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Why is winter so pristine and so calm? Why is the winter season so welcome after the blazing hot sun of summer? Why is winter the best friend for Mother Nature? Well whatever the reason be, each season has its own beauty and its own way of expressing its features. Winter is the season when there is cold, lot of snow and of course there are those festivals which you can celebrate. So now that it is  [...]

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10 Bizarre And Innovative Bridges Around The World

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1.Magdeburg Water Bridge

It took more than hundred years for Germans to complete the construction of this 918-metre bridge in October 2003. However, after its completion, Magdeburg Water BridgeMagdeburg Water Bridge was quickly known as one of the best bridges of world.

Prior to the construction of this bridge, the ships sailing between two main canals of Germany, Elbe-Havel and Midland Canal, used to travel a 12-kilometre route to reach from one canal to this other. Transportation is now much simpler for ships and steamers due to this newly-built water bridge on River Elbe, connecting both the canals directly.

It is named as Magdeburg Water Bridge because Midland Canal and Elbe-Havel both meets on two sides of the river near Magdeburg. The plan to join these two canals was made in 1919 and the actual building process begun in 1930’s. But due to the 2nd World War and the partition of Germany after war, the project was halted. The work resumed after the reunification of Germany in 1990’s and the bridge became operative in 2003.

Visitors can walk along the pedestrian path made on either sides of the bridge. Also, availability of bicycles, parking lots, and informational signs makes it a unique bridge in the world.

2.Banpo Bridge Banpo Fountain?

The Banpo Bridge situated in Korea’s capital, Seoul, was once an ordinary bridge used to cross the Han River. However, Banpo Bridge thanks to the addition of water-shooting fountain, it is now a famous tourist attraction. This unusual bridge become more attractive after sunset, as extensive range of lights enlightens the spraying water. This distinct blend of water and colorful radiance makes its truly awesome view.

The Banpo Bridge, which is 1.4 kilometer long, consists of around then thousand plungers that spurt out over 190 tons of water each minute. This is the first large-scale bridge in the world with fountain and light and is still one of its kinds.

The view of shooting water in a same direction would be quite a boring sight. So, as the plunger moves up and down to throw water in different direction on the music, the light changes its color, making the sight an eye-candy for visitors.

3.Aiola Island Bridge

Aiola Island BridgeIf you ever happen to visit Austria, do not miss out the Aiola Island Bridge situated in Graz. This man made bridge is positioned in the center of Mur river, connecting both the banks.

Along with bridging the banks, it embraces a bar, coffee house, and an area for sun-bathing in the shell-shape space. This only one of its kind bridge was designed by Vito Acconci, a New York Architect. The construction took several years and was opened in 2003. The night view of this splendid overpass is simple gorgeous, with its reflection on the river surface.

4.Learn geometry by Gateshead Millennium Bridge’s curves

Built in 2002, this is yet another mind-blowing structure which is worth a watch. It is a tilting overpass, but completelyGateshead Millennium Bridge original, innovative and elegant. This bridge connects Gateshead Quays to the centre of Newcastle.

This semi-circle allows people to walk and take their bicycle through the pathway spread till the other end. And, it tilts itself with the help of hydraulic rams connected at either ends of the bridge, which allows ships to pass from beneath. The uncomplicated idea and the geometrical curves during every state of its tilting movement are simply graceful.

This massive structure has foundations as deep as 98 feet with 19,000 tonnes of concrete filled inside, and enough steel to survive a collision with a 4,000 tonne ship coming at a decent speed. The architect of this bridge truly deserves the Stirling Prize grabbed by him in 2002.

5.The Falkirk Bridge

Falkirk Bridge, the only rotating bridge in the world, is a possibly the best result of a broken connection between two main canals of Falkirk BridgeScotland.

Prior to the construction of this bridge, the Scottish canals were linked by a 1.5 km long bridge with 11 locks. However, with increase in trade, it was necessary for ships to move between the canals whose difference in level was approximately 24 metres. In 1993, this old bridge had to be dismantled for ships to pass by with an innovative method

This necessity resulted in the construction of The Falkirk Bridge, which is a huge rotating bridge that lift ships and boats to reach from one canal to other. This bridge always carries a weight of 600 tonnes, irrespective of the presence of boat in the bridge. When the bridge contains no ship, it holds water weighing around 600 tones and when a ship enter in to it, this Falkirk bridge displaces water with mass similar to that of ship.

6.Walking through ribs of Henderson Waves Bridge

Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge, Henderson Waves Bridge, is constructed to connect two parks of Telok BlangahHenderson Waves Bridge Hill and mount Faber. It consists of seven wave-shaped steel ‘ribs’ (curves) that moves over and under the floor of the walkway. There are benches placed under the shades of these ribs, where you can rest and view the blend of never ending sky and dominating jade hills.

This bridge is over 36 metres, approx 12 stories, high over the Handerson road. It is surrounded with natural beauties and outstanding landscapes of the hills, which can be enjoyed during daylight. However, the view of this bridge is more attractive after sunset due to the LED lights lit between 7 pm to 2 am.

7.30 minutes in Tianjin Eye Bridge

A gargantuan ferris wheel placed over Chihai Bridge is the famous Tianjin Eye Bridge. TTianjin Eye Bridgehis bridge not only allows people to cross the Hai River in Tainjin, but also promises a splendid panorama of Tainjin and surrounding towns from the height of over 110 metres.

The huge ferris wheel is made up of 48 capsules, each capsule accommodating 8 passengers, making it capable to lift 768 passengers every hour. It takes over 30 minutes to finish a full cycle giving passengers a satisfying time to view the vista offered by this wheel.

The construction of this bridge completed in 2008 and it’s the only bridge with a giant wheel for visitors.

8.The Malaysia Sky Bridge to heaven

Very close to heaven, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is 700 metres high above sea level and one of its kinds in Malaysia. Malaysia Sky BridgeCrowning Mount Mat Cincang, this half moon-shaped bridge was built in 2005.

It is a 125 meter long and over 5.5 feet wide bridge built for pedestrians to catch the closest view of mountains of Malaysia. It also exhibits marvelous sights of the Tarutao Island and Andaman Sea. This beautiful set of curves brushes some of the peaks and hangs over the valleys to make it one of the best tourist attractions of Malaysia.

9.Ancient Ponte Vecchio

Oldest of the six bridges currently standing in Florence, Ponte Vecchio is tponte vecchiohe also the best tourist attraction in the town.

During Roman times in 1333, this historic bridge was hit by floods damaging the wooden plans and stone pillars on which it was erected. It was then rebuilt to make it more attractive and stronger than the previous one. However, the older five arches were converted into three arches with widened main part.
Prior to floods, this bridge contained merchants and jewellery shops, mainly because of tax exemption in this place. However, after 15tth Century, these shops were replaced by goldsmiths gentrifying the route of royals to Pitte Palace.

Ponte Vecchio’s top side was built to connect Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Vecchio to Pitti palace. However, now it is turned in to an art gallery.

10.Bridge to Nowhere

Competing with some of the world’s prominent structure, Bridge to Nowhere, a bridge built on Atlantic road, exhibits an amazing blend of natural vista and human artwork.Bridge to Nowhere This road bridge of Norway was chosen as the Norwegian Construction of the Century in the year of 2005.

This bridge is surrounded by mountains from all the sides and facilitates connection between Kristiansund and Molde. It stretches over five miles through green mountains embracing magnificent man-made curves and scenic landscapes. You can enjoy the sight of vast Atlantic ocean which has rich aquatic life and bird species.

The Atlantic Road was built in 1989 and is toll-free for all the visitors.

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