas driving with your  [...]

Monument Valley, Utah Monument Valley, Utah
Utah is the 45th state added onto the United States and lies on the western part of the country. Utah is located between the most happening and the most interesting places in the States. The road from Utah leads onto Las Vegas in Nevada on the west and Colorado on the east. Utah is famous for its state parks. This is a perfect place to spend your weekend. The Bear Lake also known as the Caribbean of the Rockies is an amazing place to be in. The major attraction of the lake is it unique turquoise color. That is the first thing, which catches the glimpse of the visitor. Things to do You try out the snowmobile. Skiing is available in almost all the resorts there. It is a great skiing area. You can also make your way in your personal water boat through the turquoise water. The amazing excitement  [...]

A Pun on Sinkholes?
June 7, 2010 | Adventure Travel | No Comment
A Pun on Sinkholes?
The recent giant sinkhole that opened beneath the Guatemala City’s downtown over the weekend is all in rage right now. The only controversy in the entire scenario is that it isn’t a sinkhole, though it’s claimed to be.  The supposed sinkhole is 100 foot deep, and 66 foot side circular chasm. Geologists refer to this as a “piping feature” and claim that it is wrong to call it a sinkhole. Sinkholes refer to areas where bedrock is solid but has been sucked away by groundwater, which forms a geological “Swiss cheese” whose contours are nearly impossible to predict. I have written about sinkholes a  few days back. ( The situation with Guatemala is that the lion’s share of the city is built on pumice fill of ash flows made  [...]

Enjoy a lavish stay at Boston Harbor Hotel
June 4, 2010 | Hotels | 2 Comments
Enjoy a lavish stay at Boston Harbor Hotel
Boston Harbor hotel is located in the picturesque waterfront of Boston City. The architecture of this hotel is internationally acclaimed. Every year, millions of people enjoy a luxurious stay at Boston Harbor Hotel. This hotel is decorated with an outstanding 80-foot arch, luxurious Italian marble. Along with this, there is an extensive collection of wonderful art that bridges 2 centuries of history in New England. Visitors here are offered luxurious amenities. The plush guest rooms here offer views of the outstanding harbor and also the city skyline. Boston harbor hotel has an excellent staff. The nearest city to the hotel is Cambridge, located at a distance of ½ miles. Lexington and Brookline are located at a distance of 20 miles and 2 miles respectively. The check-in time for Boston Harbor  [...]

Exploring the Aborigines Spirit
June 1, 2010 | Festivals | No Comment
Exploring the Aborigines Spirit
Festivals are celebrated throughout the world, by different varieties of castes, tribes, cultures, and sex. The main reason as to why festivals are celebrated can be attributed to many factors, but the foremost one is fear in God. Apart from this, celebrating festivals can be attributed to also taking a week or a day leave from the strenuous schedule of work and being with family and friends, or just adding a day onto our culture diary! The Aboriginals in Canada has a number of festivals that they celebrate. Some of them still exist, while others have swept away with time. The Morning Dance The Morning Dance takes place every Spring by the Ojibwa, Southern Ontario. It can also be called as Wabeno. The Aboriginals fast and cleanse themselves before an elder male member plays the drum and the  [...]